Sunday, June 09, 2013

Album of the Week June 10/13: Jagwar Ma 'Howlin'

Our new Album of the Week is Sydney-based duo Jagwar Ma brilliant debut album 'Howlin', out today (June 10) via Marathon Artists.

Comprised by Jono Ma and Gabriel Winterfield,  the duo first met in Australia and embarked on a musical journey having discovered their similar passions within the industry. They combine rock 'n' roll signifiers (electric guitars, psychedelic vocals) with pristine dance-music production. 

When we first heard their killer debut single "The Throw", we knew something good was coming... 

Recorded in a secluded town in the north of France, with just an 808, a Fender jaguar, a laptop and a pair of vintage Neve console channels, Jagwar Ma's debut album, has a really infectiously hypnotic sound influenced by everything from the sort of psychedelia to 90s rave culture, baggy sounds, the 'Madchester' scene, and impressively focused dance-pop.

From start to finish, and just as we expected, it is a great debut for this Australian duo with trippy effects and psychedelic sounds that will stick in your mind.


01. What Love
02. Uncertainty
03. The Throw
04. That Loneliness
05. Come Save Me
06. Four
07. Let Her Go
08. Man I Need
09. Exercise
10. Did You Have To
11. Backwards Berlin

Get your copy of 'Howlin' NOW on iTunes.

Single of the Week June 10/13 - The Saturnettes "Someway"

Our new Single of the Week is "Someway" by Finland indie-pop outfit The Saturnettes.

The song has been on high rotation on Kool Rock Radio for a few weeks now, and is taken from the band's upcoming sophomore album 'The Saturnettes II'. 

A few days ago, they gave us the album' second taste with the song "Bob From The Cure".

About the song, lead singer Jann Wilde told us: 

"Someway is a song about growing older and making choices. People want to take a loan, buy a house, grow a family etc because it's told those are the right things to do in society. And they end up being completely miserable because they can't find a way out. And then it's boiled in some pretentious arty chitchat."

Watch the video for "Someway" below.