Friday, December 31, 2021

New Entry: The Presets Return With New Single "You Belong"

Australian electro duo The Presets (aka Julian Hamilton and Kim Moyes) have returned with their new single "You Belong", their first in almost four years.

The song will be out tomorrow (January 1). Buy it here.

Take a listen below.

Watch: Baby Strange Share New Single/Video "Midnight"

Glasgow indie rock/punk band Baby Strange have released the video for their brand new single "Midnight".

The song is out now via Icons Creating Evil Art. Get it here.

Watch/listen below.


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Watch: The City Gates Release Live Video For "Le Silence"

Canadian post punk/shoegaze band The City Gates have released a live video for their track "Le Silence".

The song is part of our current playlist and is taken from their album 'Age of Resilience' (included in our 100 Best Albums of 2021 list), released in June last year via Velouria Recordz and on Icy Cold Records. Grab your copy here.

Watch the video below.


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Thursday, December 30, 2021



2021 has been another strange year because of the pandemic, despite the rise in live shows, the constant change in restrictions keep forcing bands/artists to cancel or postpone their performances. However, nothing have stopped them to continue creating, producing and releasing, so thanks to their inspiration and work we got some great albums to keep us going through the many ups and downs of the last 12 months. We hope things will get better next year and wish the bands/artists the very best of all.

With nearly 400 great records to choose from, we have managed to pick the 100 albums that defined this year (as usual, the selection caused breakups, divorces, fights, hostilities, layoffs, resignations and deportations among the Kool Rock Radio staff LOL :)

