Thursday, November 29, 2012

Kraftwerk's Karl Bartos Announces Second Solo Album 'Off the Record'

Former Kraftwerk member Karl Bartos has announced that he will release his second solo album "Off the record" on March 18th via Bureau B.

The follow up to his 2003 album 'Communication', features 12 tracks that were taken from song ideas he wrote during Kraftwerk's heyday (he kept a secret acoustic diary and jotted down ideas while on the road).

Bartos is calling these tracks "iron crystal music," which refers to the iron crystal cell-shaped Atomium building that was built for the 1958 Brussels World’s Fair. This new form of music encompasses a bevy of sounds, specifically "vocoder newspeak, robot sounds, digital glitch, techno pop, catchy melodies, electronic avant-garde, roaring silence, futurism, and, of course, those rhythms!".

Here's a first taste from Off The Record, the first track "Atomium":

Check the tracklisting for "Off The Record" below.

01. Atomium
02. Nachtfahrt
03. International Velvet
04. Without A Trace Of Emotion
05. The Binary Code
06. Musica Ex Machina
07. The Tuning Of The World
08. Instant Bayreuth
09. Vox Humana
10. Rhythmus
11. Silence
12. Hausmusik

For more on Karl Bartos visit his official website.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Drums' Jonny Pierce Announces Solo Album, Streams New Track

The Drums frontman Jonny Pierce has announced that he will release his solo album debut, written, recorded and produced by himself, early next year.

"Some might say it's strange for a man to bare his soul the way I do on this album but I wanted to do something that exposed me for who I am even more so than anything I have done with The Drums ... I wanted to be as self-indulgent as possible with this album. This is pop done the way I think it should be done." Says Pierce about the album.

He has also released the video for his new song "I Didn't Realise", watch it below.

That's all the information we have so far, we'll keep you updated.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Watch: The Mary Onettes New Video For "Evil Coast"

Swedish quartet The Mary Onettes have unveiled the video for "Evil Coast", out now Labrador Records.

The song is taken from the band's upcoming album 'Hit the Waves', which is released on March 12th through Labrador. It is part of our current playlist

Watch the video below.

Check the artwork and tracklist for Hit The Waves below.

01. Intro
02. Evil Coast
03. Hit the Waves
04. Years
05. Don't Forget (to Forget about me)
06. Black Sunset
07. Blues
08. Can't Stop the Aching
09. Unblessed
10. How it all Ends

Watch: Veronica Falls ‘Teenage’ Video

Veronica Falls have unveiled the video for their new track 'Teenage'.

The song is the first from new album 'Waiting For Something To Happen', due for release on February 4 via Bella Union. The song is part of our current playlist

The video was directed by Nicola Probert and the band.Watch it below.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Watch: Modernage Unveil The Video For New Single "It's Never Easy"

Miami indie rock band Modernage, have unveiled a promo video for their brand new single "It's Never Easy", their  first material in four years.

The single will be out soon... We'll keep you updated. In the meantime, here's the video.

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Watch: Hot Chip Share New Video "Don't Deny Your Heart"

Hot Chip have unveiled a brand new video for their latest single 'Don't Deny Your Heart', taken from their 2012 album 'In Our Heads'. The song is part of our current playlist. 

The video was directed by comedian Peter Serafinowicz. Watch it below.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Jane's Addiction To Record New Album Early Next Year

Jane's Addiction frontman Perry Farrell has revealed he has over 60 songs ready to take into the studio with the band early next year.

"I haven’t written this much or been this prolific since I started when I was in my 20s," Farrell has told Rolling Stone.

"It's been coming out fantastic. I’m super excited. Everything will really start to gel and come together probably this time next year."

Farrell also spoke of his intention to put distance from the sound of their 2011 record 'The Great Escape Artist'.

"It didn’t make a big enough splash," he continued. "It’s not going to be ‘The Great Escape Artist’. I had thought that it would be a great idea. However, I just came up with this other twist to doing the next record. At this point I want to start fresh with a fresh angle."

