Sunday, October 31, 2021

Watch: Veda Rays Air Music Video For "Fall In Fall In (All Down The Well)"

Brooklyn post punk/dream pop/indie rock band Veda Rays have aired the video for their latest single "Fall In Fall In (All Down The Well)".

The song is part of our current playlist and is taken from their new  album 'Crucial Fictions', which came out earlier this month (October 8). Get your copy here.

Watch the video below.

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Watch: The Violent Hearts Reveal New Single/Video "All of Them Witches"

Bristol post punk/indie rock band The Violent Hearts have revealed the video for their latest single "All of Them Witches".

The song is part of our current playlist and is taken from their debut album 'Everything and Nothing', which came out in September. Get your copy here.

Watch the video below.

Saturday, October 30, 2021

Watch: This Eternal Decay Drop New Single/Video "Lights"

Italian darkwave/synthwave band This Eternal Decay have dropped the video for their new single "Lights".

The song will be out tomorrow (October 31) via Trisol Music Group, featuring remixes from ACTORS and Ash Code. Get your copy here.

Watch/listen below.

Watch: BRNDA Unleash "Year of the Hot Dog by Burger Gang" New Video

Washington, DC art punk/indie rock/post punk band BRNDA have unleashed the video for their latest single "Year of the Hot Dog by Burger Gang".

The song is part of our current playlist and is taken from their recent album album 'Do You Like Salt?', released in August through Crafted Sounds. Grab your copy here.

Watch the clip below.

Friday, October 29, 2021

Watch: The Sea At Midnight Premieres New Song/Video "Orbiting Heaven"

LA-based post punk/coldwave/synthwave artist Vince Grant aka The Sea At Midnight has premiered the video for his brand new track "Orbiting Heaven".

The song features on the on the Darkness Calling 'You Are Still Not Alone' compilation, a collection of exclusive, never-before-heard tracks that you won't find anywhere else, out on Halloween (October 31). Get it here.

Watch/listen below.


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Watch: The Royal Foundry Reveal New Single/Video "Listen To The Beat"

Canada indie pop/electro/alt band The Royal Foundry have revealed the video for their new single "Listen To The Beat".

The song is out today (October 29) and "pays homage to life on the road and their love of playing live music". Grab it here.

From the band: "On a long drive back to Canada from Nashville, we started belting out lyric ideas to help keep us awake. This brought up memories of our past tours and driving late into the night to get to the next city, and how much we missed that as we looked into the unknown of future tour plans."

This euphoric song captures being in a crowded, sweaty room at a live show listening to good music, surrounded by strangers who all share that same love for the experience. The longing for a night to never end, that favourite song to be on repeat, and just vibing because nothing else in the world matters.

Watch/listen below.

New Entry: Hearts and Rockets Unveil New Single "On/Off"

Melbourne-based synth pop/post punk duo Hearts and Rockets (aka Kalindy Williams and Kurt Eckardt) have unveiled their new single "On/Off".

The song is taken from their forthcoming EP 'TV is Boring', set to be released on November 26 via Psychic Hysteria. Pre-order your copy here.

Stream it below.


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Watch: Sleep Overload Share Music Video For "Horror Film"

Russian darkgaze/dream pop/horrorgaze band Sleep Overload have shared the video for their latest single "Horror Film".

The song is taken from their brand new EP of the same name, released last Tuesday (Oct 26). Grab your copy here.

Watch/listen below.

New Entry: La Mverte Releases New Track "Albedo"

French synth-wave/disco/electronic artist La Mverte has released his new track "Albedo".

The song is taken from his brand new EP 'Alchemy Calls', out today (October 29) via his new label Les Enfers. Buy it here.

With Alchemy Calls, La Mverte once again pushes the door of the club, closed for too long. The tracks of the EP are also offered 2 remixes. Javi Redondo, a regular on the Correspondant and Dischi Autunno labels, offers a fundamentally club and motoric re-reading of Nigredo, and Aggelos Baltas, alias Anatolian Weapons, delivers a version of Albedo tinged with slowed-down Trance.  

Stream it below.


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New Entry: Midi Memory Airs New Single "Gone (Feat. CD Ghost)"

Midi Memory, the side project of Cathedral Bells' Matt Messore, has aired his new single "Gone" featuring L.A dream pop/synth wave/indie pop band CD Ghost.

The song is out today (Oct 29) through Spirit Goth Records. Get your copy here.

Take a listen below.

Watch: TRAITRS Unleash New Single/Video "Ghost And The Storm"

Canadian post punk/darkwave duo TRAITRS have unleashed the video for their new single "Ghost And The Storm".

The song is taken from their upcoming new album 'Horses In The Abattoir', which will be available on November 19 through Berlin-based label Freakwave Records. Pre-order your copy here.

“Ghost and the Storm’ is exactly that - a ghost of a track. A forgotten spirit from our past. It was too ahead of its time for us to even know what to do with it at the time we wrote it, so it remained in anonymity for several years.   believing your entire life that when you die you’ll go somewhere better but the reality is you just return to nothing, nowhere. To sleep and never remember your dreams is equivalent to how we die," says Shawn Tucker.

Sean-Patrick Nolan elucidates, “The video pays homage to 'Rabbit In Your Headlights' by UNKLE, one of our all-time favourite songs and videos. It depicts the uneasy feeling of questioning your own sanity as it slowly slips away from you. We intentionally left it ambiguous as to who this troubled man is and what’s causing him to be so paranoid and erratic. We are our only connection to the outside world, so when the line between reality and fiction is gradually blurred and you start to feel ill at ease in our own mind and flesh, that’s a truly terrifying and isolating thing to experience. Vince Groulx did a great job of capturing that sense of foreboding paranoia while your emotions jump from one extreme to another. The human mind is more vulnerable and susceptible to these fluctuations than we realize."

Watch/listen below.


New Entry: Black Light Smoke Reveals New Track "Maniac"

NYC-based techno/minimal synth/post punk producer/musician Black Light Smoke (aka Jordan Lieb) have revealed his infectious new tune "Maniac".

The song features on the Death Decay Magic compilation 'Dead Beats 1' out today (October 29). Grab your copy here.

"Dead Beats 1" brings together new and returning artists to Death Decay Magic, including Happy707, Stockholm Syndrome AU, Heidi Sabertooth, label boss Black Light Smoke, and more.

Take a listen below.

Jack Wakeman & The Dreamstriders Drop New Single/Video "Cosmic Fear"

Glasgow-based indie rock/alt pop band Jack Wakeman & The Dreamstriders have aired their new single "Cosmic Fear".

The song is out today (October 29), and follows on from debut single "Visions." Get it here

Watch/listen below.

Joywave Announce New LP 'Cleanse', Stream "Cyn City 2000"

New York indie rock/pop band Joywave have announced the release of their fourth studio album 'Cleanse'.

The follow-up to last year's Possession, was written and recorded in frontman Daniel Armbruster’s home studio, and will be on February 11th, 2022 via Cultco Music/Hollywood Records, Inc. Pre-order your copy here.

“With our dense touring schedule shelved, I was able to reflect on past travels and appreciate them in a new way,” Armbruster said in a press release. “But reminders of our fragile mortality were everywhere, punctuated by the ongoing pandemic and civil unrest. The music began to encompass all of this. It became the words, encouragement, and occasional cautions that I would want to share with you if this was the last time we spoke. And with all this time spent looking inward came the realization that there were still a few chips I was carrying on my shoulder that I needed to let go of.”

The band have also shared their new single "Cyn City 2000", “Comparing yourself to others is a recipe for disaster every time,” Armbruster says of the song. “The pandemic allowed me to slow down and take in what we’ve been able to do over the last several years and left me feeling both grateful for the past and excited for the future.” 

Check out the album's tracklist and listen to "Cyn City 2000" below.

