Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Coach Party Announce New EP 'After Party', Stream "Everybody Hates Me"

Isle of Wight indie rock/pop band Coach Party (formerly known as Jeph) have announced the release of their new EP ‘After Party’. 

Set for release on 20th April via Chess Club Records, the EP features six tracks of pure peppy indie-pop perfection, including their new single "Everybody Hates Me". Pre-order your copy here.

Speaking about the single and video, vocalist Jess Eastwood says: “‘Everybody Hates Me’ isn’t a metaphor for anything; it’s literally about those times when you convince yourself that everyone, including your best friends don’t actually like you, and your self-confidence is so low that you don’t even blame them. Disguise that sentiment in an up-beat singalong, and there you have the third single from our new record. The video is a direct extension of the song. It swings between the insecurities of feeling like you’re not good enough amongst your friends, and the sense of unity you get from those same people when you finally wake up from your rut. Everyone feels that way from time to time, but you gotta remember that sometimes your irrational self is going to take over. And when it does, try to remember that you’re awesome, and your friends really are your friends.”

Check out the EP's tracklist and watch the video for "Everybody Hates Me" below.

After Party EP Tracklisting:
01. Can’t Talk, Won’t
02. Crying Makes Me Tired
04. Everybody Hates Me
05. I’m Sad
06. Sweetheart


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The Horrors Announce New EP 'Lout' Stream Title Track

London based psych rockers The Horrors have announced the release of their new EP 'Lout', and have also shared the heavy title track. 

The 3-track EP will be out March 5th via Wolf Tone/Virgin Music Label & Artist Services. Get your copy here.

“’Lout’ is about the relationship between choice and chance, compulsive risk-taking and pushing your luck,” Faris Badwan explains. “As a band, particularly live, we’ve always had an aggressive side and as we began writing new songs it became clear that we were heading in that direction.”

“In the past whenever we’ve written stuff with a harder edge it’s come from the energy we get from all playing together in a room but creating this kind of atmosphere remotely was a different challenge,” he adds. “It’s the same level of intensity as the 100-miles-an-hour stuff we’ve done in the past but the anger is somehow more channelled. I can’t wait to play these songs live as there’s so much freedom in that kind of chaos.”

“We came to the conclusion that we didn’t need to be making this record for anybody except ourselves,” Rhys Webb continues. “With so many platforms now lost, the pressure to deliver a single for radio or to get on TV just doesn’t exist any more and is probably all the better for it. The only thing we need to worry about is making the most exciting new music we can. We’re lucky enough to have been together for fifteen years and to be working on our sixth studio LP. It seemed like the perfect time to go in guns blazing, no holds barred full on Horrors, the way it should always be.”

Lout EP tracklist:
01. Lout
02. Org
03. Whiplash

Stream it below.


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Watch: Keep Dancing Inc Unveil Music Video For "Old Child"

Parisian indie pop/dance band Keep Dancing Inc have unveiled video for their latest single "Old Child".

The song is part of our current playlist and is  taken from their album 'Embrace' set to be released in October 2020 and is out now with a new Working Men's Club Remix. Get it here.

The video was directed by Thomas Daeffler. Watch it below.


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