Sunday, December 01, 2013

PATTERNS - Band of the Month December 2013

This month's BOTM on Kool Rock Radio is Manchester dream-pop four piece PATTERNS.

Ciaran McAuley and Laurence Radford are both from London and Alex Hillhouse and Jamie Lynch are from the Wirral. They all met at Manchester University and started making music together.

They came across their fourth member, Alex Hillhouse, when they had a last-minute gig lined up, but no bassist. Luckily, Lynch knew someone who could fill the job. So the next day Hillhouse met the rest of Patterns and learned their entire set. The band explains: "It seemed to work so we kept him and found out he had a mean falsetto to him." Perfect.

Together, they're making evocative noises that are brimming with nostalgia. Recently they've been perfecting their debut album and working on a collaborative project called KOLLIDE. That's given them a chance to work with other Manchester musicians and not be confined by release schedules and record sales.

Ever since releasing their first EP 'New Noise' on indie label Pull Yourself Together they've been getting lots of attention. Once you listen to their music you're hooked.

** Patterns' single "Blood" peaked at #99 in our Best Tracks of 2012 chart, and is included on their upcoming debut full-length 'Walking Lines', out on January 6 through Melodic Records.