Here are Kool Rock radio' staff 100 favorite albums of 2021, listed in alphabetical order:
  1. Absolutely Free ► 'Aftertouch' [astro-beat/psychedelic/avant-garde rock]
  2. Acid Dad ► 'Take It from the Dead' (Greenway Records / RAS) [psych-punk]
  3. Actors ► 'Acts of Worship' (Artoffact Records) [cold wave/post-punk/synth pop]
  4. Afflecks Palace ► 'What Do You Mean Its Not Raining' (Spirit Of Spike Island) [indie guitar/psych pop]
  5. Amiture ► ‘The Beach’ [synthpop/electronic/new wave]
  6. Art d'Ecco ► 'In Standard Definition' (Paper Bag Records) [glam-rock]
  7. Autogramm ► 'No Rules' (Nevado Records) [power pop]
  8. Balvanera ► ‘Course of Action’ (DKA Records) 
  9. Beige Banquet ► ‘Beta’ (Swish Swash Records / Just Step Sideways) [art punk/post punk]
  10. Black Marble ► 'Fast Idol' (Sacred Bones Records) [synth-wave/post punk]
  11. Bleib Modern ► 'Afraid To Leave' (Black Verb Records) [post-punk/cold wave/shoegaze]
  12. Blue Livingroom ► 'For Keeps' (FarOff Records) [new wave/post punk/shoegaze]
  13. Breeze ► 'Only Up' (Hand Drawn Dracula) [psych-pop/indie disco]
  14. Cathedral Bells ► 'Ether' (Spirit Goth) [dream pop/shoegaze]
  15. Clan of Xymox ► ‘Limbo’ (Trisol Music Group) [darkwave]
  16. Closed Mouth ► ‘Before the Dream Faded’ (Icy Cold Records) [post punk/coldwave]
  17. Cosey Mueller ► ‘Interior Escapes’ [synthpunk/synthwave/electronic]
  18. Creux Lies ► 'Goodbye Divine' (Freakwave) [post-punk/new wave/dark wave] 
  19. Croc Shop ► ‘Perpetual Sequence’ [post-electro/synthpop]
  20. Crystalline Stricture ► ‘Pristine Gardens’ (TONN Recordings) [cold wave/minimal synth/electronic]
  21. Curses ► ‘Next Wave Acid Punx - Compilation’ (Eskimo Recordings)
  22. DAS DAS ► 'Leben in Bildschirmen' (Detriti Records) [electro garage/minimal synth/punk]
  23. DETECTS ► 'Conditions' (Way-Off Records) [post punk/shoegaze/darkwave]
  24. Dlina Volny ► 'Dazed' (Italians Do It Better) [post punk/new wave/cold wave]
  25. Doric ► 'Great Dead Cities' (Young & Cold Records) [minimal wave/new wave/synth punk]
  26. Double Echo ► ‘’ (Fabrika Records!)
  27. Dry Cleaning ► 'New Long Leg' (4AD) [post punk]
  28. Ducks Ltd. ► 'Modern Fiction' (Carpark Records / Royal Mountain Records) [jangle pop]
  29. Echoberyl ► 'Mother Solitude and Other Dark Tales' [coldwave/post punk/synthwave]
  30. Ex-Heir ► ‘GLIMPSES & MURMURS’ [coldwave/minimal/darkwave]
  31. Fluid Ghost ► ‘Homeclubbing/Photophobia’ (Mother Solitude) [electronic/minimal wave/dark]
  32. Flyying Colours ► 'Fantasy Country' (Club AC30) [psych/shoegaze]
  33. FRAGRANCE. ► 'Salt Water' (Synth Religion) [synthpop/darkwave]
  34. Geese ► 'Projector' (Partisan Records/Play It Again Sam) [indie rock/post punk]
  35. Gel Set ► 'Tone Invasion' [electronic/electro-pop/minimal synth]
  36. Girlfriends and Boyfriends ► ‘Fallacy of Fairness’ (Oraculo Records)
  37. Gustaf ► 'Audio Drag For Ego Slobs' (Royal Mountain Records) [art-punk/post-punk]
  38. Ian Deaton ► ‘Moon Howler’ (Deanwell Global Music) [synth punk/new wave/synthpop] 
  39. Inhaler ► 'It Won’t Always Be Like This' (Polydor Records) [rock n roll]
  40. Johnny Dynamite & the Bloodsuckers ► 'Sleeveless' (Born Losers Records)
  41. Justine Forever ► ‘𝐹𝐿𝐴𝑆𝐻’ (Her Majesty's Ship) [electro/synth pop/synthwave]
  42. L.F.T. ► 'Salz' (Mannequin Records) [electro/wave]
  43. Laddermen ► 'Special Kind of Violence' (Waterfall of Colours) [indie rock/alt]
  44. Low Hummer ► 'Modern Tricks For Living' (Dance To The Radio) [post punk/alt]
  45. LURVE ► ‘Lurve’ (Library Group) [dream pop/noise pop]
  46. Luxury Furniture Store ► ‘Bedrot’ [coldwave/darkwave/synthwave]
  47. Male Tears ► 'Male Tears’ / ‘Trauma Club' (Starfield Music Van) [electro pop/new wave/synthwave]