Cleanse Tracklist:
01. Pray for the Reboot
02. Buy American
03. Every Window Is a Mirror
04. Cyn City 2000
05. After Coffee
06. We Are All We Need
07. Goodbye Tommy
08. The Inversion
09. Why Would You Want to Be Young Again?
10. Have You Ever Lit a Year On Fire?


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Thursday, October 28, 2021

Watch: Yard Act Air New Single/Video "Land Of The Blind"

Leeds indie rock/punk band Yard Act have aired the video for their new single "Land Of The Blind".

The song is taken from their highly anticipated debut studio album 'The Overload', which will be out on January 21 2022 through Zen F.C./ Island. Pre-order your copy here.

From the band: Land of the Blind is a serious song with a serious meaning, and there felt no better way to represent that than through the medium of cinema, with me glueing on a fake goatee (sorry it ain't real) and donning a sequin jacket, performing bad magic tricks to an audience of hoodwinked bystanders in a cafe in Clitheroe... This is 7/10 satire even if it still feels a little on the nose to me. Enjoy babababa x

Watch/listen below.

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GRETA Details New LP 'Forever We'll Be Dancing', Airs Double Single "Out Of Mind / Nicht Allein"

Denmark's rising, self-proclaimed sci-fi pop artist GRETA (aka Greta Schenk), has revealed full details of her forthcoming sophomore album 'Forever We'll Be Dancing'.

The 10-track album was recorded in Berlin with Norwegian artist and producer Farao and Ådne Meisfjord of the Norwegian rock band 120 Days, and will be out on February 4th 2022 through W.A.S Entertainment. Pre-order your copy here.

GRETA moves through a magical universe where transcendence and futurism merge with nostalgia and the familiar. Her lyrics are laden with existential reflections on the core of life, which she explores through the contrast of light and dark. Her sound reflects her love for 80s synths and grooves while also embracing futuristic sounds, which she seamlessly threads together with bright and airy vocals. By encapsulating those dichotomies, her music has the ability to evoke multiple emotions at once - listening to these tracks awakens both a melancholic nostalgia and hopeful euphoria all at once.

She draws on 90s dream trance artists like Robert Miles, 80s meditative new age artists like Clifford White, minimalist techno groups like Moderat, the lush synthpop soundscapes of I Break Horses, the dark wave sound of Boy Harsher as well as the more contemporary electro-pop sensibilities of Sassy 009 to create an exciting and fresh sound.

Speaking about new single, Greta says: "'Out of Mind’ was actually the first song I wrote on the album. It captures the feeling of losing your mind in a kind of absurd situation, where you feel trapped (to me this was lockdown). The feeling of losing track of time and just being forced to wait on life to happen. I wrote the song during this really absurd state of mind, which made it almost comic and that’s definitely showing in the appearance of the song. ‘Out of Mind’ is reflecting feelings of both longing and hoping for something else." 

The album is centered around transitions and "great love", as reflected in 'Out of Mind'. GRETA continues: "At the time I wrote the album, I felt very artistically liberated, because the music has always been my escape and a light in the dark. During both the Corona lockdown and my husband’s illness, I felt a great love and connection, but also a longing for breaking away, being free, living life and wanting everything to go back to normal."

Check out the album's tracklist and listen to their new songs "Out Of Mind" and "Nicht Allein", below.

Forever We'll Be Dancing Tracklist:
02. Stranger
03. Nicht Allein
04. Wonder
05. Drei
07. Bliss II 
08. Will You Stay
09. Genug
10. Out of Mind 

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New Entry: Century Egg Premiere New Single "Moving On"

Halifax, NS-based punk-rock quartet Century Egg have premiered their new single "Moving On".

The song is out now through Forward Music Group and makes up the first half of a double A-side single release, the second of which will follow next month. Get it here.

Speaking about it, Century Egg says: "This is a song about trying to detach yourself from your past and let go of the trauma that holds you back from finally feeling better."

The two tracks carry a theme of dealing with depression and the general oppression faced in life while trying to find a way to persevere and push through. 

Take a listen below.

