Friday, July 10, 2020

Watch: Nile Marr Reveals New Single/Video "Are You Happy Now?"

Manchester singer/songwriter Nile Marr has revealed the video for his catchy new single "Are You Happy Now?".

The song is out today (July 10). Grab it here

With Man Made, Nile garnered critical acclaim and made a name for himself, now the son of legendary Smiths guitarist, Johnny Marr, is working on his forthcoming new album.

The video was directed by Adrian Vitelleschi Cook. Take a look below.


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New Entry: AUA Unveil New Single "Coke Diet"

German krautrock/lo-fi duo AUA have unveiled their new single "Coke Diet".

The song is taken from their debut album “I Don’t Want It Darker”, which will be out on September 4th through Crazysane Records. Pre-order your copy here.

The album delivers an eclectic mix of explosive Krautrock-driven beats, Carpenter-esque arpeggios and Surf guitar sounds, embedded in the aesthetics of a darker version of a 60s Lo-Fi Pop record. If you enjoy Beak, Autolux, Broadcast, Suuns or early Caribou records, you might fall in love with this one.

Stream it below.


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Watch: Frankie and the Witch Fingers Share New Single/Video "Cavehead"

Los Angeles psychedelic-rock band Frankie and the Witch Fingers have shared the video for their new single "Cavehead".

Frankie and the Witch Fingers herald their new 7" with the deliriously heavy howl of “Cavehead.” The scorching, rhythm wracked track pulls from both exhaust-huffed biker psych and the polyrhythmic propulsion of Talking Heads. They pair the song with a mindbending, entheogenic video that gives new life to Terrence McKenna’s Stoned Ape Theory. Directed by, filmed, and starring the inimitable Railroad Bill, the clip whips by in a blur of survival panic until Bill’s Early Man encounters the door to higher consciousness via fungal embrace. From there on out the video is soaked in a psylocibin-induced day-glo euphoria, pulsing along to the twisted dance that Frankie and the Witch Fingers lay down in thick portions. Like our prehistoric protagonist, it’s hard to tell if this is the end or a new beginning, but it’s definitely a heady ride either way. The single precedes the band's upcoming album, details on that coming very soon..

Grab the single here and watch the clip below.


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Watch: The Calls Premiere "Breathe" (Pink Floyd Cover)

Leeds indie/psych trio The Calls have premiered a new video performing their fantastic cover version of Pink Floyd's classic "Breathe".

Enjoy it below.


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Watch: The fin. Release Live Video For "Come Further"

Japanese indie rock/synth pop/ethereal duo The fin. have released a live video for their single "Come Further".

The song, is taken from their latest EP 'Wash Away', which came out in September 2019. Get it here.

The video was filmed at Fever, Tokyo on June 26th, 2020. Watch it below.


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Watch: Asylums Reveal New Single/Video "Who Writes Tomorrows Headlines?"

Essex indie-fuzz/alt band Asylums have revealed the video for their new single "Who Writes Tomorrows Headlines?".

The song is taken from their forthcoming third studio album 'Genetic Cabaret', out on July 17 via Cool Thing Records. Pre-order your copy here.

Watch/listen below.

Watch: The Lovely Eggs Air Music Video For "Long Stem Carnations"

Lancaster  lo-fi/psychedelic/punk duo The Lovely Eggs have aired the video for their current single "Long Stem Carnations".

The song backed by brand new B side “The Voyage” is out today via Egg Records., and is taken from their latest album 'I am Moron' released in April. Grab it here.

 “Long Stem Carnations” was inspired by the Mars One programme, a global project which aims to establish a permanent human settle-ment on Mars. Applicants are offered a one way ticket- never to see earth again. This fascinated Holly and David who drew parallels between this mission and their own iso-lation as a band. “Long Stem Carnations” is a funeral march for society’s outcasts and freaks. It’s an existential voyage in cosmic form. “Is there an internal self destruct button that cannot be destroyed?” said Holly. “We are all the pilots of our own ship. You've just got to remember it’s important to try and hang on and see the mission through.

Watch the clip below.

New Entry: Foster The People Unleash New Single "The Things We Do"

Los Angeles indie rock/pop band Foster The People have unleashed their new single "The Things We Do".

The song is out today (July 10) through Columbia Records. Grab it here.

Speaking about it, Mark Foster says: “I wrote this song last year, unaware that the world was about to experience a major shift on many fronts. As I have done a lot of reflecting over the last few months, I feel a strong pull to put out music antithetical to the times we’re living in. Music has always been a great comforter in my darkest hours. We are donating 100% of the proceeds of this song to four charities we have chosen in support of our black brothers and sisters fighting for a better world. 25% is going to Black Lives Matter International. 25% to The Bail Project. 25% to Rebuild Foundation, and 25% to The Underground Museum. This song and the money it generates will go to these organizations forever as they continue to face new challenges with the ever evolving state of the world.”

Watch a visualizer below.

Watch: The Ninth Wave Drop "I'm Only Going to Hurt You" Music Video

Glasgow noise pop/post-punk band The Ninth Wave have dropped the video for their latest single "I'm Only Going to Hurt You".

The song is part of our current playlist and is taken from their upcoming EP 'Happy Days!' , set to be released on July 31st. Pre-order it here.

Watch the clip below, it was directed by Bryan M Ferguson.


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Watch: The Beths Unveil New Single/Video "Jump Rope Gazers"

Auckland, New Zealand guitar pop/alt band The Beths have unveiled the video for their new single "Jump Rope Gazers".

The song is taken from their brand new album 'Jump Rope Gazers,' out today, July 10th through Carpark Records. Buy it here.

The video was directed by Annabel Kean. Watch it below.


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Watch: Rebel Yell Shares Music Video For "Pump" Ft. Marcus Whale

Australian electronic/dance artist Grace Stevenson aka Rebel Yell has shared the video for her latest single “Pump” ft. Marcus Whale.

The song is taken from her sophomore album 'Fall From Grace', out today (July 10th) via Rice Is Nice. Get it here.

Watch the clip below.