Watch: Friendly Fires Unveil "Why Dont You Answer?" Video

Friendly Fires have unveiled the new video for their cover version of Sting/Eberhard Schoener 1981 track "Why dont You Answer?". The track is part of our current playlist.

This cover version features on the album Late Night Tales - Friendly Fires, and is out now as well as remixes by Jay Shepheard and Hot Since 82, via iTunes.

The video was derected by Fred Rowson. Watch it below.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Cribs Announce Singles Collection 'Payola'

The Cribs have announced details of a new singles collection album set to be released in February 2013.

Entitled 'Payola', the collection will mark the tenth anniversary of their first release by bringing together 22 tracks from their entire career. The collection will include one previously unreleased track  'Leather Jacket Love Song', which was the last song to feature former Cribs guitarist Johnny Marr.

Speaking about 'Payola', singer and guitarist Ryan Jarman told: "A lot of best of albums are just money for old rope, so we've tried to make this as special as possible."

'Payola' will be released on CD and vinyl in its standard format, with an additional deluxe version, featuring an exclusive 18 track B-Sides and rarities album, to comprise the 40 track "Anthology Edition".

'Payola' tracklisting is as follows:

01. Another Number
02. Come On, Be A No-One
03. I’m A Realist
04. Hey Scenesters
05. We Share The Same Skies
06. You Were Always The One
07. Anna
08. Cheat On Me
09. Back to The Bolthole
10. We Were Aborted
11. Our Bovine Public
12. I’ve Tried Everything
13. Direction
14. Glitters Like Gold
15. Be Safe
16. Mirror Kisses
17. Men’s Needs
18. We Can No Longer Cheat
19. Chi-Town
20. The Wrong Way To Be
21. City Of Bugs
22. Leather Jacket Love Song


01. Glandular Fever Got The Best Of Me
02. On A Hotel Wall
03. Saturday Night Facts Of Life
04. Kind Words From The Broken Hearted
05. It Happened So Fast
06. Eat Me
07. Fairer Sex
08. Advice From A Roving Artist
09. You’re Gonna Lose Us
10. Get Yr Hands Out Of My Grave
11. My Adolescent Dreams
12. Bastards Of Young
13. To Jackson
14. Better Than Me
15. So Hot Now
16. Is Anybody There?
17. Don’t You Wanna Be Relevant?
18. Don’t Believe In Me

Payola is released by Wichita Records on February 25.

Monday, November 19, 2012

James To Tour With Echo & The Bunnymen in Support of ‘Gathering Sound’ Box Set

James will hit the road with Echo & The Bunnymen for the first time in April 2013 to support their forthcoming career-spanning box-set 'The Gathering Sound'.

James frontman, Tim Booth has said "It is with great pleasure that we announce our 'Gathering Sound' April tour with the legendary Echo & The Bunnymen as our very special guests. We will be reworking old songs and revealing some new steps – expect the unexpected and prepare yourself for more passion than Fifty Shades of Grey.”

"The Gathering Sound" box-set looks back on the Manchester band's twelve album career, and is due to comprise CDs, a DVD, a 12" vinyl record, an 8GB USB, rarities, live recordings, a 16-page booklet and a 44-page scrapbook, plus 32 previously unreleased recordings, 12 of which are completely unreleased songs.

Tour dates:
APRIL 2013
Glasgow SECC Hall (13)
Newcastle O2 Academy (15)
Sheffield O2 Academy (16)
Bristol Colston Hall (17)
London O2 Academy Brixton (19, 20)
Bournemouth O2 Academy (22)
Leeds O2 Academy (23)
Birmingham O2 Academy (25)
Manchester Arena (26)

The collection was originally due out in fall 2011, but now is finally due for release next month in the U.K. You can pre-order the box set via for £96.40, or about $153.