Watch: Crush Unveil New Single/Video "So Strange"

Manchester based shoegaze/dream pop/alt band Crush have unveiled the video for their new single "So Strange".

Speaking about it, singer/guitarist Amber Warren says: “It’s a dialogue in the first-person addressing anxiety in a cathartic defiance of the emotions that arise from it. A bulk of songs written since the pandemic began have been heavily influenced by DIIV, My Bloody Valentine and the Cocteau Twins, as well as artists such as Phoebe Bridgers,” she mentions, and adds Blur as one of the main inspirations for the band's new approach. 

Get the single here and watch the video below.

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New Entry: Blush Response Share New Single "Molasses"

Australian shoegaze/dream pop band Blush Response have shared their new single "Molasses".

The song is out now b/w "Vertigo", get it here.

Take a listen below.


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New Entry: Les Techno Airs New Single "The Modern Twist"

New York-based alternative/pop/post-punk musician and cultural satirist Les Techno has aired his new single "The Modern Twist".

The song is out now via Solid Bass Records. Get it here.

With a “Modern Twist”, Les Techno steps in a punkier, rap-influenced direction. The track is an up-tempo, old school hip hop beat pounded out with a drum, bass and guitar. Stabs of guitar and synth effects in the verses contrast with soaring guitar melody in the chorus with a Gilmor-esque guitar motif at the end. Its chock full of his lyrical style: social satire delivered like bullets from a machine gun.

Watch a lyric video below.

New Entry: Spray Drop New Single "Hammered In An Airport"

British synth pop electro duo Spray have dropped their new single "Hammered In An Airport".

The song is taken from their upcoming new album 'Ambiguous Poems About Death', which will be available on November 26 through Analogue Trash. Pre-order your copy here.

FFO: 80s synthpop / new wave, Sparks, Pet Shop Boys, The KLF.

Watch a lyric video below.

Watch: The Wants Unleash Music Video For "Container"

New York art-pop trio The Wants (featuring Bodega members Madison Velding-VanDam and Heather Elle) have unleashed the video for "Container".

The song is part of our current playlist and is the title track of their debut studio album 'Container', released in March 2020. Get your copy here if you haven't already.

Watch the video below.


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Wednesday, October 27, 2021

New Entry: Trillion Release New Single "Sure"

Sydney noise-pop five-piece Trillion have released their new single "Sure".

The song is taken from their forthcoming new album 'Atomic Sunshine'. Get it here.

Trillion share a love of sonic mayhem, a desire to craft indie soundscapes with pop sensibilities, and an unhealthy obsession with guitar pedals - it's not by chance that the band describes themselves as “shoegaze merchants from the land of Oz”.

Their deep love of all things fuzz comes to the fore on this new track, showcasing the band’s strong songcrafting skills and artful ability to use the space between the harmonics to propel the listener forward. Sure represents the dreams we weave, and the stories we tell ourselves when the light of day breaks and finds us alone with just the lingering fragments of sights and sounds left in our mind’s eye.

Recorded in isolation, with each band member contributing their parts separately, Sure, and the single’s companion track ‘Here’s to tomorrow’ represent the ability of artists to overcome the barriers of physical separation and create as an integral part of life. Driving basslines and blistering drums, layering these with hazy vocals and multi-textured fuzz come together to grab and hold the listener’s attention, across the blurred line between reality and hypnagogic visions.

Take a listen below.

Home Counties Premiere New Single "The Home Counties"

English indie rock/punk/alt band Home Counties have premiered their new single "The Home Counties".

The song is out now through Alcopop Records and is taken from their upcoming second EP 'In A Middle English Town'. 

Speaking about it, singer Will Harrison says: “‘The Home Counties’ is set in a small town somewhere in the South of England and centres around a generic married couple and their daily existence. It is about mundanity, claustrophobia and suspicion of everything outside of the semi-detached. The characters are placeless and nondescript, emblematic of the uniformity of middle-class people across the commuter belt.”

