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Sulk To Release Debut Album "Graceless" In April

SULK have announced they will release their forthcoming debut album 'Graceless', on 15th April via Perfect Sound Forever Records.

After playing several shows in 2012 across UK, the band went back to studio in April 2012 to continue to work on their debut album, which already had been recorded and produced by Ed Buller. This time they collaborated with Marc Waterman, who's previously been working with acts like Ride, Elastica and Swervedriver. The album was later mixed by Jonas Verwijnen and Antti Joas at Kaiku Studios in Berlin.

Check out the artwork and tracklist for Graceless below.


01. Sleeping Beauty 
02. Flowers 
03. Diamonds In Ashes 
04. The Big Blue 
05. Marian Shrine 
06. Back in Bloom 
07. Wishes 
08. Down 
09. If You Wonder 
10. End Time

Stellastarr* Shawn Christensen Wins Oscar For 'Curfew'

Shawn Christensen, the former frontman of New York indie rock band Stellastarr* won an Oscar for his short film 'Curfew'. 

With Stellastarr*, Christensen released three albums between 2003-2009 and are currently on an indefinite hiatus. Now, the director/writer has focused on his film career, in 2011 he wrote the  movie Abduction starring Taylor Lautner and last Sunday he ended up winning the Academy Award for Best Live Action Short Film for his 2012 movie Curfew.

Curfew tells the story of a depressed man who is asked to take care of his young niece, and sees Christensen play the lead role as well as writing and directing the movie.

In a recent interview, when asked about if the band is still active, Christensen said: "We never officially broke it off, but we don’t rehearse or make music, at least right now… When I signed a record deal [in 2003], I was an aspiring actor, and I was just booking commercials and I was represented by a couple agencies, and that was what I was going to do. When Stellastarr* happened it was kind of the thing where life happens when you’re making plans, so I was in a band for a while, and when I was on tour with the Killers – they were opening for us, no one knew who they were yet – I could see that they were a great band and that they were going to be huge … and I could see that we weren't. So, I started dabbling back into film again and writing screenplays and a couple of them sold. That's kind of how I got into filmmaking. Now I’m not so much into filmmaking; I’m into directing."

Art Brut Announce “Top of the Pops” Best Of Compilation

Celebrating their 10 year anniversary as a band, Art Brut have announced they will released a best of compilation titled 'Top Of The Pops' on April 16th through The End Records.

The special double album features the band's signature singles in chronological order of their release, as well as numerous live tracks, b-sides, and two completely new tracks "Arizona Bay" and "We Make Pop Music." Check the full tracklist of the compilation below.

Tracklisting for Top Of The Pops:


01. Formed A Band
02. My Little Brother
03. Emily Kane
04. Modern Art
05. Good Weekend
06. Direct Hit
07. Nag Nag Nag Nag
08. St. Pauli
09. Pump Up The Volum
10. DC Comics And Chocolate Milkshake
11. Alcoholics Unanimous
12. Summer Job
13. Demons Out!
14. Axl Rose
15. Sexy Sometimes
16. Lost Weekend
17. Sealand
18. Arizona Bay (new track)
19. We Make Pop Music (new track)


01. Formed A Band (Early Keith Top Of The Pops Version)
02. Bad Weekend (Early Keith Top Of The Pops Version)
03. These Animal Menswear (B-Side)
04. Modern Art (Early Keith Top Of The Pop Version)
05. Maternity Ward (B-Side)
06. Blame It On The Trains (Produced by Russel Senior)
07. Post Soothing Out (Produced by Russel Senior)
08. St. Pauli (Produced by Russel Senior)
09. About Time (B Side)
10. Ignorance Is Bliss (B Side)
11. Catch (The Cure Cover)
12. Modern Art (recorded for Berlin Live)
13. Just Desserts (alt version of B-Side to Alcoholics Unanimous)
14. Moved To L.A. (Art Brut vs Satan iTunes bundle)
15. Weird Science (B-Side)
16. Positively 5th Street (B-side)
17. Unprofessional Wrestling (Download only)
18. The Great Escape (We Are Scientists/Lynyrd Skynyrd cover)
19. Her Majesty (Beatles cover arr. by Black Francis)
20. Post Soothing Out (recorded for Berlin Live)


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