Tracklist: James, The Gathering Sound

CD1: Rarities
1. “Willow”
2. “Say It With Flowers”
3. “JustHipper”
4. “Mosquito”
5. “Left Out Of Her Will”
6. “Doubts” (BBC Radio Manchester Radio Session)
7. “Count Your Blessings”
8. “Weather Change”
9. “Pressure’s On” (Demo)
10. “Jam 1″
11. “Jam 2″
12. “It’s A Fine Line”
13. “Hedex”
14. “Long To See”
15. “Scratch Card”
16. “I Thought You Were” (Demo)
17. “All My Letters”
18. “Dust Motes” (Absolute Radio Session)

CD2: Live
1. “Folklore” (1982 gig)
2. “Announcement” (1982 gig)
3. “Burned” (Bath Moles 1988)
4. “Hymn From A Village” (Glastonbury 1990)
5. “Hang On” (Glastonbury 1990)
6. “Maria’s Party” (Alton Towers, Staffordshire, July 1992)
7. “America” (Town & Country Club, London, December 1992)
8. “Sit Down” (Town & Country Club, London, December 1992)
9. “Sound” (Town & Country Club, London, December 1992)
10. “Honest Joe” (Brixton Academy, 9 December 1993
11. “Come Home” (Shepherds Bush Empire, March 1997)
12. “Johnny Yen” (Manchester Apollo, 11 April 1998)
13. “What For” (Glasgow Lighthouse 1999)
14. “Stutter” (Shepherds Bush Empire, June 2000)
15. “Fine” (Sound Republic, June 2001)
16. “Bubbles” (2008 live gig)
17. “At The Seams” (Acappella)

CD3: The Night Before the Morning After
1. “It’s Hot”
2. “Crazy”
3. “Ten Below”
4. “Porcupine”
5. “Shine”
6. “Dr Hellier”
7. “Hero”
8. “Got The Shakes”
9. “Dust Motes”
10. “Tell Her I Said So”
11. “Kaleidoscope”
12. “Rabbit Hole”
13. “Make For This City”
14. “Lookaway”
15. “Fear”

A1. “Sit Down” (Demo)
A2. “How Was It For You” (Demo)
B1. “Gregory’s Town” (Demo)
B2. “Ring Those Bells” (Demo)

DVD: Come Home
1. “Come Home”
2. “What’s The World”
3. “Lose Control”
4. “Sunday Morning”
5. “Ring The Bells”
6. “Bring A Gun”
7. “Whoops”
8. “Government Walls”
9. “Walking The Ghost”
10. “Next Lover”
12. “God Only Knows”
13. “What For”
14. “Sit Down”
15. “How Was It For You”
16. “Stutter”

USB: Stutter
1. “Skullduggery”
2. “Scarecrow”
3. “So Many Ways”
4. “Just Hip”
5. “Johnny Yen”
6. “Summer Song”
7. “Really Hard”
8. “Billy’s Shirt”
9. “Why So Close”
10. “Withdrawn”
11. “Black Hole”

USB: Stripmine
1. “What For” (Album Version)
2. “Charlie Dance”
3. “Fairground”
4. “Are You Ready”
5. “Medieval”
6. “Not There”
7. “Ya Ho”
8. “Riders”
9. “Vulture”
10. “Stripmining”
11. “Refrain”

USB: Goldmother
1. “Come Home”
2. “Government Walls”
3. “God Only Knows”
4. “You Can’t Tell How Much Suffering (On A Face That’s Always Smiling)”
5. “Crescendo”
6. “How Was It For You?”
7. “Hang On”
8. “Walking The Ghost”
9. “Gold Mother”
10. “Top Of The World”
11. “Sit Down” (Album Version)
12. “Come Home” (Flood Mix)
13. “Lose Control” (Album Version)

USB: Seven
1. “Born Of Frustration”
2. “Ring The Bells”
3. “Sound” (Album Version / Full Version)
4. “Bring A Gun”
5. “Mother”
6. “Don’t Wait That Long”
7. “Live A Love Of Life”
8. “Next Lover”
9. “Heavens”
10. “Protect Me”
11. “Seven”

