Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Stereolab Reveal 'Not Music' Details

Psych-pop outfit Stereolab are set to release their new album entitled 'Not Music' on November 16th.

The stule of Stereolab are almost impossible to classify. Their music moves through huge stylistic shifts, with the band's recorded output moving from glistening psych-pop to exotica, electronic and plenty more. At times singing in different languages, Stereolab have always sought to defy convention. Recently the band have begun operating in France, developing a home studio in the Southern city of Bordeaux.

Due for release later this year, 'Not Music' is a typically inventive recording. The band worked from rhythm tracks upwards, experimenting with up to seventy drum loops before constructing the actual songs.

The band's twelfth studio album to date, will be released via Stereolab's own Duophonic UHF Discs, the song titles are typically hallucinogenic. 'So Is Cardboard Clouds' and 'Everybody's Weird Except Me' share space with 'Two Finger Symphony'.


1. Everybody’s Weird Except Me
2. Supha Jaianto
3. So Is Cardboard Clouds
4. Equivalences
5. Lelekato Sugar
6. Silver Sands
7. Two Finger Symphony
8. Delugeoisie
9. Laserblast
10. Sun Demon
11. Aelita
12. Pop Molecules [Molecular Pop 2]
13. Neon Beanbag [Atlas Sound Mix]

The Drums Reveal Second Album Plans

The band's debut album was a huge succes for Kool Rock Radio in 2009, and so it is now for the rest of the world, which was easy to guess because of their fresh style and inidie hits. Tracks such as 'Lets Go Surfing' have a euphoric sound, despite being lyrically downbeat, we could say they are the Beach Boys of  today.

As we all now the music industry moves at a ferocious pace. No sooner do a hot new band release their debut album than a record company begins requesting more new material. Spending the summer playing at British festivals, The Drums have begun to focus on the inevitable need for more tracks.

The Drums explained on an interview that they have already begun sketching out plans for their new album.  The band have spent the summer travelling from country to country, rarely staying in one city for longer than a few days.

Frontman Jonathan Pierce explains: "It’s great, but it’s very very very busy, and everyone that we come in contact with us that works with us, we hear the same thing from all of them: they’ve never worked with a band that works this hard!" 

Talking about what to expect about their second album, Connor Hanwick explained that they don’t want to do a whole lot of change. "What’s exciting us is songs, not stylistic stuff. Stylistically and sonically and production-wise, the album will sound pretty similar to this one, just with new songs. If something new comes along and we think it feels good we’ll go with it. We’re not gonna shun anything new just because it’s new, but at the same time we’re firm believers in if it’s not broke don’t fix it" he said.

Will be good to have more of The Drums.

Chemical Brothers 'Another World' Remix Package Released

The new single of package "Another World" from the Chemical Brothers has arrived! The digital release, out this week.

With "Further", the Brothers went back to basics, shaking free big name guest vocalists and instead releasing a studied, concise 8 song opus with dazzling accompanying visuals - which wound together proves to be one of their most cohesive and compelling records yet.

Now is time for the new single "Another World", which shows just how this stripped down approach works so well; it's a shimmering, pulsating, lolloping slice of electronica, one which builds, slowly and steadily, from a simple piano break, before growing to become an encompassing, dreamily propulsive epic. It's simple yet devastatingly effective, particularly as it progresses towards its euphoric climax – and another potent reminder of just why The Chemical Brothers are still, after all these years, in a league of their own.

The Chemical Brothers - Another World

The single release boasts an eclectic selection of mixes and features the much in demand 'BoysNoize' and 'Popof' remixes, as well as the 'Lindstrom & Prin Thomas' remixes - which are available on all formats.


Digital Download available NOW:

1. Another World (Radio Edit)
2. Swoon (Boyz Noize Summer Remix)
3. Swoon (Lindstrøm & Prins Thomas Remix)
4. Horse Power (Popof Remix)

12" Remix Vinyl available August 23rd:
A1 Swoon (Boyz Noize Summer Remix)
A2 Swoon (Lindstrøm & Prins Thomas Remix)
B1 Horse Power (Popof Remix)

Monday, August 16, 2010

Morrissey's Favourite Albums of All Time

Morrissey has chosen his favourite albums, featuring some surprise selections.
After his recent collection of B-sides and rarities and currently without a label, the singer is collaborating with his former home of EMI to release a revised version of 'Bona Drag'. The 1990 collection will be complimented by a re-issued 'Everyday Is Like Sunday' - and evergreen single taken from the singer's solo debut LP 'Viva Hate'.

