Wednesday, November 03, 2021

New Entry: DEADLETTER Air New Single "Pop Culture Connoisseur"

Yorkshire post punk band DEADLETTER have aired their new single "Pop Culture Connoisseur".

The song is out today (November 3) through Nice Swan Records. Get it here.

A press release explains: “[The song] finds singer and frontman Zac Lawrence switching from the overt politicism of previous releases into a more tongue-in-cheek narrative centred around the case of PC Read, a police officer fired for stealing doughnuts through a self-service checkout. In addition to providing a case study into the fashion those in positions of authority often consider themselves above the law, the track also aims to comment at the manner modern morality so often relates to PR optics, as the cultural trope of law enforcement eating doughnuts is played out in real time.”

Take a listen below.

Noon Garden Announce Debut LP 'Beulah Spa', Stream "Desiree"

Noon Garden, the psych-pop solo project of Flamingods member Charles Prest, has announced the release of his debut studio album 'Beulah Spa'.

The 10-track record was written and produced by Noon Garden and will be out on February 25th 2022 via The Liquid Label. Pre-order your copy here.

Noon Garden says of the album: "This debut was an experiment to get to know myself better. Taken from the name of an area not too far from my family home in Norwood south London, the literal words ‘Beulah Spa’ conjured up imagery of being a place to contemplate in warmth and complete tranquility. Writing music is a therapeutic process for me and it’s taken about eight years on and off to finish this album by myself, to try understand what it was exactly that I wanted to say lyrically and explore sonically.

The album’s lyrics have shape-shifted so much with time but they take a curious look at the human experience; in my case growing up and soaking up a lot of cultures from an early age in the Middle East, the UK and briefly in Singapore. It’s a reflection on what’s past and what’s yet to come, my connection with others over the years and how that inevitably shapes your outlook on what’s around you. All of this told through the lens of psychedelia which has always given me a sense of possibility. Beulah Spa is the first marker of where I’ve gotten to so far in my life, channeling it all into a musical odyssey that lays the foundation for a lot more to come.”

Check out the album's tracklist and watch the video for their new single "Desiree" below.

Beulah Spa Tracklist:
01. Beulah Spa
02. Decca Divine
03. Desiree 
04. Budaiya
05. Annapurna Guest House
06. Dud Day
07. Eye Jewel
08. Only Kin
09. Villa 
10. Blue Jurdab

Watch: DUAL Release Music Video For "Wipe Your Tears Away"

Auckland-based psych/dance/pop two-piece Dual (aka Maurice Miller and Jamie Pyne) have released the video for their newest single "Wipe Your Tears Away".

The song is part of our current playlist and came out last month (October 27). Grab it here.

The video was shot and directed by Cooper Roussel & Dimitri Basil, starring Mollie Papouloute. Watch below.


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New Entry: Kraków Loves Adana Drop New Single "Taint My Mind"

Hamburg synthpop/darkwave duo Kraków Loves Adana have dropped their new single "Taint My Mind".

The song is taken from their new studio album 'Faded To Black', which will be out on November 12th. Pre-order your copy here.

Stream it below.


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