“Self-producing ‘Modern Yuppies’ and ‘White Shirt’ during lockdown definitely gave us time to flesh out the Home Counties sound and build a firm idea of where this project is heading next”, Will continues. “It was exciting to create these wacky synth-driven singles and that’s definitely something we’ve taken forward into this EP. It was always the plan to go a bit mad with those singles and then finesse the sound for the EP, reintroducing the rawer live elements and returning to the studio as a 5-piece.

“We’re often labelled as a Bristol band but we left uni a few years ago and then found ourselves stuck in our hometown in Bucks for a year during the pandemic. The name Home Counties didn’t hold much significance when we formed, but being back here for the past 12 months made us reflect more about our sense of place here. The EP isn’t directly about our experiences - it more lives in a semi-fictitious and generalised idea of Middle England.”

Take a listen below.

Metronomy Announce New LP 'Small World', Stream "It’s good to be back"

British indie dance band Metronomy have announced the release of their seventh studio album 'Small World'

The follow-up to 2019’s Metronomy Forever, will be out out on 18th February 2022 via Because Music . Pre-order your copy here.

Small World is a return to simple pleasures, nature, an embracing in part of more pared down, songwriterly sonics (some moments wouldn’t sound amiss on a Wilco release), all while asking broader existential questions: which feels at least somewhat rooted in the period of time during which it was made – 2020. For all that Mount seems to think he has made a comparatively sombre record, much of Small World still pulses with the zesty, tongue-in-cheek joie de vivre you’d expect of a Metronomy record.

So sure, things are different now Joe Mount is getting older and what’s on his mind is changing, but that doesn’t mark a change in quality for Metronomy. An immaculate set of tracks, Joe Mount’s ability as a songwriter and arranger shines through on Small World, evergreen. Metronomy might be growing up, but they’re not afraid to still have fun with it all. Through the tumultuous ebb and flow of the years, Metronomy continues to endure and make great pop music – and, really, that’s all that we could ask for.

The band have also shared the album's lead single ‘It’s good to be back’, a spiky synth-laden return with a video, by directing duo Dreamjob, that finds all of Metronomy’s band members in an uncanny Truman show-esque universe, each of them trying to hold onto a chaotic kind of joy while existing in a Groundhog Day scenario of dying and then living the same thing over and over.

‘It’s good to be back’ gets its name because, Mount says, “Part of me was thinking, ‘what is the lamest platitude people are going to be saying coming out of the past two years?’, but at the same time, I was thinking how it will be true and how it might feel doing things again.

I’ve been remembering what it was like as a kid when I’d be sitting in the backseat of my parents’ car and they’d be playing their music and I’d think ‘this is awful’, but there’d be one or two songs I would like. I thought it would be fun to make that kind of album, and this is the song the kids might like. This is the ‘cool’ song,” he adds.

Check out the album's tracklist and the video for "It’s good to be back" below.

Metronomy Forever Tracklist:
01. Life And Death
02. Things Will Be Fine
03. It’s Good To Be Back
04. Loneliness On The Run
05. Love Factory
06. I Lost My Mind
07. Right On Time
08. Hold Me Tonight
09. I Have Seen Enough

New Entry: Mild Minds Reveals New Single "Haunted"

Aussie dance/electronic/lo-fi musician/producer Benjamin David aka Mild Minds has revealed his new single "Haunted".

The song is out today (October 27) through Foreign Family Collective. Get it here.

Staying true to the title, ‘HAUNTED’ is a soul-stirring soundscape that sees Mild Minds tap into his trademark blend of driving synths and captivating vocals. 

I think we had all spent a part of 2020 contemplating a lot about our own lives, while feeling a general sense of darkness looming over whether we'd be losing loved ones, or not. For a lot of us we did. The heaviness of it all led me to explore more melancholic themes in my music. I found myself breaking down all of the shades that might be associated with melancholy; exploring death, loss, rebirth, and the associated beauty. This ultimately led me to wanting to use flowers on the artwork, being something that both dies and blooms again each year. At the same time I was re-learning piano, or even in a way properly learning piano. It was such a rush to be feeling the music through touch and finding an ability to speak through it. I found myself playing a set of similar chords over and over through the first half of the year; verses, choruses, outros. Slowly but surely, this song formed from a combination of those. This was immediately one of my favorite tracks I've ever written. - Mild Minds

The video was directed by Ryan Hills. Check out below.


