Sunday, May 12, 2013

Single of the Week May 13/13 - Tesla Boy "M.C.H.T.E."

Our new single of the week is "M.C.H.T.E." by Russian new wave/synth-pop trio Tesla Boy. 

"M.C.H.T.E." is the second single taken from their forthcoming album 'The Universe Made of Darkness', which will be out on May 21.

Tesla Boy is a product of the next generation Russian Youth growing up in '80s and '90s Moscow, influenced by formerly inaccessible Western music against a backdrop of dramatic changes taking place in Russia when the Cold War came to a close and the Soviet Union was no more. A new acceptance of music, fashions and culture from all round the world embraced Western pop culture that had an overwhelming impact on the young musicians who hungrily sought out as much pop and synth music from abroad as they could.

They carry a shiny pop sensibility, combined with sleek and sophisticated production that takes their nostalgic synth sound and punching soul hooks into the new wave era of EDM with global appeal.

'M.C.H.T.E.' is a bouncy and percussion heavy track with rhythmic, funky bass lines and synths that flicker across the surface. Have a listen below.

Pre -order 'The Universe Made of Darkness' now on on iTunes.

Album of the Week May 13/13: Small Black 'Limits Of Desire'

Our featured album this week is Brooklyn-based Small Black sophomore album 'Limits of Desire', out on May 14 via Jagjaguwar.

Recorded, mixed, and self-produced over the last year at both a house in Delaware and the Brooklyn abode of members Juan Pieczanski and Jeff Curtin,  Limits of Desire is a crystalline realization of a sound Small Black have been building toward since their self-titled EP in 2009. 

Where their 2010's debut album 'New Chain' was a lesson in maximalist pop, Limits of Desire finds the band trimming their sound to the essentials, yet hitting new and unexpected heights with the addition of live drums, electric guitar and trumpet to the existing Small Black palette.

In a recent interview speaking about the changes in this new album, frontman Josh Hayden Kolenik explained: "New Chain was hyper-layered collage-y by design and as an artist you always want to fight against what you did you get a little older and more learned in your craft, you want to show everything and not hide behind multiple vocal takes or any sort of haze."

'Limits of Desire' is with no doubt another kool album full of catchy summer anthems! 


01. Free At Dawn
02. Canoe
03. No Stranger
04. Sophie
06. Breathless
07. Proper Spirit
08. Only A Shadow
09. Limits Of Desire
10. Shook Loves
11. Outskirts

You can buy your copy of 'Limits of Desire' on iTunes.

Listen: Visage Preview New Song "Dreamer I Know" - Day 6

Visage have unveiled a new preview of their forthcoming album 'Hearts and Knives', out on May 20th. It's turn for track number 6 on the album.

Day 6 - "Dreamer I Know"

"'Dreamer I Know' is the most immediately accessible song on the album and features a catchy adult-pop chorus which imprints rapidly. Mick Macneil (the former creative musical core of Simple Minds) adds the lead keyboard lines which although played on an old Korg analog monosynth somehow manage to evoke his Scottish homeland."

Stream 'Dreamer I know' below.

Pre-order the album here: