Wednesday, June 30, 2021

New Entry: Inhaler Premiere New Single "Totally"

Dublin rock n roll four-piece Inhaler have premiered their  new single "Totally".

The song is taken from highly-anticipated debut album 'It Won’t Always Be Like This', which will be out on 16th July via Polydor Records. Pre-order your copy here.

Take a listen below.


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Watch: POND Release New Single/Video "Toast"

Australian psychedelic-pop/rock band POND have released the video for their new single "Toast".

The song is taken from their forthcoming new album '9', which will be out on October 1st via Spinning Top Records. Pre-order your copy here.

Watch/listen below.


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Watch: Wolf Alice Drop Music Video For "Play The Greatest Hits"

London indie rock/alt four-piece Wolf Alice have dropped the video for their new single "Play The Greatest Hits".

The song is taken from their highly-anticipated third studio album ‘Blue Weekend’, released earlier this month (June 4th) via Dirty Hit. Get your copy here.

Watch the video below, it was directed by Jordan Hemingway.

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Watch: SPINN Reveal New Single/Video "Daydreaming"

Liverpool indie pop/dream pop/jangle band SPINN have revealed the video for their newest single "Daydreaming".

The song is taken from their brand new EP of the same name, out today (June 30) featuring their previous songs "The Things She Says To Me" and "BILLIE (feat Yumi Zouma)". Get it here.

“After a year without live performance we set out to capture the energy of a band playing together in a room once more. Set in a claustrophobic domestic setting the video navigates the escape route daydreaming provides from the reality of life. Recurring motifs of time-lapsed flowers represent the transient nature of love - fading and blooming simultaneously to represent both heartbreak and hope.” - Luca Bailey

“We’ve had ‘Daydreaming’ for years and it always goes off live, but we could never get it right in the studio. I’d almost given up - so when we recorded some of the new songs we decided to give this one last shot and finally, a new guitarist and a global pandemic later, we finally got it to sound good” - Johnny Quinn 

Watch/listen below.



Watch: The City Gates Unleash Music Video For "The Pyre"

Canadian post punk/shoegaze band The City Gates have unleashed the video for their latest single "The Pyre".

The song is part of our current playlist and is taken from their recent album 'Age of Resilience', which came out this month (June 9) via Velouria Recordz and on Icy Cold Records. Grab your copy here.

Watch the video below.


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Tuesday, June 29, 2021

New Entry: Vitalic Unleashes New Single "Carbonized"

French electronic DJ/Producer Vitalic has unleashed his new single "Carbonized".

The song is taken from his forthcoming fifth studio album 'DISSIDÆNCE', which will be released in two parts, with the first part set to be release October 15 via Citizen Records.

Speaking about it Vitalic explains: “‘Carbonized’ is about toxic people who can kill without touching, without weapons - just by their nature. Somewhere between American or English 70s EBM and French electroclash on steroids, the punk energy turns decidedly to the dancefloor in these four minutes of screaming synthesizers and saturated beats.”

Stream it below.

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Watch: Oscar Lang Unveils Music Video For "21st Century Hobby"

London-based indie/alternative artist Oscar Lang has unveiled the video for his latest single "21st Century Hobby".

The song is part of our current playlist and is taken from his forthcoming debut album 'Chew The Scenery', which will be available on 16th July through Dirty Hit. Pre-order your copy here.

“‘21st Century Hobby’ is a tune based on the idea of society’s obsession with sharing your life online and comparing yourself to other people,” Lang explains in a press release. “There was one point where I was spending 13 hours a week on social media, which equated to about a month every year. That was a really dark time for me – I always thought that it would never affect me, but it took some time to realise that it was subconsciously affecting my mental health.”

“With the ‘21st Century Hobby’ video,” he continued, “I wanted to bring to life the experience of scrolling endlessly on social media into physical characters dancing around me to show the chaos and over-the-top-ness of everyday online activity.”

Watch the video below.

Watch: Double Echo Share Music Video For "Sometimes We're Strangers"

Liverpool, UK post-punk/new wave/dark wave band Double Echo have shared the video for their newest single "Sometimes We're Strangers".

The song is taken from their fifth full length studio album '', released last Friday (June 25) via Fabrika Records. Get your copy here.

With “Sometimes We Are Strangers,” the band finds their darkwave groove that brings an additional goth-infused element to the overall feel of the album.