Watch: Fluid Ghost Unveils Visuals For "My Best Nightmare"

Fluid Ghost the dark-dance/minimal wave side project of Adriano from French duo Echoberyl, has unveiled visuals for his addictive track "My Best Nightmare".

The song is taken from his debut mini-album 'Homeclubbing', which came out last month (September 16). Get your copy here.

Watch/listen below.

Watch: The Rills Share New Single/Video "Skint Eastwood"

Lincoln indie rock/alt/punk band The Rills have shared the video for their latest single "Skint Eastwood".

The song b/w "This Is Hell" is out now via Nice Swan Records. Get it here

Speaking about it, frontman Mitch Spencer explains: “Skint Eastwood is a Lincoln loner. He’s a BMX bandit who lurks the streets for affection, be it by begging, stealing or borrowing. Suburban life gives way to people like Skint Eastwood, kids with nothing but the change in their pockets and the rucksack on their backs – cycling into oblivion as much as they are crying out for help. There’s something familiar about that old cowboy cliche; a hard exterior crossed with a soft and vulnerable interior is easily used to describe the lost boys and girls of our generation.”

Watch/listen below.

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Watch: Wingtips Air Music Video For "Run For Shelter"

Chicago new goth-pop/post punk duo Wingtips (aka Vincent Segretario and Hannah Avalon) have aired the video for "Run For Shelter".

The song is part of our current playlist and is taken from their second studio album 'Cutting Room Floor', released last month (September 3) vía Artoffact Records. Get your copy here.

Wingtips’ Vincent Segretario said: “The track ‘Run for Shelter’ is a feeling of empowerment; finding out who you are and how you respond in times of crisis.”

Watch the clip below.


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New Entry: Kasabian Return With New Single "ALYGATYR"

British indie rockers Kasabian have returned with their new single "ALYGATYR", their first new material since 2017

The song, written by Serge Pizzorno, produced by Serge and Fraser T Smith, and mixed by Spike Stent, is out now and it represents a new chapter for the band. Grab it here.

Take a listen below.


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Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Watch: Hooveriii Release Music Video For "Rules"

Los Angeles psychedelic/space rock band Hooveriii have released the video for "Rules".

The song is part of our current playlist and is the b-side to their latest 7" release 'Lazy Suzan'/ 'Rules', which came out earlier this month (October 8) via Levitation. Get it here.

Watch the video below.

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Watch: NewDad Reveal New Single/Video "Ladybird"

Irish alt rock/slo-fi band NewDad have revealed the video for their new single "Ladybird".

The song is out today (October 26) via Fair Youth Records and is the first taste pf their forthcoming EP ‘Banshee’, produced John Congleton due out earlier next year. Get it here.

Ladybird was inspired by the Greta Gerwig’s film of the same name starring Saoirse Ronan. “I wrote the song after watching the film ‘Ladybird’, the chord progression reminded me of Dave Matthew’s song that’s played throughout the film so I initially named it after that, so ‘Ladybird’ was just a working title.” explains singer Julie.

“I then wrote the lyrics about the difficult part of relationships and the struggle we sometimes face when we’re away from someone and the fears and anxieties we have about what they’re doing or if they’re okay, I realised this coincided with the relationship between the mother and daughter in the film so the title ended up being pretty fitting. It’s about the give and takes in any relationship really and about the struggles of being away from someone you care about.”

Watch/listen below.

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Blushing Announce New LP 'Possessions', Stream "Blame (feat. Miki Berenyi)"

Austin, TX dream pop/shoegaze/bedroom pop band Blushing have announced the release of their new studio album 'Possessions'. 