  48. Massage ► 'Still Life' [indie pop/jangle pop]
  49. Maximo Park ► 'Nature Always Wins' [indie rock]
  50. Motorama ► ‘Before The Road’ (dream pop)
  51. Nation Of Language ► 'A Way Forward' [post punk/new wave/synth-pop]
  52. New Candys ► 'Vyvyd' [shoegaze/dark/new wave]
  53. NOV3L ► ‘NON-FICTION’ (Flemish Eye) [new punk/post-punk]
  54. Odonis Odonis ► 'Spectrums' (Felte Records) [experimental/industrial/post-gaze]
  55. Peppy Pep Pepper ► ‘Forced Distance’ (Modern Tapes) [minimal synth/synthwave/post punk]
  56. Pink Turns Blue ► 'Tainted' (Orden Records) [post-punk/alt rock]
  57. Ploho ► ’Фантомные Чувства’ (Artoffact Records) [post punk/new wave]
  58. Potochkine ► ‘Sortilèges’ [electronic/darkwave/techno]
  59. Raskolnikov ► ‘Don't want to die of boredom today’ [coldwave/darkwave/post punk]
  60. Robert Görl ► 'Nur Noch Einer' (Groenland Records) [electronic]
  61. Roosevelt ► 'Polydans' (Greco-Roman / City Slang) [electro-pop]
  62. Rosegarden Funeral Party ► 'Take Cover' [new wave/post punk]
  63. S Y Z Y G Y X ► '(Im)mortal' (Cold Transmission) [electro/synth]
  64. Saccades ► 'Flowing Fades' (Fuzz Club Records) [psych pop/post punk]
  65. Sam Fender ► 'Seventeen Going Under' (Interscope Records) [indie rock]
  66. Same Eyes ► 'Parties To End' [synthpop]
  67. screensaver ► 'Expressions of Interest' (Upset The Rhythm/Heavy Machinery) [post punk/synth wave]
  68. Sculpture Club ► ‘Worth’ (Funeral Party Records) [indie rock/alt]
  69. Scyr ► ‘So Sad’ [post punk/new romantics/synthpop]
  70. Sei Still ► 'El Refugio' (Fuzz Club) [post punk/krautrock]
  71. Sexual Purity ► ‘Beautiful Scar of Society’ [coldwave/darkwave]
  72. Shame ► 'Drunk Tank Pink' (Dead Oceans) [post punk/indie rock]
  73. Snapped Ankles ► 'Forest Of Your Problems' (The Leaf Label) [art wave/post punk/krautrock] 
  74. SPECTRES ► 'Hindsight' (Artoffact Records) [post punk/cold wave/goth]
  75. SPINN ► 'Outside Of The Blue' [indie pop/dream pop/jangle]
  76. Submotile ► 'Sonic Day Codas' (MotileRev Records) [shoegaze/pop/noise-rock/drone]
  77. The Black Veils ► ‘CARNAGE’ (Icy Cold Records) [post punk]
  78. The City Gates ► 'Age of Resilience' (Velouria Recordz/Icy Cold Records)
  79. The Institutes ► 'Colosseums' (42 Records) [indie rock/britpop]
  80. The KVB ► 'Unity' (Invada Records) [psychedelic/shoegaze/dark wave]
  81. The Lipschitz ► 'Chevron' [garage punk/garage rock]
  82. The Lucid Dream ► ‘The Deep End’ (Holy Are You Recordings) [experimental/psych]
  83. The Polyphonic Spree ► 'Afflatus' (Good Records)
  84. The Trims ► ‘Through the Years’ [indie rock/alt]
  85. The Vaccines ► 'Back In Love City' [indie rock]
  86. The Violent Hearts ► 'Everything and Nothing' [post punk/indie rock]
  87. The Zephyr Bones ► 'Neon Body' (La Castanya) [beach wave/psych pop]
  88. The Zolas ► 'Come Back to Life' (Light Organ Records) [indie rock/pop]
  89. TRAITRS ► 'Horses in the Abattoir' (Freakwave Records) [post punk/darkwave]
  90. Transistor ► 'Maybe in the Summer' [indie rock]
  91. True Faith ► 'They Can Always Hurt You More' (A La Carte Records) [coldwave/post punk/darkwave]
  92. ULTRA SUNN ► 'Body Electric' (Cold Transmission) [coldwave/EBM]
  93. Valuemart ► 'Underground Alice' (Detriti Records) [post punk/goth]
  94. Veda Rays ► 'Crucial Fictions' [post punk/dream pop/indie rock]
  95. Veil of Light ► 'Landslide' (Avant! Records) [cold wave/dark wave/synth]
  96. Vision Video ► 'Inked in Red' (Kindercore Records) [post-punk/goth/new wave]
  97. Vitalic ► 'DISSIDÆNCE' (Citizen Records)
  98. W. H. Lung ► 'Vanities' (Melodic Records) [psych/post-punk]
  99. We Were Promised Jetpacks ► 'Enjoy the View' (Scary Monsters) [alt/pop]
  100. Wingtips ► 'Cutting Room Floor' (Artoffact Records) [new goth-pop/post punk]

