Friday, September 25, 2020

New Entry: French Police Share New Single "Feo"

Chicago indie rock/post punk band French Police have shared their new single "Feo".

The song is out today (September 25). Get it here.

Have a listen below.


Watch: Glass Caves Drop New Single/Video "Float Into Space"

Pontefract indie rock/alt band Glass Caves have dropped the video for their new single "Float Into Space".

The song is part of our current playlist and is taken from their upcoming EP 'A Spin Around the Sun', set to be released on November 6 via Scruff of the Neck Records. Pre-order it here.

The video was directed by Jasmine de Silva. Watch below.


Watch: Structures Premiere New Single/Video "Robbery"

French post punk/post-rock band Structures have premiered the video for their new single "Robbery"

The song is taken from their upcoming debut album 'How Does It Feel?' out soon via Deaf Rock Records. Get it here.
Watch/listen below.


AK/DK Announce New LP 'Shared Particles', Stream Title Track

Brighton electronic/synth/disco/punk duo AK/DK have announced the release of their third studio album 'Shared Particles'.

The follow-up to 2017's Patterns/Harmonics, "celebrates their undeniable connection as humans, all sharing the same particles from the beginning of time - still true during a moment when we can feel more separated than ever."

It will be out on November 27 via Little Miss Echo Recordings. Pre-order your copy here.

Shared Particles propels itself relentlessly forwards, thrusting onwards in pursuit of a finish point that may never come. The two-piece have always loved the motorik of the 70’s like Kraftwerk and Can, bands that revelled in the journey as much as the destination. They also describe themselves as “like a chunkier Devo” – and, yes, there’s a warmth to the textures of their music from the modular synths and other self-built pedals in their set up, while there’s a driving rhythmic constancy too.

“Really, though, our message is one of togetherness and unity,” the band says. “It’s always a strong political message in itself when people come together for music.”

Ultimately it’s that message that holds the band and their music together. As the name Shared Particles suggests, we are all as one living together, and this is music that could’ve found a home everywhere from rave and free party scene to the punk community. AK/DK’s initial ethos was to break down the invisible screen between stage and audience. They’ve always tried to capture that on record, and this is the closest they’ve come… so far. 

Check out the album's tracklist and listen to the title track and their previous single "Feeds" below.

UPDATE 28/09/2020: "Shared Particles" is our new Single of the Week!


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