Watch/listen below.

We Were Promised Jetpacks Announce New LP 'Enjoy the View', Stream "Fat Chance"

Edinburgh, Scotland alt/pop band We Were Promised Jetpacks have announced the release of their new studio album 'Enjoy the View'.

The follow-up to 2018’s The More I Sleep the Less I Dream, will be released on 10th September via Big Scary Monsters, featuring the new song "Fat Chance" and previous new single "If It Happens". Pre-order here.

The new tracks signify a change in musical direction for the band, with ‘Fat Chance’ an ode to overcoming, and even thriving, despite the odds. 
Lead singer Adam Thompson explains; “We started properly writing this album at the end of March 2020 when we realised that everything was going to be shut down. We had a US tour lined up in May but obviously had to cancel. So from March to June, we sent each other ideas remotely and collaborated that way. I was so glad we had a project to focus on when proper lockdown hit. When we were able to get into our practice space in July, we were finally able to jam and write more like we normally do. This song came out of those sessions pretty early on.”
Longtime fans of We Were Promised Jetpacks alongside music critics, often cite the band’s flair for writing infectious pop songs encased within grandiose guitar driven rock soundscapes, yet new single ‘Fat Chance’ offers a change of pace and a glimpse into what to expect from the forthcoming album. With tightly packed drums and cleverly woven guitar arrangements, the band prioritise the track’s melodic core with effortless dexterity.
“I was just messing about on guitar in our studio and got the verse chords and as soon as the other guys joined in, we had a song! We can sometimes spend weeks and months and years trying to get the right parts together but this one flowed. I finished the pre-chorus and chorus that day and sent the demo to the rest of the band and we were excited about it straight away” Thompson said.

With versions of the songs being passed between the band members remotely, they found the collaborative process engaging and rewarding. “Writing together this way allowed us to stay in contact all the time, talk about the songs and what we were individually and collectively trying to achieve with them. Even though we were unable to be in the same room, this way of working allowed us to create together and communicate more directly,” says Adam. “Having music to focus on during lockdown assured us that we wanted to keep writing songs together for many more years.”
“We’re all very appreciative of the people who are listening to us,” Darren says. “It pushes us to keep getting better.” Nodding to both the band and their ever-loyal fans, Adam agrees. “It is very much our band, and we do this because we can do it together.”

Watch a lyric video for "Fat Chance" below.


Watch: Wings of Desire Premiere New Single/Video "Choose A Life"

British indie pop duo Wings of Desire (the new project of INHEAVEN’s James Taylor and Chloe Little) have premiered the video for their new single "Choose A Life".

The song is out today (June 29) and is taken from their upcoming new EP 'Amun-Ra', aet to arrive on 13th August via WMD Recordings. Get it here.

From the duo: “‘Choose A Life’ is about our automated programming which convinced us that once we get ‘there’ we will be happy. That once we’ve acquired the material check list we will be fulfilled, but this is never the case. The song explores finding joy in the smaller moments of the everyday, the mundane, those micro expressions that we take for granted. And realising that you don’t have to bend the world to make your mark. That it’s better to just enjoy it.”

Watch/listen below.

Monday, June 28, 2021

Soft Riot Releases New Compilation 'Second Lives'

Glasgow-based synth pop/electronic/minimal/dark wave musician JJD aka Soft Riot has released 'Second Lives', a new compilation of rare and reworked tracks. 

The compilation features completely redone versions of a few older tracks from the 2013 album Fiction Prediction, outtake un-released tracks from When Push Comes To Shove (2019) and Chin Up (2020) as well as newer mixes of out-of-print cover songs: "Lovers In A Dangerous Time" by Bruce Cockburn and "We Are The Chopped" by Nomeansno.

Originally the concept for such a release was to be a more comprehensive archive of unreleased material that has been collecting over the past decade, including demos, odd bits and other ephemera, but with this final version as Second Lives, sees the release fine-tuned into an album of its own right, focusing on key tracks and bringing out their strengths, updating old tracks — often ones that are still played out live — to give them new life and perspective.

Stream the album below the tracklisting.

