Sunday, May 26, 2013

Single of the Week May 27/13 - Climbing Boys "Bone House"

Our new Single of the Week is "Bone House", another great track taken from Climbing Boys recently released debut EP 'Take The Floor'. 

Formed in late 2012, this London post-punk foursome are our featured band this month, take a look HERE

Bone House is one hundred percent post-punk, it begins with distinct riffs of bass and guitar that nods to influences from Joy Division (Transmission), blended with a strong driving beat and the distinctive voice of lead singer, Tom Salo.  It's excellent!

About the song, our friend Tom Salo told us:

"The original draft of the lyrics for 'Bone House' has actually been around since my teenage years and was lyrically intended to be a teenagers retort to the song 'Teenage Wildlife' by David Bowie. It deals with themes such as juvenile excess and disillusionment. Everybody has their ups and downs and I guess I wrote this one when I felt my chips were down."

Stream 'Bone House' below:

Get your copy of Climbing Boys debut EP 'Take The Floor' now on iTunes.