Wednesday, May 18, 2011

New Order To Issue Unreleased Track

Some days ago legendary band New Order announced that an unpublished track would be released soon and today the mystery's been revealed.

The track is 'Hellbent' and will be available for the first time in an unique compilation, as Joy Division and New Order join forces in "‪Total: From Joy Division to New Order‬". 

It will be a 18-track compilation covering the most important songs of both, which goes from 1976 to 2005; the album's been mastered by Frank Arkwright, and the cover's design has been made by Factory Records' graphic designer and ex-director Peter Saville.

Today it's exactly 31 years ago that ‪Ian Kevin Curtis (15 July 1956 ‬-‪ 18 May 1980) committed suicide‬. Curtis ‪was the songwriter, lyricist, singer and occasional guitarist of the English post-punk band Joy Division. Suffering from epilepsy, a failing marriage, and bouts of depression, Curtis ‬ended his life‪, on the eve of Joy Division's first North American tour.‬

The compilation will be out ‪June 6 in the UK on Rhino Records. Here is the tracklist.

1. Joy Division, “Transmission” (From Factory Records FAC 13 7” Single)
2. Joy Division, “Love Will Tear Us Apart” (From Factory Records FAC23 7” Single)
3. Joy Division, “Isolation” (From Factory Records FAC25 12” Album)
4. Joy Division, “She’s Lost Control” (From Factory Records FACUS2 12” Single)
5. Joy Division, “Atmosphere” (From Sordide Sentimental SS33002 7” Single)
6. New Order, “Ceremony” (From Factory Records FAC33 7” Single)
7. New Order, “Temptation” (From Factory Records FAC63 7” Single)
8. New Order, “Blue Monday” (From Factory Records FAC73 12” Single)
9. New Order, “Thieves Like Us” (From Factory Records FAC103 12” Single)
10. New Order, “The Perfect Kiss” (From Factory Records FAC123 7” Single)
11. New Order, “Bizarre Love Triangle” (From Factory Records FAC163 7” Single)
12. New Order, “True Faith” (From Factory Records FAC183 7” Single)
13. New Order, “Fine Time” (From Factory Records FAC223 7” Single)
14. New Order, “World In Motion” (From Factory Records FAC293 7” Single)
15. New Order, “Regret” (From London Records NUO1 7” Single)
16. New Order, “Crystal” (From London Records NUOCD8 CD Single)
17. New Order, “Krafty” (From London Records NUOX13 12” Single)
18. New Order, “Hellbent” (Previously unreleased track)

Monday, May 16, 2011

The Answering Machine Announce Split

The Answering Machine have announced they have split up.

The Manchester band, who formed in 2005, told fans in a handwritten letter via their website the reason for the split.

The letter read: "Over the last week or so we’ve been doing some soul searching. We are very sorry to have to tell you that we have decided to stop making music as The Answering Machine. We'd like to thank every single one of you for coming to our shows, buying our records and supporting our band right up until this point."

"It obviously hasn't been an easy decision for us and we don’t want to make things harder/more upsetting for us by doing a 'farewell tour' or a 'last ever gig'. We are happier bowing out on the positive note we started on six years ago''

The band continued, saying that they have decided to release a special 12-inch vinyl edition of their second album ‘Lifelines’.

"That said we’d still like to do something special as both a mark of respect to you guys for being there with us all the way. So, we will be releasing 'Lifeline' (our second album) in a 12inch vinyl very soon as a goodbye and a celebration of all that we’ve achieved."

The Answering Machine's debut 'Another City, Another Sorry' was released in 2009.

Read The Answering Machine's farewell letter in full, here.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Pink Floyd Announce Three New Releases

As part of deal with EMI...

British music heavyweights Pink Floyd have announced they will be re-issuing remastered versions of their 14 studio albums starting on September 26th and running through to February next year.

The 'Why Pink Floyd?...' releases form part of the bands' recent agreement with EMI and will include CDs, DVDs and a brand-new single-album ‘Best Of’ collection.

Roger Faxon, CEO of EMI Group, said: ”This is a unique collaboration between EMI and one of the most creative and influential bands in history.”

The legendary band, who are still one of the most successful and iconic artists of all time, recently signed an agreement with EMI which has allowed the development of a multi-format programme of packages, many containing archive material that has been collated during an extensive process between EMI and Pink Floyd for a range of media formats

The first release will be an expanded deluxe and special edition version of Pink Floyd's 'The Dark Side Of The Moon' on September 26.

On November 7, the band will release the new retrospective 'A Foot In The Door - The Best of Pink Floyd'.

And on February 27, 2012 'The Wall' - ‘Immersion’ and ‘Experience’ editions, Vinyl LP and digital editions will be released.

In January, Pink Floyd signed a new deal with EMI after ending a legal battle with their record company.

Further info about the releases can be found at the site where you can also pre-order the albums.

Morrissey Completes Work On New Album

Morrissey has revealed to fans that work on his new studio album is over, despite not having a record label to release it on.

Writing to fans, the singer explained that the material is "ready" despite not being signed to a label. "The follow-up to (2009's) 'Years Of Refusal' is ready and fluttering wildly against the bars," he explained. "There is still no record label and the years shuffle like cards. My talents do not lie in DIY."

The full statement deals with the way his comments on the Royal Wedding were reported. Interviewed by Radio Four, Morrissey explained that the Q&A session was heavily edited by the BBC.

"If my interview sounded chopped and cropped, that's because it was," he wrote. "I had spoken fluently about the royal dreading, but an Iranian censorship confiscated all of my views. It is distressing, but in all manner of British media in 2011 we are only allowed to hear the same old thoughts and feelings expressed over and over and over again."

Morrissey will tour the UK and Scandinavia in July.

Sunday, May 01, 2011

BOTM May 2011 - The Exploding Boy

The Exploding Boy is one of the most talked about Swedish alternative pop/rock bands in the whole of Europe, were the band got amazing reviews for their previous album 'Afterglow' (2009).
The band followed up the release of 'Afterglow' with more than 30 live shows in Germany alone. The singles 'London', 'Heart Of Glass' and '40 Days', from the above mentioned album; all climbed up to top 10 on the official German alternative chart (DAC).
'The Black Album' is the band's third full length release. The album was preceded by the digital download 3-track single/EP called The Human EP on April 15. The first single from the album is a double A-side release (only digital) with the songs 'Human' and 'Torn'. A third song was added to the single to show the broadness of the band. All three songs can be found on 'The Black Album'.

**The Exploding Boy reached the TOP 10 of Kool Rock Radio's "Best New Bands" list in 2007 and their single 'Shot Down' was also included in the TOP 10 "Best Tracks" the same year.