Enjoyning some free time, Morrissey has revealed his Top 13 albums of all time. Writing for a magazine, the singer revealed some of the albums which make him tick, including classics alongside lesser known works. 

Morrissey's Top 13 albums of all time are:
Jobriath - 'Jobriath'
Jeff Buckley - 'Grace'
The Smoking Popes - 'Born To Quit'
Damien Dempsey - 'Seize The Day'
Roxy Music - 'For Your Pleasure'
The Velvet Underground - 'The Velvet Underground & Nico'
The Velvet Underground - 'White Light/White Heat'
Sparks - 'Kimono My House'
Iggy & The Stooges - 'Raw Power'
Nico - 'Chelsea Girl'
Patti Smith - 'Horses'
Ramones - 'Ramones'
New York Dolls - 'New York Dolls'

Friday, August 13, 2010

Friendly Fires to Collaborate on Bugged Out! Mix

UK's disco-leaning indie-dance trio Friendly Fires, are set to curate a new mix for the Bugged Out label.

Entitled Bugged Out! Presents Suck My Deck, the mix album contains 19 tracks from names like Tom Trago, Tensnake, Lindstrøm & Christabelle, Redshape, and Bot'Ox, and an eclectic affair, including a collaboration between the band and Toronto house crew Azari & III.

All three of the band boast a background steeped in dance culture, with singer Ed MacFarlane even producing his own tracks. Released through Skam, the cuts provide a backdrop to the current success of Friendly Fires. 

The story begins when The band were invited to curate a special Bugged Out party in London, mixing performances from indie newcomers such as The Invisible with sets from Kompakt boss Michael Mayer and Hot Chip producer Joe Goddard. The huge success of the show cemented relations between the pair, with Bugged Out inviting Friendly Fires to produce a new mix CD. 


1. The Egyptian Lover - Freak-A-Holic
2. Bot'Ox - Bearded Lady Motorcycle Show
3. The Phenomenal Handclap Band - You'll Disappear (Munk Remix)
4. Tom Trago - Lost In The Streets of NYC (Boris Werner Lost In Malta Remix)
5. Ryan Crosson - Metro Bunker (Original Mix)
6. Lindstrom & Christabelle -Baby Can't Stop (Aeroplane Remix)
7. Rebotini - 777 (Discodeine Remix)
8. Tensnake - Coma Cat
9. Munk - La Musica (Azari & III Remix)
10. Friendly Fires and Azari & III - Stay Here
11. Redshape - Dog Day
12. The 2 Bears - Be Strong
13. Butch - No Worries
14. George Kranz - Din Daa Daa
15. Jody 'Fingers' Finch - Jack Your Big Booty (BHQ No Acid Vocal)
16. BDI - City & Industry
17. Alan Fitzpatrick - Green Light
18. Boo Williams - Mortal Trance
19. Round Two - New Day (Club Vocal Mix)

Friendly Fires will release their Bugged Out mix on September 27th.

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

"In Rainbows" tracks removed

A number of blogs have been targeted by the RIAA and the IFPA after placing Radiohead material on their sites.

Radiohead have a curious relationship with the internet. The band's 2007 album 'In Rainbows' was released as a ground breaking download, with the band deciding fans were able to 'pay what you like'.

The release broke new ground, with Radiohead receiving praise for existing outside the label structure. However in a high profile spat last year Lily Allen attacked the band, claiming that the scheme only worked due to their fame - established by major label EMI.

Radiohead guitarist Ed O'Brien is the head of the FAC, and has previously adopted a pro-file sharing stance. Lily Allen's outburst brought the issue to a head, poking holes in the band's argument.

Now bloggers have been targeted by copyright organisations after placing Radiohead material on the internet. The tracks stem from 'In Rainbows' with the RIAA and IFPI issuing a takedown plea to Google.
The request means that Google would stop listing the sites, effectively blocking them off the internet due to the power of the search engine.

