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Friday, September 30, 2022

True Body Premiere New Single "Signal"

Virginia post punk/dream pop/alt band True Body have premiered their new single "Signal".

The new single comes ahead of the release of the band’s first recorded material in their current form, set for this fall, though details have yet to be revealed.

“Signal” was actually first demoed out in early 2016, lost in a hard drive until it was unveiled during the band’s tour with GosT. The track finds the band at the height of their power and artistry, with the talent of producer Sasha Stroud shining through. Stroud is also the owner and operator of Artifact Audio NYC, a trans-built, -owned, and -operated recording, mixing, and mastering studio located in Maspeth, Queens. The band say that Stroud helped them to achieve a sound “as close as we’ve gotten to the heart of our musical intentions.”

Vocalist Ivy expands on the new track: “This song is an expression of frustration with critics who shape reality without actively participating in reality outside of their own social bubbles. An encouragement towards action itself, turning towards the world rather than away from it. Musings on trans street life in the USA, Wealth gaps, crime.”

Stream  it below.


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Average Life Complaints Air New Single "Falling Asleep"

London post punk/alt band Average Life Complaints have aired their new single "Falling Asleep".

The song is out today (Sept 30), get it here and take a listen below.