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Tuesday, December 28, 2021



Here are our Best 50 EPs Of The Year, listed in alphabetical order:
  1. Ash Code ►’Fear’ EP [electrowave/synth pop]
  2. Average Life Complaints ► 'Fish & Chips' EP (post punk)
  3. Beige Banquet ► ‘S/T’ EP (Just Step Sideways Records)
  4. Bilk ► 'Allow It' EP (Scruff of the Neck) [indie rock/punk] 
  5. Blaues Einhorn ► 'Nicht Essenziel' EP (Her Majesty's Ship) [post punk/coldwave]
  6. bloody/bath ► 'Unholy Sonnets' EP (Kailan Price) [wave/post punk/no-wave/dream pop]
  7. Body Maintenance ► ‘Body Maintenance’ EP (Unwound Records) [post punk]
  8. Capitol ► 'All the Rest of My Heads' EP (Meritorio Records) [new wave/post punk/dream pop]
  9. Church Group ► ‘Church Group’ EP [electronic/minimal synth /coldwave]
  10. Clear History ► 'bad advice good people' EP (Upset The Rhythm) [post punk/no wave]
  11. Cold Cave ► 'Fate in Seven Lessons' EP (Heartworm Press) [dark wave/cold wave]
  12. COOL HEAT ► 'Levitate' EP (Spirit Goth Records) [lo-fi]
  13. DMA'S ► 'I Love You Unconditionally, Sure Am Going to Miss You' EP
  14. Do Nothing ► ‘Glueland’ EP (Exact Truth) [post punk]
  15. Droves ► ‘Droves’ EP [new wave/synth punk] 
  16. Favours ► ‘Left Behind’ EP
  17. FEET ► ‘Walking Machine' EP (Nice Swan Records) [indie rock]
  18. Hearts and Rockets ► 'TV is Boring' EP (Psychic Hysteria) [synth pop/post punk]
  19. Jetstream Pony ► 'Misplaced Words' EP (Shelflife Records) [indie/garage pop/alt]
  20. Johnny Marr ► 'Fever Dreams Pt. 1' EP / Pt. 2' EP (BMG)
  21. KEG ► 'Assembly' EP (Alcopop! Records) (indie punk)
  22. Killer Workout ►  'Direct to Video' EP[disco-punk/new wave/indie dance]
  23. Launderette ► 'Dressing for Pleasure' EP (synth punk/new wave)
  24. Leathers ► 'Reckless' EP (Artoffact Records) [post-punk/darkwave/shoegaze]
  25. Make Friends ► 'Is This Real' EP [indie pop]
  26. Maurice Business ► ‘Stock Market Rhythms’ EP (Third Coming) [synthwave/darkwave/no wave]
  27. Mitra Mitra ► ‘By Your Hand’ EP (Polytechnic Youth) [minimal synth/electronic/synth wave]
  28. NABTA ► 'Dance and Fight' EP (Crowhunt Records)
  29. Nice Biscuit ► 'Create Simulate' EP [garage pop/psych]
  30. NNHMN ► "Tomorrow's Heroine" EP (K-Dreams Records) [electronic/dark ambient/experimental/synth]
  31. No Romance ► ‘Unfold’ EP [dream pop/post punk/synth]
  32. Pastel ► 'Deeper Than Holy' EP (Spirit of Spike Island) [indie/brit rock]
  33. Pola Women ► ‘Disco Disco’ EP (exlove Records) [electronic/house/nu disco]
  34. Pozi ► 'Typing' EP (PRAH Recordings) [punk/post punk]
  35. Rowan ► 'Everybody Talks' EP (Beverly Martel) [indie rock]
  36. Roxy Girls ► ‘Roxy Girls Are in the Drink’ EP (Moshi Moshi Records) [post punk/art punk]
  37. Sexual Purity ► ‘Paranoia’ EP [coldwave/darkwave]
  38. Spunsugar ►’Things That I Confuse’ EP (Adrian Recordings) [shoegaze/alt]
  39. The Avenues ► 'The View Is Amazing' EP [indie pop/rock]
  40. The Early Mornings ► 'Unnecessary Creation’ EP [post punk/guitar pop/art rock] 
  41. The Empty Threats ► ‘The Empty Threats’ EP (PAK Music) [neo-psych/indie rock]
  42. The Lounge Society ► ‘Silk For the Starving’ EP (Speedy Wundergound) [post punk/psych]
  43. The Royston Club ► ‘Lying Here, Wasting Away’ EP (Blaggers Records) [indie rock/alt]
  44. The Utopiates ► ‘Anywhere But Here’ [indie rock/baggy/britpop]
  45. Thee Hearses ► ‘Thee Hearses’ EP // EP II (Hearse Rider Records) [dance punk/new wave/synth punk]
  46. Unschooling ► ‘Random Acts of Total Control’ EP (Howlin' Banana Records) [indie rock/lo-fi/post punk]
  47. Violentene ► ‘Otherworld’ EP (Digital Zen) [synthwave/minimal synth/shoegaze]
  48. VR SEX ► 'Cyber Crimes' EP (Dais Records) [synth punk/death rock/post punk]
  49. Wombo ► 'Keesh Mountain' EP (Fire Talk) [indie rock/post punk/psych]
  50. Yard Act ► ‘Dark Days’ EP (Zen F.C.) [indie rock/punk]

Monday, December 27, 2021

Watch: don't get lemon Premiere "Industrial (Amusement) Park (Revolution)"

Texas-based heatwave/post-punk/electronic music trio don't get lemon have premiered the video for their new single "Industrial (Amusement) Park (Revolution)".

The song is taken from their forthcoming debut studio album 'Hyper Hollow Heaven', which will be available on March 29, 2022 through à La Carte Records. Pre-order your copy here.

Watch/listen below.