The 12-track record, produced and mixed by Elliott Frazier (Ringo Deathstarr) will be out on February 18, 2022 via Kanine Records. Pre-order your copy here

'Possessions' serves as a 1990s transport, complete with charismatic vocals, dreamy guitar hooks and swirling bass lines, it is an album filled with dream pop intensity.

The album title “Possessions” is an observation of the frenetic time in which it was created. Blushing is a part of the modern dream pop and shoegaze community that has helped blushing create an album that all indie music lovers need to hear. Fans of Lush, Cocteau Twins, My Bloody Valentine, Ride, Slowdive won’t be able to resist this album. “Michelle Soto and Christina Carmona sing wistfully over a cascading atmosphere or expansive space created by themselves with help from their husbands Jake Soto and Noe Carmona”

New single "Blame", is an immersive reintroduction to Blushing’s heavy brand of dream pop and harnesses a veritable who’s who of established and upcoming shoegaze scenesters; most notably in the distinctive vocals of Miki Berenyi from Brit legends Lush and Piroshka. This testament to trans-atlantic mutual appreciation began when Blushing covered “Out Of Control” for a Lush tribute album in 2018, catching the ear of Berenyi, who tweeted her appreciation, and a friendship was born. As the tracking sessions for Possessions took place throughout 2020, the band approached Berenyi about the possibility of her collaborating on a song and were thrilled to find that she shared their excitement to work together. The track and lyric sheet were digitally whisked off to London with the request that Berenyi add any vocals she would like. What she returned was a beautifully creative melding of harmonies and counter melodies that takes the original song into striking new territory.

Check out the album's tracklist and watch the video for "Blame", below.

Possessions Tracklist:
01. Bed
02. Sour Punch
03. Blame (feat. Miki Berenyi)
04. Ours
05. Surround (With Love)
06. Gel
07. The Fires
08. Possessions
09. Waster
10. Lost Cat
11. Weight
12. How It Ends


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Monday, October 25, 2021

New Entry: DETECTS Drop New Single "No One Tells"

Mississippi post punk/shoegaze/darkwave outfit DETECTS have dropped their catchy new single "No One Tells".

The song is taken from their upcoming new album 'Conditions', which will be available on November 12 through Way-Off Records. Pre-order your copy here.

Take a listen below.


Friday, October 22, 2021

New Entry: Dramatic Shapes Unleash New Single "Situation Critical"

Chicago-based post punk/new wave/dream pop band Dramatic Shapes (comprised of brothers Theodore and Ronnie Appert) have unleashed their new single "Situation Critical".

The song is out today (October 22). Get it here.

Take a listen below.

New Entry: S.C.A.B. Return With New Single "Stolen Jag Off Morgan Ave"

New York indie rock/jangle pop/post punk band S.C.A.B. have returned with their new single "Stolen Jag Off Morgan Ave".

From the band: Everyone in Bushwick has had a late night at Our Wicked Lady. We’ve found love, lost gear, and found ourselves in the bathroom with people we never would have guessed. For our first single in a new direction we decided to pay homage to our city and our Daphne blue Fender Jaguar. It was last seen leaning on our van outside OWL on our first gig there 2 years ago. Why it was there unsupervised when all our other gear made it into the van? We will never know. What we do know is how emotional we can get when we lose something of value and maybe we play the blame game until we get over it. All of this is explored in the first song we ever wrote altogether. “Stolen Jag Off Morgan Ave.” is an honest account of materialism vs the “it’s all good” attitude.

Stream it below.


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New Entry: Soft Riot Premieres New Track "Windows To The Wild"

Glasgow-based synth pop/electronic/minimal/dark wave musician JJD aka Soft Riot has premiered his new track "Windows To The Wild".

The song was written, recorded, produced and mixed by JJD at Studio Carillon, Glasgow UK and features on the on the compilation Upperwave Selections Vol. 1 to be released on 01 December via Berlin's label Miseria. Pre-order your copy here.

The compilation will feature some great contributions from artists such as Filmmaker, Oberst Panizza, Transhuman Rebirth, QEK Junior and more!.. 

Stream it below.

