Thursday, September 30, 2010

Detachments Album Launch Party

Detachments album launch party! Signed copies of the CD and the bands latest single Holiday Romance will be available on the night. 

Expect Wartime RAF battlejackets, graceful to brutal divebombing synths, award-winning live drums, royal ballet, divine melodies to murder for, weird astral glimpses into the future... it's all flitting in and out of existence here. Electronic/darkwave/synthpop/indie/new Minimal Wave at it's best.
"The love-child of Fad Gadget and early OMD raised by Cabaret Voltaire has finally descended on us. Their debut album blends early industrial, coldwave and a tinge of synthpop to create an opaque masterpiece. Consider this to be the Yang to…let’s say Hurts’ or Monarchy’s Yin."

Support will come from:
Flash Fiktion
Savage Nomads

Plus Andy Blake (World Unknown / Dissident / Cave Paintings) who remixed Holiday Romance will be DJing inbetween bands. 

The date:
Tuesday, 05 October 2010 at 19:30
CAMP (City Arts and Music Project) London, United Kingdom
Don't miss it!