Friday, December 24, 2021

Italia 90 Air Previously Unreleased Track "DINO (Dangerous In Name Only)"

London art punk/avant-punk band Italia 90 have aired a previously unreleased track called "DINO (Dangerous In Name Only)".

From the band: "Merry Christmas from Italia 90! Here's a previously unreleased track recorded way back in 2019 and played maybe three times live." 

Get it here and watch/listen below.

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Watch: Shambolics Reveal Music Video For "If You Want It"

Scottish dreamy rock n' roll band Shambolics have shared the video for their newest single "If You Want It".

The song is part of our current playlist and came out earlier this month. Buy it here

Watch the video below.


Tags: Shambolics

New Entry: Vagina Lips Drops New Single "Fuck Fear"

Greek alt/post punk/shoegaze musician Zimmy Lips aka Vagina Lips has dropped his new single "Fuck Fear".

From Zimmy: "Before the release of my upcoming album in 2022 I deliver a track that was finally left out of it."

Get it here and stream it below.


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New Entry: Same Eyes Premiere Single "Radio Moscow"

Ann Arbor, Michigan synthpop/synthwave duo Same Eyes (aka Chad Pratt and Alex Hughes) have premiered their new single "Radio Moscow".

The song b/w "Bad Influence" is out today (Dec 24) . Grab it here.

Take a listen below.

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Thursday, December 23, 2021

New Entry: Age of Distance Shares New Single "Destination Nowhere"

German darkwave/post-punk/synthwave/electro band Age of Distance have shared their new single "Destination Nowhere".

The song is out today (December 23). Get it here.

Take a listen below.

Watch: The Haunted Youth Unleash "Gone" Music Video

Belgian dream pop/shoegaze/psych pop band The Haunted Youth have unleashed the video their latest single "Gone".

The song is part of our current playlist and came out earlier this month (Dec 9) through Mayway Records. Get it here.

Watch the video below.

Watch: Placebo Unveil Music Video For "Beautiful James"

UK alt-rock band Placebo have unveiled the video for "Beautiful James".

The song is part of our current playlist and is taken from their forthcoming eighth studio album 'Never Let Me Go'.

Beautiful James, is a celebration of non-heteronormative love, and was written in an unconventional manner. During a period of insomnia, singer/guitarist Brian Molko and bassist Stefan Olsdal first came up with the vibe through images and the song’s title, and then began work on the music after. 

“If the song serves to irritate the squares and the uptight, so gleefully be it,” says Brian. “But it remains imperative for me that each listener discovers their own personal story within it – I really don’t want to tell you how to feel.”

Take a listen below.

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Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Watch: Koalra Share Music Video For "Flatline"

Portland indie rock/noise punk band Koalra have shared the video for their latest single "Flatline".

The song is taken from their forthcoming fifth studio album 'Love Songs to Remind Us That We Can't Stand Each Other', which came out in October 22 through Gigantic Noise Records. Get your copy here.

Watch/listen below.

Monday, December 20, 2021

Watch: Stay Lunar Air Music Video For "Anywhere/Everywhere"

Swindon/Bristol indie pop band Stay Lunar have aired the video for their latest single "Anywhere/Everywhere".

The song is part of our current playlist and came out last month (November 17) via SAM Records. Grab it here.

Speaking about it, frontman Harry Leith said: “As we headed towards winter 2020 it felt as though the bad news was multiplying and nothing was going in our favour. With the bad weather approaching and lockdown looming, the only way I knew how to escape was to try to make light of the situation through music. I imagined my home filling with all these bad luck omens like some sort of weird Disney movie, and joked ironically with the idea that maybe if I just start breaking mirrors, putting my umbrella up inside and walking under ladders then that will somehow trick the universe into malfunctioning and providing good luck and summer weather. It didn’t work, but in ways it did, because ‘Anywhere / Everywhere’ was born.”

Watch the clip below.


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Friday, December 17, 2021

Watch: Art d'Ecco Releases "Good Looks" Music Video

British Columbia glam-rocker Art d'Ecco has released the video for "Good Looks".

The song is part of our current playlist and is taken from his album 'In Standard Definition', released back in April through Paper Bag Records. Grab your copy here.

"Good Looks" highlights the artificial world of online dating between crystalline Vangelis and Jean-Michel Jarre style 80s synths whilst.

Watch the video below.


Tags: Art d' Ecco

Watch: Ash Code Reveal "All We Ever Wanted Was Everything" (Bauhaus' cover)

Italian electrowave/synth pop band Ash Code have revealed the video for their cover version of Bauhaus' All We Ever Wanted Was Everything".