New Entry: NOT HAPPY Unveil New Single "Call Me"

Norwich surf rock/alt-pop two-piece NOT HAPPY have unveiled their new single "Call Me".

The band is currently unsigned and focusing on self releases but are recording with producer Gavin Bowers Catch 21 Records studio and looking to put an EP out next year.

Get the song here and stream it below.

New Entry: Low Life Share New Single "Hammer & The Fist"

Sydney, Australia-based rock/dream punk band Low Life band have shared their new single "Hammer & The Fist".

The song is taken from their upcoming their third studio album 'From Squats To Lots: The Agony And XTC Of Low Life', which will be available on out November 5th through Alter Records. Pre-order your copy here.

Take a listen below.

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Watch: Pictish Trail Airs Music Video For "Natural Successor"

Scottish label owner/producer/singer-songwriter Johnny Lynch aka Pictish Trail has aired the video for his newest single "Natural Successor".

The song "a purgative surrender to nature’s whim driven by a clattering machine drumbeat and rolled in a puddle of filthy dirty fuzz", is out today (October 22) via Lost Map Records/Fire Records. Buy your copy here.

“Going into the bothy, the intention had been to write about connecting with my surroundings, feeling ‘at one’ with the island,” says Johnny. “With ‘Natural Successor’, I quickly discovered it was more about the desire to surrender to nature’s whim. Letting nature take charge. I was imagining all the different natural disasters joining forces, and wreaking havoc on mankind.

“I’d been reading about earthquakes caused by fracking, man’s responsibility for global warming, oil fires, etc. All these Manufactured Disasters. Then, throughout the pandemic, seeing all the horrible stuff that we do to one another, the fault lines we’ve created in society that separate us. Whether it’s a pandemic, or the destructive effects of climate change, there are definitely some days where I think we deserve the revenge the planet is taking upon us.

“Not quite sure that ‘Natural Successor’ eloquently captures all this, mind you... but it was a cathartic experience playing a big dumb riff over and over again. Would recommend.”

Watch/listen below.


Watch: Pool Release New Single/Video "How I Feel About You"

Hamburg, Germany indie electronic trio Pool have dropped the video for their newest single "How I Feel About You".

The song is out today (October 22). Grab it here.

Watch/listen below.


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Watch: Sea Power Reveal Music Video For "Folly"

UK indie/alt band Sea Power (FKA British Sea Power) have revealed the video for their latest single “Folly”.

The song is part of our current playlist and is taken from their forthcoming new album 'Everything Was Forever', set to be released on February 11, 2022 via the band’s own label Golden Chariot. Pre-order your copy here.

Speaking about it, guitarist Martin Noble had said: “‘Folly’ is in the tradition of singalong Sea Power apocalyptic anthems—everyone ambling down the road to a multitude of catastrophes. Party on! You might find yourself standing up on the South Downs, up on the fells or the dales, looking down at the world, a world where we seem to avoid the decisions and changes to stop the rot. It’s all folly, but in this case set to some pretty life-affirming music—good stuff underpinning the donut vibes and maybe making you think it’s not all over, not quite, not yet.”

Vocalist/guitarist Neil Hamilton Wilkinson added: “I was thinking of things like greedy overlords playing fart games on the lawns of their great dominions, the enclosure of common lands, bodies, minds, the fantastical gusto of doom and frivolity that feeds the world, me included. I was feeling all on edge, paranoid like the old vampire in Nosferatu when I got into this song.”

Watch the video below.

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Watch: Sam Fender Drops Music Video For "Get You Down"

Newcastle indie rock musician Sam Fender has dropped the video for "Get You Down".

The song is part of our current playlist and is taken from his excellent second studio album 'Seventeen Going Under', released earlier this month (October 8) through Interscope Records. Grab your copy here.

Sam words: “Get You Down is one of the more personal tracks on the record and one of the first that I wrote. The whole album is about insecurity and growing up, Get You Down is one of the first songs that looks at how that insecurity tore apart my relationships, and my last relationship in particular."

Watch the clip below.