Thursday, June 10, 2021

Watch: Dendrons Unveil New Single/Video "Same Spot"

Chicago-based post punk/alt band Dendrons have unveiled the video for their new single "Same Spot".

The band's forthcoming new album '5-3-8' will be available in 2022 through Earth Libraries, it was written and recorded during the Pandemic, at Sonic Ranch near El Paso, TX, working alongside engineer/producers Sonny DiPerri (Protomartyr, DIIV, Nine Inch Nails, Animal Collective) and frequent collaborator, Tony Brant.

Speaking about the song, they explain: Lyrically this song started off with a few vague images, as do many lyrics I come up with, and I sort of pieced them together. The whole band ultimately helped edit. 

Originally, I pictured a sort of a sprawling, dystopian city—a kind of rusty city hell.
In it, I imagined two main characters, possibly a couple (or friends), looking down from a rooftop into smog and the industrial rat race. They are bolstering one-another, speaking as if they are separate from it,  when in reality they are destined to be a part of it—Destined to repeat patterns + identify with them. 

The characters find comfort in each other, not in the world, it would seem. But they are of the world. They are worldly. 

I was reading Dante’s Inferno a lot. Dante’s rings of the underworld + different circles of hell was something I was thinking about. Circle imagery is sprinkled liberally throughout the song. I kind of thought of circles and how it relates to the Ouroboros. The lyrics “ You watch impalas move donuts round the lot. They all move backwards. They all move back.” Is my wink and nod to Circle 8, Bolgia 4 from Dante.

The charters in the song talk in circles, and keep cycling through a wide spectrum of talking points. They do this until they land on something they both intrinsically agree on, forgetting the lot of their disagreements——Feelings of understanding overshadowing anything else. That can be distorting. I imagined the two characters in the song on some kind of amphetamine. 

I kept thinking about Politicians like Trump, who are constantly speaking on every side of an issue, as a manipulation tactic, so his base will eventually zone in on what they wanted to hear from the beginning.  He will affirm and denounce the same subject in one ramble. I think about how often I’ve known people who work like this. 

Watch/listen below.

New Entry: Jennifer Touch & Chinaski Share Collaborative Track "Dime"

Berlin-based dark wave/electronic artist Jennifer Touch and Frankfurt-based DJ/producer Chinaski have shared their collaborative new track "Dime".

The song "an electroid Synth-Pop trip, with crafty 1980s synths, drums, and vocals," features on the Live at Robert Johnson and Riotvan compilation 'And You?', out tomorrow (June 11). Get your copy here.

In pandemic times of telepresences and social distancing, Live At Robert Johnson and Leipzig’s own Riotvan team up for a magical musical mission. Encompassed by the graphic design of Michael Satter & Panthera Krause, each of the five tracks has been created by teams representing both label crews and their environs, rendering a truly synergetic effort.
Take a listen below.

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Watch: Lightfoils Return With New Single/Video "Sunblind"

Chicago-based shoegaze/dream-pop band Lightfoils have premiered the video for their new single "Sunblind".

The double single "Sunblind"/"Honeydew", is out today (June 10). Get it here.

Watch/listen below.


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New Entry: NNHMN Air New Single "Tomorrow's Heroine"

Berlin electronic/dark ambient/experimental/synth duo NNHMN (aka Lee and Michal Laudarg) have aired their new single "Tomorrow's Heroine".

The song is taken from their forthcoming mini-album 'Tomorrow's Heroine' set to arrive on 30 July via their own k-dreams records. Pre-order it here

Stream it below.


New Entry: Hallan Release New Single "Reruns"

Portsmouth indie rock/alt/post punk band Hallan have released their new single "Reruns".

The song is taken from their upcoming debut EP 'Reporting Live From The Living Room Floor', set to arrive on July 16 through Nice Swan Records. Pre-order your copy here.

From the band : "It's amazing how many new pastimes you can adopt within the span of one earthly orbit of the sun. Within that time the television has told me to take up exercising and adopt a microbiotic, plantbased, fodmap, keto and wholefoods diet whilst magazines have let me know that i'm 15% more at risk from heart disease if my toast is not a certain shade of golden brown. I like to think that between the four of us, there is not a thing we haven't had a crack at during our "year of self betterment". And thus over the last year we have become experts on the mundane. We know the things you're meant to enjoy are not the pleasures they may seem, and we know for certain you'll get more joy out of watching a watermelon being crushed by a hydraulic press at 30,000 frames per second (at 2AM), than you ever will sweating on an exercise bike" 

Watch a lyric video below.


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Manic Street Preachers Reveal Music Video For "Orwellian"

Welsh rock trio Manic Street Preachers have revealed the video for their latest single "Orwellian". 

The song is taken from their forthcoming 14th studio album 'The Ultra Vivid Lament', which will be released on 3rd September via Columbia/Sony. Pre-order your copy here.

Manic Street Preachers on 'Orwellian': “The track is about the battle to claim meaning, the erasing of context within debate, the overriding sense of factional conflict driven by digital platforms leading to a perpetual state of culture war. As with many songs on the record, it was written on the piano by James Dean Bradfield. Musically, it echoes ABBA, the majesty of Alan Rankine’s playing in the Associates and Talk Talk’s ‘It’s My Life’ with a Lindsey Buckingham guitar solo. It felt like the perfect sonic and lyrical introduction to The Ultra Vivid Lament”.

Watch the clip below, it was directed by frequent band collaborator Kieran Evans.


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