Second Lives Tracklist:
01. Lovers In A Dangerous Time (Bruce Cockburn cover)
02. Cinema Eyes (Version IV)
03. Another Drone In Your Head (Second Version)
04. Your Back To The Stone (March Version)
05. Write Yourself Into The Void (Second Version) (Nomeansno cover)
06. We Are The Chopped (Second Version)
07. Fool For A Day
08. Long And Tangled Thoughts

Watch: Desperate Journalist Air New Single/Video "Everything You Wanted"

London indie rock/indie pop/post punk/alt band  Desperate Journalist have aired the video for their new single "Everything You Wanted".

The song is taken from their forthcoming third studio album 'Maximum Sorrow!', which will be out on July 2 through Fierce Panda. Pre-order your copy here.

Watch/listen below.


The Zephyr Bones Announce New LP 'Neon Body', Stream "No One"

Barcelona-based beach wave/psych pop band The Zephyr Bones have announced the release of their second studio album 'Neon Body'.

The follow-up to 2017's Secret Place, was produced by Brian Silva and Santi Garcia, and will be out in October (exact date TBC) through La Castanya. Pre-order your copy here.

The record finds the four-piece, made up of Silva (vocals, guitar and synthesizers), Jossip Tkalcic (guitar and vocals), Marc López (drums), and Carlos Ramos (bass), exploring ideas centered around love, self-affirmation, loss, and hope. Musically, it finds the group tapping into their "beach wave" aesthetic once more, a style of music that they helped nurture alongside a few other groups in Barcelona back in 2017. It is sound and approach to music gravitated around spangled psych-rock reminiscent of the radiant, sunkissed environments that surround the scene.

With the new single, "No One", the band turns the dial on those zipping riffs and fervent rhythms, setting a tempo for the rest of the album – tracklist and artwork to come shortly – with dizzying washes of guitar and synth. It's a fine example of the band's off-center approach to psych-rock that finds scintillating pace inter-locking with a wonderful penchant for melody. Speaking about the first single, Silva says: "'No One' surprises us in the same way that love does when it arrives: that instant connection, an instant match on the first listen. A feast of suggestive guitars and synths that encourages both dancing and humming to a magnetic chorus."

Director, Artur Tort expands on the concept behind the video to say: "We wanted to create a very rhythmic video with ecstatic and contemplative moments. We used natural landscapes, trees, and flowers, creating psychedelic dialogues with the music. We shot in film and exposed it in various frame rates to explore some of the mystical and poetic qualities that it can provide. We combined it with some portraits and screen tests of the musicians. They all have their own character and personality in the way they dress, move and express themselves, and we tried to reflect all that as much as we could." 

Get the single here and watch the video below.

Neon Body Tracklist:
01. So High
02. Verneda Lights
03. No One
04. Afterglow
05. Sparks
06. Neon Eyes
07. Plastic Freedom
08. Rocksteady
09. Velvet
10. Celeste V


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Watch: Veda Rays Release Music Video For "Dissonance"

Brooklyn post punk/dream pop/indie rock band Veda Rays have released the video for their latest single "Dissonance".

The song is part of our current playlist and is taken from their forthcoming new  album 'Crucial Fictions', out later this year. Get it here.

From the band: “We are excited to release our new video for “Dissonance”. The track blends the urgency of post-punk, the atmosphere of dream rock, and the song craft of indie. The lyrics explore the process of attempting to reconcile so many seemingly contradictory elements in these strange times. The imagery expands on this concept in many interesting ways. There is A LOT going on in the video, so repeat viewings are a must.”

Watch the video below.

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Saturday, June 26, 2021

Watch: Distant Stars Reveal New Single/Video "Tension"

Franco/Australian minimal wave/synth pop/cold wave two piece Distant Stars have revealed the video for their new single "Tension".

The song is taken from their double A-side single 'Tension//Anxiety',  out now via Detonic Recordings. Grab it here.

Watch the clip below.


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Friday, June 25, 2021

Watch: Handful of Snowdrops Drop "Change My Mind" Music Video

Canadian post punk/wave band Handful of Snowdrops have dropped the video for their latest single "Change My Mind".

The song is part of our current playlist and is taken from their recent EP of the same name, released in Amy. Grab your copy here.

Watch the video below.


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New Entry: Puritans Release New Single "Blank Slate"

Canadian post punk/alt band Puritans have released their new single "Blank Slate".

The song is taken from their upcoming EP 'Puritans', which will be available on July 2. Pre-order your copy here.

Take a listen below.