A tribute to the wonderful Bauhaus' song, Ash Code spiced it up with 80s beats and a soft Xmas taste. Grab it here.

Watch/listen below.

New Entry: Plastic Estate Drop New Single "Change Your Mind"

Cardiff new wave/synth band Plastic Estate have dropped their new single "Change Your Mind".

The song is taken from their forthcoming debut studio album 'Plastic Estate', which will be available on February 4, 2022 through Avant! Records. Pre-order your copy here.

Take a listen below.

Watch: Sea Girls Unleash Music Video For "Hometown"

UK indie rock/alt band Sea Girls have unleashed the video for their latest single "Hometown". 

The song is part of our current playlist and is taken from their forthcoming second studio album 'Homesick', set to be released on January 14th 2022 through Polydor Records. Pre-order your copy here.

Speaking about it, vocalist/guitarist Henry Camamile says: “‘Hometown’ is one of the most important songs I’ve written. It defines my philosophy.

“While writing songs for the new album, I had this intense love for life. ‘Hometown’ is about people I knew growing up that aren’t around anymore. I’m saying ‘I see you’ – it’s a nod to them. I’m grateful for life and I am not going to jeopardise it in any way.”

Watch the video below.


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Watch: Mitra Mitra Unveil New Single/Video "By Your Hand"

Vienna minimal synth/electronic/synth wave outfit Mitra Mitra have unveiled their new single "By Your Hand", alongside an accompanying music video.

It is the first track taken from their forthcoming album 'Hands Remain', set to arrive on January 2022 through Polytechnic Youth. 

'By Your Hand' also features on the new digital EP with five additional non-LP tracks, out today. Get it here.

Watch/listen below.


Thursday, December 16, 2021

Watch: The Empty Threats Share "Sightseeing" Music Video

Aussie neo-psych/indie rock/ band The Empty Threats have shared the video for their latest single "Sightseeing".

The song is part of our current playlist and is taken from their self-titled EP released last month (November 19). Grab it here.

Watch the video below.

Watch: M83 Airs Music Video For "My Tears Are Becoming A Sea"

M83, aka Anthony Gonzalez has aired the video for "My Tears Are Becoming A Sea".

The limited 10th anniversary vinyl edition of Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming, will be available April 15. Pre-Order here

The video for “My Tears Are Becoming A Sea” is a prequel to the record’s magical and captivating video trilogy comprised of “Midnight City,” “Reunion,” and “Wait.” Watch the video here.

The initial trilogy chronicled the adventures of supernatural children on the run from forces wishing to capture them in order to study their powers. This new video is directed by Sacha Barbin and Ryan Doubiago and produced by Division.

Reflecting on the prequel’s concept and revisiting the trilogy’s storyline, Barbin and Doubiago say, “this story takes place 10 years earlier in order to highlight the first moment one of these children uses their supernatural gifts. On the way to the hospital and moments before his birth, the child’s parents are victims of a horrible car accident. The unborn child is forced to use his powers to save them from within the womb. The idea was to show the literal birth of a superhero. We wanted to place this story in a realistic and universal setting. We think that the panic created by this magnificent moment speaks to everyone. We also wanted to pay homage to the mothers who are too often absent from the mythology of superheroes. And finally, to go beyond the codes of the genre to carry a symbolic message of hope where future generations would come to save us from a dark fate.”

Watch it below.


Tags: M83

Watch: slo/tide Reveals Music Video For "Neck High"

Underoath frontman Spencer Chamberlain alt/indie project slo/tide, has revealed the video for his debut single "Neck High".

The song is part of our current playlist and came out last month (November 18). Get it here.

Teaming up on songwriting with alt darlings Sir Sly, slo/tide pulls from a unique blend of influences from acclaimed indie peers fused with the spirit of his hard rock roots to create an impressive body of work that is at once enlightening and arresting.

At times an instantly-listenable perfect poolside soundtrack channeling the classic alt-pop stylings of Foster The People and Tame Impala, while at others diving into dark layers of musical experimentation a la Pink Floyd and Radiohead, slo-tide’s new single should impress both long-time fans of Chamberlain and a whole new audience who are about to discover their new favorite band.

