Friday, March 15, 2019

Gold fields Announce New LP 'Dalawa', Stream "Cocoon"

Australian indie dance/electronic band Gold Fields have announced the release of their new album 'Dalawa', their first in six years.

The follow-up to their 2013 debut album Black Sun', will arrive on April 12th through Cooking Vinyl Australia. Pre-order it it here.

The band have also shared their new single "Cocoon". "I guess Cocoon is just this post-apocalyptic, nihilistic, existential story of rebuilding and of rebirth," says vocalist Mark Fuller. "Lots of butterfly and rise of the Phoenix kind of vibes, but with the overriding question of does any of it even matter, you know?".

Check out the albums tracklist and stream Cocoon below.

Gold Fields Tracklisting:
01. Solar
02. Dreams
03. Waves
04. Cocoon
05. Tetris
06. Glow
07. Let This Go
08. Ones
09. Waterfall


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Watch: Divest Release New Single "Throw Me Off"

Norwegian indie pop/alt band Divest have released the video for their catchy single "Throw Me Off".

The song is part of our current playlist and is out now via Sellout! Music, grab it here. It is taken from an upcoming EP produced by Morten Øby, which is released later this spring.

Watch the clip below.


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Watch: Tough Age Air Music Video For "Me in Glue"

Vancouver's indie surf-punk band Tough Age have aired the video for "Me in Glue".

The song is part of our current playlist and is taken from the band's 2017 album 'Shame'. Grab your copy here if you haven't already.

The video was directed by Heather Rappard. Watch below.


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The Ninth Wave Announce Debut LP 'Infancy', Stream "Used To Be Yours"

Glasgow noise pop/post-punk quartet The Ninth Wave have announced the release of their new album titled 'Infancy'.

The 12-track record will be released in two parts in 2019: Part I on April 26 and Part II on November 15, and feature their new song "Used To Be Yours"and the recent tracks "Half Pure" and "Sometimes The Silence Is Sweeter".

A brief glimpse into The Ninth Wave’s disruptive, convention-skewering world makes it clear in an instant that this is a band with something to say. Their sharp, self-assured lyrics take a no-holds-barred approach to documenting the state of society, the human condition and their own personal battles, all written from the very relatable perspective of a group of young people existing in a time defined by widespread unrest and division. From explorations of self-torment and paranoia (This Broken Design) to not being accepted by society (Flower Into Wounds) and the overwhelming fatigue of living in a superficial culture (Half Pure), Infancy is, at its core, a mirror of the darkest facets of living in 2019. The Ninth Wave’s uncompromising message is delivered in a gargantuan, electrifying sonic style that can’t fully be likened to anyone who’s come before them..

In a wildly oversaturated market of cut-and-paste indie, The Ninth Wave offer a shock of ’80s-infused power pop, drawing influence from the post-punk greats and a blend of their parents’ record collections, including Stevie Nicks, JJ Cale and AC/DC. The vast array of inspirations they cite culminates in something that is wholly unique, lending itself to no labels or sub genres besides “the sound of The Ninth Wave.”

Pre-order the album here, check out the tracklist and listen to "Used To Be Yours", below.

Part I [April 26]
01. This Broken Design
02. Used To Be Yours
03. Half Pure
04. All The Things We Do
05. A Wave Goodbye To The People Who Said I’d Win
06. First Encounters

Part II [November 15]
01. Human Behaviour
02. Imitation
03. Sometimes The Silence Is Sweeter
04. Everything That You Have Left
05. Unspoken
06. Flower Into Wounds


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Watch: Automelodi Release "Les Métros Disparus" New Video

Canadian electronic pop/synthpop/minimal outfit Automelodi (lead by musician Xavier Paradis) have released the video for their new single "Les Métros Disparus", featuring Liz Wendelbo on vocals.

The song is taken from their upcoming new album 'Mirages au futur verre-brisé' due out on May 3rd via Holodeck. Pre-order your copy here.

Have a listen to "Toujours de Jamais" below.


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New Entry: Friendly Fires "Lack Of Love" (Charles B & Adonis Cover)

British indie rock/pop/dance band Friendly Fires have shared their cover  version of Charles B & Adonis' 1988 track "Lack Of Love".

About the cover, the band posted:

Lack Of Love by Charles B & Adonis has been hovering in and around the top of the charts in Friendly Fires land for over 12 years. It was an important tune for us when we started the band, and it's an important tune for us now. It squelches and fizzes and yearns and emotes – it's a piece of secular gospel music that bangs the dance floor, and will do eternally. 

We wanted to cover one of our all-time favourites as a little palate-cleansing exercise; try and make it faithful to the original but also carry off into somewhere new. Thanks to Adonis & Charles B for making the original all those years ago, it continues to inspire us.

Grab it here, and stream it below.

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Watch: Dead Sea Unveil Music Video For "Colorate"

French dream pop/shoegaze four-piece Dead Sea have unveiled the video for their latest single "Colorate".

The song is part of our current playlist and is taken from their debut EP 'Colorate', released in May 2018 through Pias. Get it here.

The video was directed by the band, shot and edited by Patrice Chatelus. Watch it below.


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Watch: Levin Goes Lightly Drop Music Video For "Nackt"

Germann lo-fi/psych pop/synthwave band Levin Goes Lightly have dropped the video for their new single "Nackt".

The song is taken from the upcoming album 'Nackt', set to arrive on April 26. Pre-order your copy here.

Watch the clip below.


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Watch: The Technicolors Reveal Music Video For "Hurt So Bad"

Phoenix, indie rock band The Technicolors have unveiled the video for their newest single "Hurt So Bad".

The song is part of our current playlist and is came out last month. Get it here.

Watch the clip below.


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Watch: Theremyn_4 Unleash "Burning Streets of Sound" New Video

Peruvian electronic/experimental band Theremyn_4 have unleashed the video for their latest single  "Burning Streets of Sound".

The song is part of our current playlist and is taken from their ninth studio album 'Lost Moments', which came out in September 2018. Grab it here.

The video was directed by Jose Gallo. Watch it below.


Watch: Foals Air Music Video For "Moonlight"

Oxford UK indie rockers Foals have aired the video for "Moonlight".

The song is part of our current playlist and is taken from their new album 'Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost' Part 1, which came out last Friday (March 8) via Transgressive/Warner Bros. Buy it here.

Watch the video below.

Watch: Double Echo Share Music Video For "High Wind"

Liverpool, UK post-punk/new wave/dark wave band Double Echo have shared the video for"High Wind".

The song is taken from their third studio album 'Period Rooms', which came out in October 2017. Get your copy here.

Watch the video below.