New Entry: Xymox Unleash Two New Songs "Big Brother/ "The Great Reset"

Dutch darwave legends Clan Of Xymox have unleashed two new songs "Big Brother" and "The Great Reset".

The songs are taken from their new EP 'Big Brother', featuring remixes from the notorious John Fryer, Tom Shear of A23, DJ Fn1 and one of Ronny Moorings, out today (June 25) through Metropolis Records in North America and Trisol in Europe. Get it here.

Take a listen below.


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New Entry: Fuzzy Sun Unveil New Single "Fake It"

Stockport psych pop-rock band Fuzzy Sun have unveiled their new single "Fake It".

Speaking about it, vocalist/guitarist Kyle Ross says: “We wanted to make an impact with the new single, pushing a new creative direction for the band, as I think we have really found a sound that excites us and we feel comfortable with.”

“The song itself is about feeling rather disenchanted with society and putting on a brave face when in fact you feel the complete opposite, which is something we can all relate to. It was inspired by a dark time, with the hope of things getting better.” He adds.

Buy it here and stream it below.


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Watch: Pink Turns Blue Share "So Why Not Save The World"

Berlin alt rock band Pink Turns Blue have shared the video for their latest single "So Why Not Save The World".

The song is part of our current playlist and came out earlier this month. Get it here.

This song is for all the people who don’t get frustrated about the tedious and laborious task of making this world just a little bit better.

Watch the video below.

Wingtips Announce New LP 'Cutting Room Floor', Stream "Cross the Line"

Chicago new goth-pop/post punk duo Wingtips (aka Vincent Segretario and Hannah Avalon) have announced the release of their second studio album 'Cutting Room Floor'.

The follow-up to 2019's debut Exposure Therapy, was co-engineered/produced with Brian Fox at Altered States Recording Studio and mastered by Jason Corbett at Jacknife Sound, it will be out on September 3rd vía Artoffact Records. Pre-order your copy here.

Cutting Room Floor maintains a base in ’80s sounds, but sees the band ascend to a new place of pure, timeless songcraft. With brighter melodies, deeper emotions, and a stripped-down approach that lets the songs shine, Wingtips have become something bigger than a retro act. With hooks so compelling they are cinematic in scope, and vocals that grab hold of the heart, Cutting Room Floor marks the genesis of a new style: “new romantic for post-millennial end times,” in the band’s own words.

Check out the album's tracklist and listen to their new single "Cross the Line", below.

Cutting Room Floor tracklist:
02.Crystal Clear
04.Run For Shelter
05.Cross the Line
08.Four Walls
09.Wish U The Best


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Watch: Joywave Air Lyric Video For "Pray For The Reboot"

New York indie rock/pop band Joywave have aired a lyric video for their latest single "Pray For The Reboot".

The song is part of our current playlist and is taken from the band's new EP 'Every Window Is A Mirror', out today, June 25 via Cultco Music/Hollywood Records, Inc.  Get it here.

Watch the video below.


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Watch: Absolutely Free Release New Single/Video "How To Paint Clouds"

Canadian astro-beat/psychedelic/avant-garde rock band Absolutely Free have released the video for their new single "How To Paint Clouds".

The song is part of our current playlist and is taken from their forthcoming new album 'Aftertouch', set to be released on September 24. Pre-order it here.

A song about how great lengths are taken to develop artwork that carries a deeply considered intention, but once it is met by an audience, who come from their own unique set of experiences, this clear idea is laid open for reinterpretation in a way that ultimately negates this labour.

Watch/listen below.

Watch: Small Black Unleash "Duplex (Com Truise Remix)" Video

Brooklyn-based chillwave/indie pop band Small Black have unleashed the video for the Com Truise Remix of their song "Duplex".

The original version of the song is taken from their recent album 'Cheap Dreams', which came out in April via 100% Electronica. 

Get the remix here and stream it below

New Entry: Second Skin Drop "Eyes Closed (Drab Majesty Remix)"

Los Angeles new wave/post punk/synth pop duo Second Skin (aka Brian Tarney and Brian DaMert) have dropped the Drab Majesty Remix of their latest single "Eyes Closed".

The remix is out today (June 25), get it here

Take a listen below.

Watch: Candy Reveal Music Video For "Who You Are"

Melbourne lo-fi/bedroom pop musician Candy (former Amyl and the Sniffers member Calum Newton) has revealed the video for his latest single "Who You Are".