Of "Neck High", Chamberlain comments, "I’ve been writing music since I was a kid and 9 times out of 10 it’s not the heavy music the world knows of me. slo/tide was an idea I started in 2015, but the songs started coming together in 2019-early 2021. "Neck High" was created after jamming with my friends in Sir Sly for over ten hours - the last song I wrote before the pandemic and the first taste for the listener to see how the other side of my brain works. In this song I’m singing to myself in a hopeful tone about how no matter how bad things seem, I’ve always found a way to swim through it. So here's "Neck High" - I hope you enjoy it.”

Watch the video below.

New Entry: Flu Flu Release New Single "Dead Star"

Spanish indie pop/indie rock/dream pop band Flu FLu (the side project of Fran Llora from shoegaze legends Swimming Pool) have released their new single "Dead Star".

The song is taken from their forthcoming Flu Flu EP out soon through Shore Dive Records. Get it here.

Take a listen below.

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Rats On Rafts & Palmbomen Premiere New Single "Cashmere Carey"

Dutch punk-laced noiseniks Rats On Rafts and LA-based but Amsterdam-sprung lo-fi house artist Palmbomen have premiered their collaborative single "Cashmere Carey".

The song was created and recorded at Utrecht music venue EKKO in celebration of their 35th anniversary. Get it here.

Stream it below.

Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Watch: Parquet Courts Drop Music Video For "Zoom Out"

Brooklyn based indie rock band Parquet Courts have dropped the video for their latest single "Zoom Out".

The song is part of our current and is taken from their sixth studio album 'Sympathy for Life', which came out in October via Rough Trade Records. Buy it here.

Watch the clip below.

Tags: Parquet Courts

Watch: Pom Pom Squad Unleash "Popular (feat. Nada Surf)"

Brooklyn indie rock/riot grrrl/punk four-piece Pom Pom Squad have unleashed the video for their cover of Nada Surf classic "Popular".

Featuring Nada Surf singer/guitarist Matthew Caws, the new video took place at the Bayonne High School, the same place where the original “Popular” took place

“Working with Nada Surf was such a dream,” Mia Berrin said. “They’re such an incredible group of individuals and were so kind to everyone in PPS during our time out on tour together. It’s hard not to be inspired by their career, so to intersect with their legacy even a little bit is really special.

“I think the video is amazing! I love how it feels like a shot-for-shot recreation at the start but quickly takes on its own totally new character,“ Caws said in a statement of his own. “The original was shot in 1996, looking back at previous decades, while this one feels set in the present day, looking inwards and towards the future… another really cool aspect of the video is that the cheerleader character feels more and more sincere and human as the story develops. By the end, she’s much more than a player in a high school creation, she’s a person in the world and the singer of the song. To me there’s a “closed film” sense about Pom Pom Squad. Meaning that even if you could trace influences in their music, it feels as if they’ve invented it all themselves. They are their own world. That’s a trait I’ve felt in all my favorite bands: they’ve created their own reality.”

Watch/listen below.

New Entry: Visions In Clouds Unveil New Single "Kept My Eyes Shut"

Swiss indie pop/new wave/synth duo Visions In Clouds have unveiled their new single "Kept My Eyes Shut".

The song is taken from their upcoming album which will be released in April 2022 via Little Jig Records / Icy Cold Records. Get it here.

Watch/listen below.

Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Watch: Band of Horses Share "In Need of Repair" Music Video

Seattle indie rock/alt band Band of Horses have shared the video for their latest single "In Need of Repair".

The song is taken from their forthcoming sixth studio album 'Things Are Great', which will be available on January 21, 2022 through BMG. Pre-order your copy here.

Watch The video below.

Monday, December 13, 2021

Watch: IDLES Air "When The Lights Come On" Music Video

Bristol post-punk band Idles have aired the video for their latest single "When The Lights Come On".

The song is part of our current playlist and is taken from their recent album 'CRAWLER', which came out last month (November 12) through Partisan Records. Buy your copy here.

Watch the video below.

The Blinders Release "The Killing Moon" (Echo & The Bunnymen cover)

Manchester-based alt-rock trio The Blinders have released their cover version of Echo & The Bunnymen's classic "The Killing Moon".

The band's new EP 'Electric Kool-Aid (Part 1)' will be out on January 14th.

Speaking about the cover, singer Thomas Haywood said: “You attach yourself to particular songs and marry them with moments of your own life. It’s a collective favourite of the band and one of the best songs that’s ever been written.” 

