Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Suede Could Write Some New Material

According to Brett Anderson, Suede could soon be writing new material together, but only if he  believes the tracks are good enough.

Since Suede split in 2002 singer Brett Anderson has released material under his own name, but could be tempted to record new songs with the band.

Now, the singer has told that there's a chance the band could start writing new material. "There's a possibility we could do some writing together but no-one ever knows about it. Nothing would see the light of day unless I was really, really excited about it." He said.

The final Suede album was 'New Morning' which was mauled by critics. The band are preparing a re-issue of their back catalogue, with extensive unreleased material added to their five studio albums.

The project will be "the definitive collection of pretty much everything we released in 14 years together and some stuff that we didn't", Anderson said, "flawed, strange and sometimes beautiful".

Suede will be performing at the Brixton Academy O2 for three nights in a row, 19, 20 and 21 May. There will review, complete their first three albums, and if declared by Anderson met, perhaps the possibility of hearing new material after 7 years.