The song is part of our current playlist and is taken from his recent album 'A Pull To Heal', released in April. Get your copy here.

Watch the clip below.


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The Vaccines Announce New LP 'Back In Love City', Stream Title Track

London-based indie rockers The Vaccines have announced the release of their fifth studio album 'Back In Love City'.

The follow-up to 2018’s Combat Sports, was recorded at Sonic Ranch in El Paso, Texas just before lockdown with producer Daniel Ledinsky and will be out on September 10th. Pre-order your copy here.

With Back in Love City, The Vaccines have crafted their most euphoric, visceral and visionary work to date. It’s a record that sees the five-piece assert themselves as one of Britain’s most vital guitar bands, with 13 songs set against the fictional metropolis of the album’s title. 

Check out the album's tracklist and listen to their new single "Back In Love City" below.

Back In Love City Tracklist:
01. Back In Love City
02. Alone Star
04. Wanderlust
05. Paranormal Romance
06. El Paso
07. Jump Off The Top
08. XCT
09. Bandit
10. Peoples Republic Of Desire
11. Savage
12. Heart Land
13. Pink Water Pistols


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Thursday, June 24, 2021

Watch: The Trusted Unveil Music Video For "Rebel Song"

Southend-on-Sea indie pop/rock four-piece The Trusted have unveiled the video for their latest single "Rebel Song".

The song is part of our current playlist and came out in April. Grab it here.

“‘Rebel Song’ is about the resistance and finding beauty through being defiant,” The Trusted’s Dave Batchelor said. “I think we are all pre-programmed to fight for what we believe in, it’s a part of what makes us human. We are all rebelling against something, whether that be against some form of discrimination, political ideals, or even ourselves. Everyday we are fighting and I think there is something quite wonderful about that.”

Watch the video below.


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Watch: Trampolene Premiere New Single/Video "Shoot The Lights"

Welsh indie rock band Trampolene have premiered the video for their catchy new single "Shoot The Lights".

The song is taken from the band's upcoming third studio album 'Love No Less Than A Queen', produced by Mike Moore (Baxter Dury/Liam Gallagher), Richard Jackson (Super Furry Animals) & Jason Stafford (Albion Rooms) and mixed by Dave Emery (Arcade Fire/Elbow), set to be released on August 20. Pre-order your copy here.

Jack Jones on ‘Shoot The Lights’ “ for me it’s about when you’re scared and trapped indoors together with someone you love, for what feels like forever, it’s touch you need, life you want, and shoot the lights when you dare.”

The video for ‘Shoot The Lights’ was directed by Roger Sargent (Sleaford Mods/The Libertines/Fat White Family) and filmed on a psychedelic trip around London and Roger’s front room. Roger explains the idea behind the video“ it’s about coming out of lockdown, with all the bright lights being tantalisingly close, both figuratively and literally and the toll it’s taken on everyone’s mental health”.

Watch below.

New Entry: MCRAE Share New Single "How To Start A Fire"

Manchester indie rock/punk band MCRAE have shared their new single "How To Start A Fire".

Coming quickly off the back of previous single ‘Lucy’, how to start a fire draws more from the band’s punk influences, while still retaining a distinctly poppy feeling through its shimmering guitars. 

Described by the band as being “a back and forth in every sense of the word, lyrically it touches on the idyllic modern relationship - musically it boasts big riffs and catchy melodies plus potentially the biggest outro we’ve written!” 

‘How To Start A Fire’ is the perfect embodiment of MCRAE’s sound; a deft combination of snarling punk cynicism juxtaposed against blissful pop optimism.

Take a listen below.


Watch: Roadkeeper Air New Single/Video "Take the L"

Texas indie rock/psych/shoegaze four-piece Roadkeeper have aired the video for their new single "Take the L".

The song, produced and mixed by the band’s vocalist John H, was written about the ongoing immigrant and refugee crisis at the US/Mexico border.

Speaking about the writing process they say: “The song started out as an acoustic voice memo, which is very rare for us. The demo version was heavily inspired by David Crosby’s newer albums, his cadence and the way he integrates lyrics and melodies. We also were jamming a lot of Joey Bada$$ at the time, and the way he and his producers would refocus the tracks between the instrumental and vocal depending on what was happening in the songs. We produced and mixed the track ourselves remotely in the shed behind John’s house in Austin, with some initial pieces recorded pre-pandemic at John’s old attic in east Texas.”