“We recorded it live at Parr Street in Liverpool, which was the same studio Echo & the Bunnymen recorded the original song. That made it even more special. I hope we didn’t butcher it! We always wanted to get in there and do something. It’s since then been shut down so we’re pleasedwe got this one in the bag.”

Watch/listen below.


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New Entry: Cheekface Reveal New Single "Featured Singer"

Los Angeles indie rock/alt band Cheekface have revealed their new single "Featured Singer".

The song is out today, December 13th through New Professor Music. Get it here.

Speaking about the track band member Greg Katz said: "One day, mid-pandemic, I was thinking about how hard it is for a band to reach people, especially in the middle of the pandemic, and my daydreaming led me to thinking about how much easier it would be if I just did an uncredited featured vocal on an EDM song by a famous DJ, and that song became super famous without me having to do anything other than sing into a microphone. Like, I could be that faceless voice! I wouldn’t even have to do anything! I started laughing at myself for this stupid wish, and writing a little poem about it. A few days later, Mandy sent me this nasty bass-line over email and I just started reciting the poem over it. And so there was this song, about warehouse raves and frat parties, written via email, made at a time when there were no warehouse raves or frat parties."

Stream it below.

Watch: Twin Tribes Drop Music Video For "Heart & Feather"

Brownsville, Texas darkwave/post punk/coldwave band Twin Tribes have dropped the video for "Heart & Feather".

The song is taken from their 2019 album 'Ceremony'. Get it here.

Watch the video below.

Watch: Factice Factory Unveil Music Video For "Weimar"

French/Swiss cold wave/minimal/post punk outfit Factice Factory have unveiled the video for "Weimar".

The song is part of our current playlist and is taken from their fourth studio album 'Figments', which came out in May via Holy Hour Record. Get your copy here.

Watch the video below.


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Watch: NNHMN Unleash Music Video For "Magic Man"

Berlin electronic/dark ambient/experimental/synth duo NNHMN (aka Lee and Michal Laudarg) have unleashed the video for "Magic Man".

The song is part of our current playlist and is taken from their mini-album 'Tomorrow's Heroine' released in July this year via their own k-dreams records. Get it here

Watch it below.



Friday, December 10, 2021

Watch: Holy Youth Movement Air "Tranquilizer (Feat Andrew Innes)"

Bristol indie/electronic/rock & roll 5-piece Holy Youth Movement have released the video for their new single "Tranquilizer", featuring Andrew Innes of Primal Scream on additional guitars and synths.

The song, produced and mixed by Jagz Kooner (Primal Scream / Sabres of Paradise/ Andrew Weatherall), is out now.

The band take inspiration from the likes of The Stooges, Primal Scream & Underworld. 

Watch/listen below.

Watch: Desert Ships Return With New Single/Video "Fire On The Moon"

London dream pop/neo-psychedelia/space rock Desert Ships have returned with their new single "Fire On The Moon", and its accompanying video.

The song will be out on Friday 17th December and is taken from their forthcoming third studio album ‘Heavy Soup’, out next year.

Watch/listen below.


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New Entry: Krooked Tongue Release New Single "Freaky Love"

Bristol indie rock/alt band Krooked Tongue have released their new single "Freaky Love".

The song, produced, mixed and mastered with Josh Gallop (Phoxjaw, Mother Vulture) at Stage 2 Studios in Bath is out now and is taken from their debut EP 'No Vacancy Hotel', which will be available in February 2022. Get it here.

Lyrically it sees the band exploring the conversation of individualism and "celebrating the weird". Freaky Love is "a haven for the outcasts, acting as a hub to confide in the 'freakiness' of each other's deep desires", explains lyricist and vocalist Oli Rainsford.

Stream it below.

Watch: One Sentence. Supervisor Air "Don't Let Go" Music Video

Switzerland kraut pop/psych band One Sentence. Supervisor have aired the video for their latest single "Don't Let Go".

The song is the title track of their recent EP 'Temporär Musik 15-19’', released last Friday (December 3) via Irascible Records. Get your copy here.

Watch the video below.


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New Entry: Palace Drop New Single "Where Sky Becomes Sea"

London-based indie rock/alt band Palace have dropped their new single "Where Sky Becomes Sea".

The song is taken from their highly anticipated third studio album 'Shoals', which will be out on January 21st 2022 via Fiction Records. Pre-order your copy here.

From the band: ‘Where Sky Becomes Sea’ is a song about the heartbreaking thought of being separated with the one you love when you die, but one day finding each other again at a place beyond the sea, reunited forever."

Watch/listen below. 


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