USB: Laid
1. “Out To Get You”
2. “Sometimes”
3. “Dream Thrum”
4. “One Of The Three”
5. “Say Something” (Album Version)
6. “Five-O”
7. “P.S.”
8. “Everybody Knows”
9. “Knuckle Too Far”
10. “Low Low Low”
11. “Laid” (Album Version)
12. “Lullaby”
13. “Skindiving”

USB: Wah Wah
1. “Hammer Strings”
2. “Pressure’s On”
3. “Jam J”
4. “Frequency Dip”
5. “Lay The Law Down”
6. “Burn The Cat”
7. “Maria”
8. “Low Clouds (2)”
9. “Building A Fire”
10. “Gospel Oak”
11. “DVV”
12. “Say Say Something”
13. “Rythmic Dreams”
14. “Dead Man”
15. “Rain Whistling”
16. “Basic Brian”
17. “Bottom Of The Well”
18. “Honest Joe”
19. “Arabic Agony”
20. “Tomorrow”
21. “Laughter”
22. “Sayonara”

USB: Whiplash
1. “Tomorrow” (Album Version)
2. “Lost A Friend”
3. “Waltzing Along” (Album Version)
4. “She’s A Star” (Album Version)
5. “Greenpeace”
6. “Go To The Bank”
7. “Play Dead”
8. “Avalanche”
9. “Homeboy”
10. “Watering Hole”
11. “Blue Pastures”

USB: Millionaires
1. “Crash”
2. “Just Like Fred Astaire”
3. “I Know What I’m Here For”
4. “Shooting My Mouth Off”
5. “We’re Going To Miss You” (Album Version)
6. “Strangers”
7. “Hello”
8. “Afro Lover”
9. “Surprise”
10. “Dumb Jam”
11. “Someone’s Got It In For Me”
12. “Vervaceous”

USB: Pleased To Meet You
1. “Space”
2. “Falling Down”
3. “English Beefcake”
4. “Junkie”
5. “Pleased To Meet You”
6. “The Shining”
7. “Senorita”
8. “Gaudi”
9. “What Is It Good For”
10. “Give It Away”
11. “Fine”
12. “Getting Away With It” (All Messed Up) (Album Version)
13. “Alaskan Pipeline”
14. “Coffee And Toast”

USB: Hey Ma
1. “Bubbles”
2. “Hey Ma”
3. “Waterfall”
4. “Oh My Heart”
5. “Boom Boom”
6. “Semaphore”
7. “Upside”
8. “Whiteboy” (Radio Edit)
9. “72″
10. “Of Monsters And Heroes And Men”
11. “I Wanna Go Home”

USB: Non-Album Tracks From Hits Collections
1. “Runaground” (Album version)
2. “Destiny Calling”
3. “Who Are You”
4. “Chameleon”

USB: Videos (1988-2001)
1. “So Many Ways”
2. “What For”
3. “How Was It For You?”
4. “Come Home”
5. “Lose Control”
6. “Sit Down”
7. “Sound”
8. “Born Of Frustration”
9. “Ring The Bells”
10. “Seven”
11. “Sometimes”
12. “Laid”
13. “Say Something (Original)”
14. “Say Something”
15. “She’s A Star”
16. “Tomorrow”
17. “Waltzing Along”
18. “Runaground”
19. “Destiny Calling”
20. “Sit Down ’98″
21. “I Know What I’m Here For”
22. “Just Like Fred Astaire”
23. “We’re Going To Miss You”
24. “Getting Away With It (All Messed Up)”

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Album of the Week 19/11: City Riots "Sea Of Bright Lights"

Australian indie four-piece City Riots have been around for a few years now, and after 2 EPs and some singles, the band have finally released their awaited debut album "Sea of Bright Lights".

Comprised by Ricky (vox/guitar), Matthew "Edgy" (vox/guitar), Matt (bass) and Dan (drums), City Riots describe their sound as "dreamy, jangle indie rock" and with 'Sea of Bright Lights', which was written and recorded in less than six months, they have delivered a consistent debut full-length album.

Our first taste of the album came with its amazing lead single "Wait for You", which has been a favourite in our playlist since we first heard it back in July and it will be for sure in the top 10 of our Best Tracks of 2012.

Following the line of its lead single (Wait for You), each track on the album has the perfect balance between indie rock and dream pop. Let's say they have created the perfect sounds for summer days on the beach. 

We highly recommend this one, so get your copy HERE right now! We give it a 8/10.


1. Turn
2. Catch The Sun
3. In This Space
4. Wait For You
5. Closer
6. Sucker Punch
7. Take You There
8. Lonely Hearts
9. Back To Normal
10. Pirates
11. It's Been a Long Time

Friday, November 16, 2012

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Confirm New Album For 2013

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club have announced a new album for March 2013 and UK tour. 

The as-yet-untitled album will be supported for a six-date tour of the UK, starting in Manchester on 24 March, and concluding in Leeds on 30 March.

In a statement about the album release, frontman Robert Been wrote:

"I would like to be the first to tell everyone who has been patiently waiting, that the new Black Rebel Motorcycle Club album is officially confirmed to be released in March 2013. This album has taken every last ounce of us to bring to life, and if it wasn't for you guys keeping us going, we don't know if it would've ever seen the light of day."

"It's going to be a joyful day indeed when we get to see you all again and share these songs with you. Peter, Leah and myself are dying to get out of this studio right now and back into the fight. It's taken us a long while getting back on our feet, but the time has come." He added.

BRMC are set to play the following shows:

24 Manchester Ritz
25 Glasgow ABC
26 Birmingham Institute
27 London Brixton Academy
29 Nottingham Rock City
30 Leeds Academy

TOY Announce New Single "Make It Mine"

TOY have announced details of their new single 'Make it Mine', which will be released through Heavenly Recordings on Monday 10th December 2012.

'Make It Mine' is the fifth single from TOY and the fourth to be taken from their debut self-titled album. 

The special limited edition 12" release is featured as part of a limited edition 4 track EP, and features another remix by their friend Richard Fearless (the same who made the Trans-Love Energies version of ‘Left Myself Behind’) – this time on album track "Drifting Deeper".

The single will also include two unreleased tracks: "Live Electronics" and "She's Over My Head".

Full tracklisting:

01. Make It Mine
02. Live Electronics
03. She’s Over My Head
04. Drifting Deeper Richard Fearless remix

The single will be a limited pressing of 300 on clear vinyl (Rough Trade exclusive) and another 300 on black vinyl.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Watch: Dutch Uncles Unveil New Video For "Fester"

Manchester based 5 pieceDutch Uncles have unveiled the new video for their new single "Fester", which was released on Monday 12 on Ltd 7" Vinyl via on Memphis Industries.

The song is part of our current rotation and is taken from the band's forthcoming album 'Out of Touch in the Wild' released 7 January 2013.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Veronica Falls Announce New Album 'Waiting For Something To Happen'

London indie pop band, Veronica Falls have announced that they will release their second album 'Waiting For Something To Happen' in February 2013 via Bella Union.

They have also debuted their new track 'Teenage', the song has been added to our current playlist. Listen below.

The tracklisting for 'Waiting For Something To Happen' is as follows:

01. Tell Me
02. Teenage
03. Broken Toy
04. Shooting Star
05. Waiting For Something To Happen
06. If You Still Want Me
07. My Heart Beats
08. Everybody's Changing
09. Buried Alive
10. 'Falling Out
11. So Tired
12. Daniel
13. Last Conversation

Watch: Björk Unveils “Mutual Core” Video

Björk has unveiled the new video for "Mutual Core" taken from her 2011 album Biophilia.

The video was directed by Andrew Thomas Huang. Watch it below.

Björk's new Biophilia remix album 'bastards', featuring work by Death Grips, Hudson Mohawke, Matthew Herbert, Omar Souleyman, These New Puritans, and more, will be released on November 19 via One Little Indian. 

Watch: Johnny Marr Share New Video For "The Messenger"

Former Smiths guitarist, Johnny Marr has unveiled the video for his debut solo single “The Messenger”.

The song is the title track to his upcoming debut solo album, out on February 26th via Sire/ADA in U.S.  and in UK via Warner Bros. Along with “The Messenger”, song titles include “I Want the Heartbeat”, “The Right Thing Right”, “Upstart”, “Word Starts Attack”, and “European Me”.

Watch the video below.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Single of the Week 12/11: SULK - "Flowers"

British band, Sulk just dropped "Flowers", their brilliant latest single taken from their forthcoming debut album.

With strong influences of bands such as The Stone Roses, Suede, Ride and The Verve, SULK it's been a favourite band here at the station since last year, they peaked at #9 in our Best New Bands of 2011 chart and their songs "Wishes"  and "Back in Bloom" (both produced by Suede, Pulp and White Lies collaborator Ed Buller) charted in our top 40 of Best Tracks of 2011.

The band's awaited debut album is scheduled to be released early next year. They are currently working on the artwork, track list and title. We will keep you updated.

Thursday, November 08, 2012

The Courteeners Announce New Album "Anna" For 2013

Manchester indie-rockers, The Courteeners have confirmed they will release their new album "Anna" early next year.

The band have been recording the album with producer Joe Cross in their home city Manchester this year, and will released their follow-up 2010's Falcon, on February 4th 2013, preceded by their first single "Lose Control" on January 28th 2013.

"’Anna’ is a new chapter sonically for Courteeners," frontman Liam Fray has said. "Our music, like our minds, has evolved and expanded. We have re-arrived – Welcome to the rave."

A preview video has been uploaded to YouTube and you can watch it below.

Check the artwork and tracklist for "Anna" below.

01. Are You In Love With A Notion?
02. Lose Control
03. Van Der Graaff
04. Push Yourself
05. When You Want Something You Can’t Have
06. Welcome To The Rave
07. Save Rosemary In Time
08. Sharks Are Circling
09. Marquee
10. Money
11. Here Come The Young Men


Tags: The Courteeners

Watch: The Joy Formidable "The Ladder Is Ours" Video

The Joy Formidable have unveiled their bran new video for "The Ladder Is Ours", taken from the band’s forthcoming album, Wolf’s Law, which will get release on January 22nd via Warner Bros Records. The song is part of our current rotation

The video was directed by Greg Jardin. Watch it below.

You can pre-order your copy of ‘Wolf’s Law’ HERE. Check the artwork below.

Watch: Tame Impala New Video For "Feels Like We Only Go Backwards"

Australian psych-rock band Tame Impala have unveiled the video for their new single "Feels Like We Only Go Backwards" taken from their recently released album 'Lonerism'.

The single will be released on the 19th November through Modular Recordings and is part of our regular rotation

The video was directed by Joe Pelling & Becky Sloan. Watch it below.

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Watch: The View Share "Hold On Now" And "Tacky Tattoo" Videos

The View have unveiled their new videos for "Hold On Now" and "Tacky Tattoo" taken from their fourth album 'Cheeky For A Reason', released in July 2012.

The band will release the double A sided single (A) Tacky Tattoo and (A) Hold On Now (radio edit) on  December 2. 'Hold On Now' is part of our regular rotation

Both videos were directed by Red. Watch them below.

"Hold On Now"

"Tacky Tattoo"

My Bloody Valentine’s Kevin Shields Confirms New Album By End Of 2012

Kevin Shield has confirmed that My Bloody Valentine will release their long awaited follow-up to 1991's Loveless on his own website before the end of the year.

Shield has also confirmed he will follow that release with another EP of brand new material.

Talking about the sound of the new material in a recent interview, Shield said: "I think with this record, people who like us will immediately connect with something. Based on the very, very few people who’ve heard stuff – some engineers, the band, and that’s about it – some people think it’s stranger than 'Loveless'. I don’t. I feel like it really frees us up, and in the bigger picture it’s 100 per cent necessary."

To support the releases, the band already has five dates lined up in Japan and Australia, including appearances at Tokyo Rocks Music Festival and ATP’s I’ll Be Your Mirror Melbourne. 

