Monday, February 15, 2021

New Entry: Suave Martyrs Unleash New Single "Cascades of Gold"

Manchester 60s west-coast psychedelia/baggy/indie quintet Suave Martyrs have unleashed their new single "Cascades of Gold".

The song is out now. Get it here and stream it below. 

New Entry: Weekend Debt Unveil New Single "Why Don’t You Realise?"

Glasgow indie rock band Weekend Debt have unveiled their new single "Why Don’t You Realise?".

“The song was written during lockdown about the frustration and jealousy that comes with still ‘fancying’ someone, and seeing them with someone you don’t feel deserves them.” – Grant Scott

Get your copy here and stream it below.

New Entry: Radikal Kuss Share "Niemand Hat Das Recht Zu Gehorchen"

Belgo-German electronic/techno project Radikal Kuss have shared their new single "Niemand Hat Das Recht Zu Gehorchen".

The song is taken from his forthcoming EP 'Niemand Hat Das Recht Zu Gehorchen', which will be available on May 15 through Red Maze Records. Pre-order your copy here.

Melancholic synths and feverish bass accompany Susi Vogel's voice telling the story of a woman's anxious confrontations with the outside world, the need for an honest social conscience, freedom of movement but also the obsession of last images of a romantic passion. 

 Dramatically controlled, Radikal Kuss's Body Beat signature extends here to other styles ranging from a Russian march emerging from a Grimm tale, following the Dark Wave - Neue Deutsche Todeskunst - paths, to a choir charged with the alienation of the world.Watch/listen below.

New Entry: Schonwald Release Double Single "Tempest​/​Neptune"

Italian dark wave/cold wave duo Schonwald have released their double single "Tempest​/​Neptune".

Get it here and stream it below.


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Watch: Spunsugar Air New Single/Video "(You Never) Turn Around"

Swedish shoegaze/alt band Spunsugar have aired the video for their new single "(You Never) Turn Around".

The song is out today (February 15)  through Adrian Recordings. Grab it here.

As Oscar Wilde once put it “There is no romance without tragedy” ”(You Never) Turn Around" is synthwave melodrama about the great tragedy of lukewarm indifference. Like Alvvays covering Gary Newman, and ever so macabre – this is Spunsugar remember – it's the trio at their most unashamedly flamboyant. Sad never sounded so spectacular.
"A little less steel, a little more silk: that was the mantra when "(You Never) Turn Around" was recorded. It’s the final song in a trilogy about being in a relationship with a person who’s emotionally unavailable ("Time Enough at Last" and "Dial Up Tone” from the debut album are the first and second parts).
The lyrics are inspired by a hazy memory of a film. In the film the theory goes that when they say goodbye but turn to look at you one last time, you know it’s love.   
Make no mistake, this is a true Spunsugar song, so you’re guaranteed a meaty rock song. But this single is pop: dreamier than previous releases and crisper in its construction, with a compelling intro, groovier tempo and the sort of singalong feel that your granny might appreciate. Spunsugar might be accused of having sold our souls, but that don't bother us. We never had one to begin with.” Spunsugar

Watch/listen below.


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Watch: Kaiser Chiefs Reveal "The Power Of Love (Huey Lewis and The News Cover)"

Leeds indie rockers Kaiser Chiefs have revealed their cover version of Huey Lewis and The News classic 'The Power Of Love'.
Watch /listen below.