ChillingEffects have managed to get hold of the letter RIAA sent to Google, which demands the takedown of the blogs. The organisation claims that the tracks "have not been authorised" for free download by their "member companies".

Radiohead have yet to comment on the matter. Meanwhile, singer Thom Yorke is preparing to perform at this year's Big Chill. The singer is set to play solo, with recent sets leaning heavily on both Radiohead material and his own album 'The Eraser'.

Drummer Philip Selway, meanwhile, is preparing to release his debut solo album. Recorded earlier this year, 'Familial' is a confident introduction to his rarely heard songwriting.

Kings Of Leon are to release their new album 'Come Around Sundown'

Southern indie giants Kings Of Leon are to release their new album 'Come Around Sundown' on October 18th.

Kings Of Leon are one of the hardest working bands around. Since releasing their fourth album 'Only By The Night' in 2008 the group have toured the world, playing dates on almost every continent.

An enormous success, 'Only By The Night' spent more than a year in the UK Top Forty and spawned several hit singles. Scooping four Grammy awards, the album even won over fans in their homeland becoming their most successful record yet in the United States.

However amid this spectacular success it seems that the band have been plotting their next move.
In a statement released today (August 4th) Kings Of Leon confirmed that they are set to release their fifth album 'Come Around Sundown' on October 18th.

Apparently written during clandestine meetings away from the road, three tracks from the album were showcased in a special show at Hyde Park. Performing in front of countless thousand fans, Kings Of Leon dropped in a handful of new songs. Stoking rumours of their new album, even the wildest of estimates struggled to see a new album dropping before January.

Recorded in New York the sessions were once again helmed by Angelo Petraglia and Jacquire King. Apparently recorded back in February, the lightning quick return comes as Kings Of Leon reach the end of their touring commitments.

The band are set to play the Golden Gate Park in Los Angeles before hitting Britain's twin site V Festival. Due to finish a North American tour at the end of September, Kings Of Leon will then get one month's reprieve before the release of their new album.

The Return of SQUEEZE

UK legends Squeeze to release new recordings of their classic hits.

As teenagers on the South London Scene in the 1970s, teenage friends Chris Difford and Glenn Tilbrook formed Squeeze, the pioneering UK band that saw them dubbed ‘The New Lennon and McCartney.” Championed early on by the Velvet Underground’s John Cale, who produced their debut EP, Packet Of Three,” Squeeze established their position as one of Britain’s most beloved bands with 1979’s Cool For Cats, setting off a career that would spawn decades and produce hits in the UK and abroad.

Now, some 35 years later, Squeeze have re-recorded 14 of their classic tracks for Spot the Difference, an album of all their classic hits re-recorded in a way so painstakingly faithful to the originals that they challenge you to spot the difference.

01. Another Nail In My Heart (3:00) 
02. Black Coffee In Bed (6:08) 
03. Cool For Cats (3:10) 
04. Goodbye Girl (3:00) 
05. Hourglass (3:16) 
06. Is That Love (2:32) 
07. Labelled With Love (4:30) 
08. Loving You Tonight (4:09) 
09. Pulling Mussels (From The Shell) (3:59) 
10. Slap & Tickle (4:12) 
11. Some Fantastic Place (4:41) 
12. Take Me I'm Yours (2:47) 
13. Tempted (4:01) 
14. Up The Junction (3:09) 

KOOL ROCK RADIO Proudly presents:
Squeeze is back!!!
Don't miss it.
Stay Tuned


Already August in our calendar and it's AIRSHIP turn.

Airship started in the suburbs of Manchester 2004 with Elliott Williams strumming chords and singing melodies in his bedroom, who was then joined by Tom Dyball on the bass. 

With a few line up changes along the way, Marcus James joined the band with the intention of playing keyboards, but went on to become the lead guitarist, then Steven Griffiths came and blessed the trio with his drumming skills to round off the solid 4 piece.

They have a sound that can be compared to the pop melodies of The Cure, 90's Alternative American Indie and good, old fashioned songwriting.

The EP Algebra was released by Love & Disaster on 10 Maythrough Love & Disaster Records.

*Plus, their single 'Kids' were in the Top 20 of Kool Rock Radio's Annual Chart on 2009.