Watch: Deep Sea Arcade New Video For "Granite City"

Deep Sea Arcade have unveiled the video for "Granite City", taken off their recently released debut LP, Outlands. The song is part of our current rotation

The video was directed by Jimmi James Wright and Imogen Smyth Prado. Watch it below.

Monday, November 05, 2012

Watch: Foals Share New Video For "Inhaler"

Foals have unveiled the video for their brand new single "Inhaler" taken from their forthcoming album 'Holy Fire' out on February 11th 2013 via Warner Bros.

The song has been added to our current rotation

The video was directed by regular collaborator Dave Ma. Watch it below.

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Thursday, November 01, 2012

THE NOVEMBER FIVE - Band on the Month November 2012

London-based rock'n'rollers The November Five have just released their debut album, "If You're Satisfied You Are Dead",  a passionate and furious riposte to the spurious notion that we should "Keep Calm and Carry On".

In an age where the good are turned bad and the blameless are demonised, these are anthems for the austerity that tackle head-on the desperate and savage times we find ourselves in.

Inspired as much by the sound of your neighbours arguing at 3 o'clock in the morning and the wailing of sirens and the crashing of doors in a dawn raid as they are by their musical heroes, The November Five create a rock'n'roll noise that's made when MENSA collides headlong into ASBO.

Comprise by Joe Cribbin (Vox/Bass), Chris Maciejewski (Guitars and Keyboards), Julian Marszalek (Guitars and Vox) and George Phillips (Drums and Percussion), The November Five are as mad as hell and are asking the right questions. And they want you to get mad, too. Because if you’re satisfied… well, we all know the answer to that one.

The November Five's first two singles, 'Closure' and 'Awake in a Daze', received international radio support from stations as varied as Kool Rock Radio,  BBC 6 Music, Xfm, Radio 1, LA’s KROQ and others across Europe and South America. "If You’re Satisfied You Are Dead" delivers on their promise.

The album was co-produced by The November Five and Brian O’Shaughnessy whose previous production credits include Go-Kart Mozart, Primal Scream and My Bloody Valentine. 

"If You're Satisfied You Are Dead", will be out on November 5, 2012. You can pre-order your copy right now on eBay or iTunes.

**The November Five reached the TOP 20 on Kool Rock Radio's Best New Bands of 2006 list. Their single 'Breathe' peaked at #14 on our Best Tracks 2006 and 'Closure' peaked at #37 on our Best Tracks 2008 chart. 


"If you like the incendiary music of The MC5, The Stooges, The Birthday Party, Jim Jones Revue or The Cramps then you will not be disappointed in the slightest." Shindig magazine

"The November Five combine the driving sneer of Earl Brutus, some of the atmospherics of the Arcade Fire if they weren't twig-stroking Canadians, and some very British bombast - in The November Five's hands, guitars do, very much, squall." The Quietus

“The November Five are gathering momentum and things are only going to get bigger.” Vive Le Rock

Watch Depeche Mode Paris Press Conference

In case you miss Depeche Mode recent Paris press conference that took place on October 23, 2012,   they have now archived the video.

Watch the full conference below.

Delphic Reveal Details Of Brand New Album "Collections"

Delphic have unveiled details of their highly anticipated second album. 

Entitled 'Collections', this full-length will follow the band's 2010 debut album 'Acolyte' and will be release on  January 28th through Polydor Records.

Having spent a good amount of time out writing, the three-piece recorded the new material with two producers: Ben Allen (the man behind the likes of Bombay Bicycle Club and Animal Collective) and DFA Records co-founder Tim Goldsworthy, who has worked with both Massive Attack and LCD Soundsystem.

Here's a quote from Rick Boardman: "We get very angry about the state of popular music and we want to bloody change it. And why shouldn’t we?"

The tracklisting for 'Collections' is as follows.

1. Of The Young
2. Baiya
3. Changes
4. Freedom Found
5. Atlas
6. Tears Before Bedtime
7. The Sun Also Rises
8. Memeo
9. Don’t Let The Dreamers Take You Away
10. Exotic

Watch Delphic 'Introducing Collections' Album Trailer below.