Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Watch: Male Tears Premieres New Single/Video "Embrace Death"

American electro pop/new wave/synthwave artist Male Tears (aka James Edward) have premiered the video for his newest single "Embrace Death".

The song is part of our current playlist and came out last Friday (June 11), get it here

Male Tears self-titled debut studio album came out in February this year.

Watch/listen below.

Watch: Wet Leg Release Debut Single/Video "Chaise Longue"

Isle of Wight post punk/alt duo Wet Leg (Rhian Teasdale and Hester Chambers) have released their debut single "Chaise Longue", alongside an accompanying music video.

The song is out today (June 25) through Domino Records. Grab it here.

Arming themselves with guitars, a penchant for French disco, effervescent imaginations and a shared love of the The Ronettes and Jane Birkin, through to Ty Segall and Bjork, they set about making some recordings of their own. 

Watch/listen below.

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Watch: Wolf Alice Share New Single/Video "Lipstick On The Glass"

London indie rock/alt four-piece Wolf Alice have shared the video for their new single "Lipstick On The Glass".

The song is taken from their highly-anticipated third studio album ‘Blue Weekend’, released earlier this month (June 4th) via Dirty Hit. Get your copy here.

Watch the video below, it was directed by Jordan Hemingway.

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Watch: Liars Air New Single/Video "Big Appetite"

L.A experimental noise-pop/art punk outfit Liars have aired the video for their new single "Big Appetite".

The song is taken from their forthcoming new album 'The Apple Drop', set to arrive out August 6 via Mute Records. Pre-order your copy here.

Watch/listen below.


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Watch: Pastel Release Music Video For "BLU"

British indie/brit rock band Pastel have released the video for their newest single "BLU".

The Madchester-infused song is part of our current playlist and is taken from their forthcoming debut EP 'Deeper Than Holy', which will be available on in September 2021 via Spirit of Spike Island. Get it here.

FFO: The Verve, The Charlatans, Ride, Stone Roses.

Watch the video below.

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Watch: Ghost Woman Drop New Single/Video "Dead & Gone"

Arizona rock/psych/punk band Ghost Woman have dropped the video for their new single "Dead & Gone".

The song is taken from their forthcoming EP 'Lost Echo's', which will be available on August 13th. Pre-order your copy here.

Watch/listen below.

Watch: SPLLIT Unleash New Single/Video "Amite River"

Baton Rouge, Louisiana art punk/experimental band SPLLIT have unleashed the video for their new single "Amite River".

The song is taken from their forthcoming new album '"Spllit Sides', which will be available on July 30 through Feel It Records. Pre-order your copy here.

"Spllit Sides" slowly rises from a cacophony of tape splicing into clear and concrete Next Level Music. Like an acid tableaux vivant ~ a swirling sonic whirlwind of loose and odd time signatures come into play along with the occasional pop sensibility. Originality remains key in Spllit's formula, but let's establish some sonic kinship - maybe a Devolved, Deep South version of The Flying Lizards. Or a deep fried Eno sitting in with The Magic Band.

Watch/listen below.


Watch: Nylenda Reveal "Without and Still Within" Music Video

Norwegian psych-electronica trio Nylenda have revealed the video for their latest single "Without and Still Within".

The song is part of our current playlist and is taken from their forthcoming new album 'Medicating a Prophet', set to be released October 8. Get it here.

On “Without and Still Within” Nylenda takes us out of the club and into space. The band showcases a more psychedelic side of their sound that features hypnotic, soaring vocals accompanied by whirring, spacey synths, and a thunderous escalation at the midpoint. They have even replaced their trusted drum machine with some phased-out prog-rock drum fills. 

«Wind and fire flows through me as discordant harmonies» / «walking fast but standing still». The lyrics explores how contrasting emotions can be present at once and how this ambivalence can prevent us from making choices and move forward.

Watch the clip below.

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Watch: Piroshka Unveil New Single/Video "V.O."

London supergroup Piroshka (made up of members from Lush, Elastica, Moose and Modern English) have unveiled the video for their new single "V.O."

The song is taken from their second studio album 'Love Drips And Gathers', set to be released on July 23 via Bella Union. Pre-order your copy here.

Watch/listen below.


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Pip Blom Announce New LP 'Welcome Break', Stream "Keep It Together"

Amsterdam indie pop/rock band Pip Blom have announced the release of their sophomore album 'Welcome Break'.

The follow-up to 2019's debut Boat, will be out on on November 12th via Heavenly Recordings, it was self-produced and engineered by Al Harle at Big Jelly Studios & mixed by Grammy award-winning engineer Caesar Edmunds. Pre-order your copy here.

Actively seeking out moments of creative-authenticity, be it via a slightly-out-of-tune guitar or proudly-fuzzed vocals, Pip Blom take us back full circle and introduce us to their ‘Welcome Break’- an eleven-track release which resonates with about as much decisive allure as it’s ‘Boat’ precursor, but this time with a bit more contemporary chaos to boot. Where ‘Boat’ reckoned as a fresh-faced, yet gloriously fearless game-changer, ‘Welcome Break’ is the self-assured older sibling who, with an additional year or two behind themselves, isn’t afraid to speak out, take lead, and instigate a liberated revolution-come-bliss-out.

Pip Blom’s ‘Welcome Break’ is adamantly nothing to do with the present state of affairs. In fact, it doesn’t have anything to do with much at all and that’s the way they like it. ‘Welcome Break’ is but two nouns of which when placed together in context, ring confidently with prowess, intent, and a radiant true-spirit - much like Pip Blom herself.

Check out the tracklist and watch teh videop for their new single "Keep It Together", below.

Boat Tracklisting :
01. You Don’t Want This
02. 12
03. It Should Have Been Fun
04. Keep It Together
05. Different Tune
06. Not Easy To Like
07. Faces
08. I Love The City
09. Easy
10. Holiday
11. Trouble In Paradise


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