Watch/listen below.

Moses Gunn Collective Share "I Hope My Dreams Come True (But They Never Do)"

Brisbane neo-psych/space rock four piece Moses Gunn Collective have shared the video for their new single "I Hope My Dreams Come True (But They Never Do)".

The song is taken from the band's forthcoming sophomore LP 'Dr Moses Love Hospital', due out this year. We have already heard the first taste "I Can Cry".

Watch/listen below.

Watch: Tombstones In Their Eyes Release "Ship On The Sea" Video

Los Angeles-based neo-psych/dark shoegaze/alt  band Tombstones In Their Eyes have released the video for their latest single "Ship On The Sea".

The song is taken from their new album 'Looking For A Light', which came out in April through Somewherecold Records and Kitten Robot Records. Get your copy here.

Watch/listen below.

Watch: Spacey Jane Return With New Single/Video "Lots of Nothing"

Perth garage pop/indie rock band Spacey Jane have returned with their new single "Lots of Nothing"and its accompanying video.

This is the band first new music since the release of their debut LP 'Sunlight', which came out in June last year. Grab your copy here.

Watch/listen below.


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Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Watch: Eyedress Reveals Music Video For "Spit On Your Grave"

Filipino bedroom/indie rock/psych/punk producer Idris Vicuña aka Eyedress, has revealed the video for his newest single "Spit On Your Grave".

The song is part of our current playlist and is the title track of his fourth studio album 'Mulholland Drive', which will be out on August 27 via Lex Records. Pre-order your copy here.

Watch the clip below.


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Snapped Ankles Drop New Single/Video "Shifting Basslines Of The Cornucopians"

East London art wave/post punk/krautrock band Snapped Ankles have dropped the video for their new single "Shifting Basslines Of The Cornucopians".

The song is taken from their forthcoming third studio album 'Forest Of Your Problems', which will be out on 2 July via The Leaf Label. Pre-order your copy here.

From the band: "A cornucopian is someone who believes that the problems of the world can be solved by technology and free market trading. Gambling essentially. A song about hedge funds, making hedges and town criers and hopefully will encourage some much needed dancing."

Watch/listen below.


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Watch: Rowan Unveil New Single/Video "Nothings Gonna Change"

Cork indie rock band Rowan have unveiled the video for their new single "Nothings Gonna Change".

The song is taken from their upcoming EP 'Everybody Talks', which will be available on June 23 through Los Angeles based label, Beverly Martel. Get it here.

Nothing’s Gonna Change talks about “coming out of your shell, gaining your self-confidence and growing into yourself” explains frontman Dylan Howe. It mirrors the same growth the band went through after the success of that debut EP. “I've always been really quiet and shy,” admits Dylan. “but I’ve learned to speak up a little more now and that song definitely came from a place of quiet confidence.”

Watch/listen below.

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Watch: Lazarus Kane Share New Single/Video "Milk At My Door"

US/UK indie wave/pop-funk band Lazarus Kane have shared the video for their brand new single "Milk At My Door".

The song is out now and is taken from their forthcoming debut EP 'Psychobabble', set to arrive on September 10 via So Young Records. Pre-order it here.

'Psychobabble' is a wonderfully jarring collection of songs that continue to defy any kind of genre. Taking cues from early Brian Eno, no wave, 80’s hardcore and experimental electronic music, such as Biosphere and Cluster, the songs weave and morph in front of the listener with little to no indication of where they might go next, all whilst maintaining Jakes' surreal sense of humour.

Milk At My Door’ takes aim at the cult of self-improvement and conspicuous consumption, questioning where our priorities truly lie as the world is falling apart around us whilst simultaneously examining our obsession with nostalgic imagery when we're all so completely dominated by technology. Take a sip.

Watch/listen below.


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New Entry: Roosevelt Airs Double Single "On My Mind" / "About U"

Cologne based electro-pop singer, songwriter and producer Marius Lauber aka Roosevelt, has aired his double single "On My Mind" / "About U".

Extending his striking Polydans album chapter, Roosevelt comes back with the new French house inspired single ‘On My Mind', “heavily influenced by acts like Stardust, Roger Sanchez, Benjamin Diamond or Room 5”. 

The single is out today (June 23) via Greco-Roman / City Slang. Grab your copy here.

