Monday, April 28, 2014

Watch: Tijuana Panthers Unleash New Video For "Cherry Street"

Long Beach's garage pop trio Tijuana Panthers have unleashed the video for their latest single "Cherry Street".

The song is part of our current playlist and is taken from their forthcoming album 'Wayne Interest', which they recorded in Oregon with producer Richard Swift, and is coming out on June 3rd via Innovative Leisure. 

The video was directed by Ashley and Megan Fenton. Check out below.

Watch: Replicanti Share Music Video For New Track "Fade"

San Francisco based minimal wave/synth act 'Replicanti' have shared the video for their brand new track "Fade".

We have a little chat with frontman Chris Replicanti, and here's what he told us about the track: "it was written about a recent break up and wrote the song in a weekend on a whim one day."

The song is part of our current playlist and will feature on a forthcoming EP.

The video was produced by Marie Noir. Take a look below.

Watch: Caseno Unveil "Living It Like A Lion" Music Video

Melbourne synthedelic duo Caseno (aka Harris Robotis and ex-We Are Fans member Ric Sciarpa), have unveiled the video for their latest single "Living It Like A Lion".

The song is part of our current playlist and is taken from the 'Living It Like A Lion' EP, out now via Sweat It Out. Grab your copy here.

Take a look at the video below.

Watch: Cheri Cheri Jaguar Unleash "Walk/Don't Walk" New Video

Paris based post-punk/shoegaze four piece Cheri Cheri Jaguar have unleashed the video for their new single "Walk/Don't Walk".

The song is the first taste of their forthcoming debut EP 'Collapsing Vapor', which will be out on May 5 through their own label Pillow Talk. More info soon.

About the visuals, vocalist Sacha said in an interview: "When we were in New York, I have been filming everyday. Just like my grandfather did with his super 8 camera when he was traveling with his family. It was obvious with the walk through NYC. So I tried to marry those to memories. As far as Roswell is concerned, it's Alex idea. I think it’s coherent with a collage concept between fiction and reality, in the very fact of filming."

Take a look below.


Watch: Sabina Shares Music Video For "Viva L'Amour"

Sabina Sciubba, the singer of avant-garde electro-punk outfit Brazilian Girls, has shared the video for her latest single "Viva L'Amour".

The song is part of our current playlist and is taken from Sabina's debut solo album 'Toujours', released last month (March 23) on Naim Edge Records/Bar None Records. Grab your copy here.

The video was directed by British artist Oliver Clegg, who commented: "We filmed Sabina in her flat in Paris and then used to footage to create the backbone of the video. I met Sabina ten years ago at Nublu in the East Village, NYC when the Brazilian Girls were playing regularly on Sunday nights at the venue. I wanted the piece to be full of contrasts—humorous yet sincere, childlike yet sophisticated, direct yet enigmatic, The choice of drawing was part of this consistency of opposites: the desire to create dimension and conceptual spaces out of the simplest descriptive tool available, the line."

Take a look at the  animated video below.


Watch: Seoul Release Music Video For New Single "White Morning"

Montreal ambient-pop trio Seoul (formerly known as Cherry Chapstick), have released the video for their catchy new single "White Morning".

The song has been added to our current playlist, and is the second single released by the band. It will feature on their forthcoming debut album 'I Become A Shade', which we hope to see released soon.

The video, directed by Mackenzie Sheppard  (who also directed their clip for "Stay With Me"). Take a look below.

Kasabian Reveal New Album '48:13' Details, Share New Track "Eez-eh"

British indie rockers Kasabian have announced details of their long-awaited new album '48:13', which will be released on 9 June.

The total duration of the new album is of course 48 minutes and 13 seconds.

Speaking about the album, Tom Meighan said: "The new album, we just feel excited, it's like anything that's new, you build it up and work on it for so long. We went and recorded it in Richmond just before Christmas and we're massively excited. We took some time out, it's our fifth baby, we're more excited because we've stepped up a bit, stepped a lot up, actually." 

About the nature of the art and album, guitarist Sergio Pizzorno said: "We had the confidence to be more direct, more honest with this album. I started to strip away layers rather than to just keep adding."

The full tracklisting for 48:13 is as follows:

01. (shiva)
02. bumblebeee
03. stevie
04. (mortis)
05. doomsday
06. treat
07. glass
08. explodes
09. (levitation)
10. clouds
11. eez-eh
12. bow
13. s.p.s.

The band have also shared a new track called "Eez-eh". Have a listen to the track below and pre-order your copy of the album here.

Watch: The Spectors Reveal Music Video For New Single "Dig"

Belgium shoegaze dream-pop band The Spectors have shared a new video for "Dig".

The song is part of our current playlist and is taken from their self-titled EP (produced by former Editors guitarist Christ Urbanowicz), available now via [PIAS] Recordings. Get your copy here.

"In desaturated, deceptively dreamy super slo-mo, the clip's revenge fantasy motif acknowledges the capacity for good and evil in all of us, and smashes to smithereens the notion of the innocence of youth. Think Sam Peckinpah meets Lord of the Flies by way of The Omen. And of every school bully you have ever known."

Take a look at the video below, it was directed by Jochen Decostere (who also directed the video for "Nico") and filmed by Didier Lenglaert.


Watch: The Death Of Pop Unveil Music Video For New Single "Circles"

London- based shoegaze jangle-pop act The Death Of Pop have unveiled the video for their band new single "Circles".

This excellent new trippy song was produced by the band and George Abram, and has been added to our current playlist. It precedes a new record expected to be released later this year.

Get the single here, and take a look at the video below.

Manic Street Preachers Reveal New Album Details, Air "Walk Me to the Bridge" Video

Welsh three-piece Manic Street Preachers have revealed full details for their forthcoming album 'Futurology'.

The band's twelfth studio album will be released on July 7, and according to the press release, 'Futurology' is "furious, propulsive and expansive, is the sound of the Manics at their very best - a record inspired by permanent revolution, modern art and Autobahns."

The 13-track album is available to pre-order here.


'Walk Me To The Bridge'
'Let?s Go To War'
'The Next Jet To Leave Moscow'
'Europa Geht Durch Mich'
'Divine Youth'
'Sex, Power Love and Money'
'Dreaming A City (Hughesovka)'
'Black Square'
'Between The Clock And The Bed'
'Misguided Missile'
'The View From Stow Hill'

The band have also shared a the video for their new single "Walk Me to the Bridge", directed by Kieran Evans. Watch it  below.