Friday, July 01, 2011

Band of the Month July 2011 - RISK RISK

The Risk Risk project started in 2009 when Stefan decided to make a record with limited, but cool analogue hardware. What he was looking for was that original, authentic early 80s sound, and he found out that most of the character of that early records was just in the fact that a lot was handplayed and not programmed in a computer.

"This is 1983" was produced without a computer and large parts were simply played by hand directly on multitrack. Using all-analog sound generators, his voice and a pair of Carrera sunglasses, Risk Risk creates classical synth pop with catchy choruses and hand-played synth lines.

Stefan started doing electronic music in 1988 with just one monophonic analogue synthesizer, a Roland TR 606 drummachine and a 4 track tape recorder. With a big interest in melodic music, he likes synth bands like Gary Numan, The Twins, A Flock of Seagulls, Kraftwerk and Italo Disco music. The music he made before "This is 1983" was never released on any record label. Stefan gave Sebastian from Astro Chicken a rough demo of his songs and he liked it (Sebastian was a colleague from work who has passion for electronic music). From that point, he worked almost a year on the songs until they had a record in their hands.

"Risk Risk has an amazing sound, heavy basslines and minmal beats with dark voices, pure eighties style with strong influences of italo disco and synth. It will remind you of Gary Newman, Ultravox (John Foxx era), Devo, Mi-Sex and Rational Youth. Stefan found the formula that every band looks for: to make a catchy album on first play. Kool Rock Radio highly recommends the Risk Risk experience to everyone. 'This is 1983' will be one of your favourite albums of the year (9/10)."
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