Stream both tracks below.


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Tuesday, June 22, 2021

New Entry: L'objectif Release New Single "Do It Again"

Leeds indie rock band L'objectif have released their new single "Do It Again".

The song is  taken from the upcoming EP 'Have It Your Way' set to arrive on July 20th through Chess Club Records. Get it here.

Self-produced by frontman Saul Kane, he says, “‘Do it Again’ is a song from the perspective of, essentially, a bad guy. A master of deception and lies. The song is an insight into this character and his attitudes towards life and other people.”

 Stream it below.

Watch: Stay Lunar Reveal Live Video For "Immediately"

Swindon/Bristol indie pop band Stay Lunar have revealed a live video for their latest single "Immediately".
The song is part of our current playlist and came out earlier this month. Grab it here.

The video was recorded live at level 3, swindon. Watch it below.


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New Entry: Lucid Express Drop New Single "Hotel 65"

Hong Kong dream pop/indie pop/shoegaze band Lucid Express have dropped their new single "Hotel 65".

The song is taken from their forthcoming debut studio album 'Lucid Express', which will be available on July 16 through Kanine Records. Pre-order your copy here.

Watch a lyric video below.

New Entry: Pozi Unleash New Single "Sea Song"

London punk/post punk band Pozi have unleashed their new single "Sea Song".

The song is taken from their upcoming new EP 'Typing' which will be out on 29th October via PRAH Recordings. Pre-order your copy here.

You can link themes of anxiety all the way back to drummer/vocalist Toby Burroughs, violinist/vocalist Rosa Brook and bassist/vocalist Tom Jones’ 2019 LP PZ1. It’s in the music of their wire-pulled-tight post-punk, which has always been gripped with tension; and it’s in their lyrics, whether they’re trying to avoid the dull glow of phone addiction, dealing with social anxieties, or addressing national-scale scandals such as the Grenfell tower tragedy.

On Sea Song, that sickly discomfort is once again prominent: the track becomes increasingly suffocating with Brook to the fore, her refrain of “feel the rising tide” closing in around the listener as her violin cuts through the gravelly atmosphere.

“The track’s more meditative structure allowed us to look at themes that Covid 19 had brought to the surface, such as time, death, fear, distance from other humans, the loss of relationships and witnessing cycles within nature around viruses and pandemics” the band explain. “Though on the surface it’s relating to the sea and the beach, these can be associated with release and escape too.” 

Take a listen below.


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New Entry: Margot Unveil New Single "Fame"

London indie rock/dream pop/alt five-piece Margot have unveiled their new single "Fame".

From the band: "Fame started a while ago when I (Alex) used to work in TV, and it's gone through quite a few iterations. It's about the culture that surrounds reality TV. The focus is on the superficial and illusion. It's pretty horrid. It portrays a misleading representation of reality that appears to have both adverse effects on the reality tv stars and those who follow them. It's fickle, enticing and dangerous for young people, and I personally don't think it's something to aspire to, so I wrote Fame."

Get it here and stream it below.


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Monday, June 21, 2021

Watch: Hotel Shares New Single/Video "Meraki"

Sydney-based indie pop/rock artist Hotel (aka Andrew Tudehope) has shared the video for his new single "Meraki".

The song is out now through Yeah Nah Yeah Records. Get it here.

Meraki: a word that modern Greeks often use to describe doing something with soul, creativity, or love -- when you put "something of yourself" into what you're doing, whatever it may be. In this case Hotel is referencing this within vingets on a night out.

Watch/listen below.

Friday, June 18, 2021

Watch: Belishas Premiere New Single/Video "Whispers"

Bristol post-indie/post-pop band Belishas have released the video for their new single "Whispers".

Whispers is an intense, joyous statement of self improvement, liberation and rebirth. The song is a frenzied mix of happiness and cathartic anger. Recorded with Dom Mitchison (IDLES, SPECTRES) the harder, rawer production accentuates the lyrical topics whilst preserving the song's natural melodic jangle.

Get it here and watch/listen below.

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New Entry: Transistor Unveil New Single "Shadowboxing"

Birmingham, AL indie rock trio Transistor have unveiled their new single "Shadowboxing".

The song is taken from their album debut 'Maybe In The Summer',  set to be released on July 16 . Get it here.

Watch a lyric video below.

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