Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Suede Could Write Some New Material

According to Brett Anderson, Suede could soon be writing new material together, but only if he  believes the tracks are good enough.

Since Suede split in 2002 singer Brett Anderson has released material under his own name, but could be tempted to record new songs with the band.

Now, the singer has told that there's a chance the band could start writing new material. "There's a possibility we could do some writing together but no-one ever knows about it. Nothing would see the light of day unless I was really, really excited about it." He said.

The final Suede album was 'New Morning' which was mauled by critics. The band are preparing a re-issue of their back catalogue, with extensive unreleased material added to their five studio albums.

The project will be "the definitive collection of pretty much everything we released in 14 years together and some stuff that we didn't", Anderson said, "flawed, strange and sometimes beautiful".

Suede will be performing at the Brixton Academy O2 for three nights in a row, 19, 20 and 21 May. There will review, complete their first three albums, and if declared by Anderson met, perhaps the possibility of hearing new material after 7 years.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Young Knives Announce New Album

Young Knives have announced details about their new album 'Ornaments From The Silver Arcade’.

The band's debut ‘Voices Of Animals And Men’ was nominated for a Mercury Prize. Their third album - and follow up to second effort ‘Superabundance’ - is described as a "move beyond" the familiar.

This new material was recorded in LA at the Seedy Underbelly Studios with Nick Launay (Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Arcade Fire, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds).

Fans are being told to expect a mixture of the trios "understanding of a spiky pop hook" but build on top of that familiar post punk template the groove of acid house and the smoothness of soul across its tracks.

‘Ornaments From The Silver Arcade’ is released on 4th April. Young Knives will tour the UK around the release date, more details to be announced soon.


01. Love My Name
02. Woman
03. Everything Falls Into Place
04. Human Again
05. Running From A Standing Start
06. Sister Frideswide
07. Vision In Rags
08. Go To Ground
09. Silver Tongue
10. Storm Clouds
11. Glasshouse

The Horrors Frontman Faris Badwan Launches New Band

The frontman of indie/shoegaze band The Horrors has debuted a new project called Cat's Eyes, which Pitchfork describes as:

 "[Badwan's] duo with the Canadian opera soprano and multi-instrumentalist Rachel Zeffira. The group specializes in a glassy, symphonic take on girl-group pop, and they played their first show in December in a pretty unusual place: St. Peter's Basilica at the Vatican, during an afternoon mass "attended by seven high-ranking cardinals".

The group played their first ever gig at  St. Peter's Basilica at the Vatican in December – and the video has just been made available

Faris Badwan likes to keep busy. Currently working with The Horrors on their third album, the singer has also indulged his artistic streak with a series of exhibitions, including a recent solo show in Milan.

Cat's Eyes will release their debut EP, 'Broken Glass' on February 28, followed by a full album on April 11.

The duo have been recording with producer  Steve Osborne in Peter Gabriel's Real World Studios, reports Pitchfork, the pair also recruited award winning director Chris Cunningham for the EP's packaging..

Cat's Eyes will embark on a UK tour in March.

The Stone Roses Gig Celebrated In Film

The Manchester band's 1990 gig has inspired a new film.

Arranging a one off show at Spike Island, The Stone Roses gig became a landmark moment in British youth culture. Watched by 30,000 people and came at a time the band were at the peak of their fame, the gig gave writer Tom Green the idea to make the film. The writer is responsible for Channel Four’s Misfits, although this time he had passed writing credits to '24 Hour Party People' actor Chris Cohill.

Speaking to BBC News, Tom Green explained some of the motivations behind the new film project. "This is a raw and truly authentic rites-of-passage story. It's full of the humour, heartache, dreams and fears of being part of a brotherhood of mates, and set to the greatest record ever written".

He added: "The Roses died in '95. This is the resurrection."

Famously, the actual show was something of an anti-climax featuring dodgy sound and overpriced burgers. However the event raised expectations, and demonstrated that despite years of Thatcher oppression youth culture was still a vital force in British society.

Many of the musicians involved in the show are expected to make a cameo in the film, which is due to start shooting later this year. The permanently young Mani could well play himself, following a similar walk on part in '24 Hour Party People'.

Project is set to go into production and we're looking forward to see the results.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Crocodiles Unveil New Single

Crocodiles have confirmed details of their new single 'Mirrors' and a support slot with White Lies.

'Sleep Forever' was released last year and mixed all out noise with some moments of genuine pop melody. A string of singles hinted at their influences, with Crocodiles including covers of The Beach Boys, Dee-Lite and more.

Now they open this new year with 'Mirrors', a new single set to be released on February 28th. As ever, Crocodiles have confirmed plans for a new cover, with the Californian group tearing through the Elton Motello track ‘Jet Boy, Jet Girl’.

Meanwhile, Crocodiles are set to support White Lies on their new British tour. The duo will be flung into a world of massive venues and high expectations, with the London trio recently releasing their second album.

Crocodiles have confirmed the following shows:

4 Cambridge Junction
6 Norwich UEA
7 Brighton Corn Exchange
9 Bristol O2 Academy
10 London Shepherds Bush Empire
11 London Shepherds Bush Empire
12 Preston Mad Ferret
13 Leeds O2 Academy
14 Birmingham Institute
15 Wrexham Central Station
16 Glasgow Barrowlands
17 Newcastle Academy
18 Manchester Academy
19 Coventry Kasbah
21 London The Barfly

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Pete & The Pirates will release 'Come To The Bar' on March

Reading indie troupe Pete & The Pirates are set to release their comeback single ‘Come To The Bar’ on March 14th.

Touring across the world, Pete & The Pirates played SXSW (twice) before venturing across to New York's showcase event CMJ. Returning to Europe, the band embarked on a massive continental tour bringing their fuzzy guitar pop to France, Germany, Spain and more.

Singer Thomas Sanders has completed two solo albums, before sessions with Pete & The Pirates commenced last year.

The band hooked up with producer Brendan Lynch, who helmed sessions for their second album. The results are a step forwards, retaining their sharp lyrical eye but adding motorik rhythms and sleek synths. The band have already filmed a video for ‘Come To The Bar’ two days ago.

Also, Pete And The Pirates have confirmed two London shows. The band will preview their second album at the dates, which begin with a show at the Lexington venue later this week.

Bjork Working On New Album

Icelandic singer-songwriter Bjork is working on her new album, which was partly inspired by the National Geographic.

Speaking to Icelandic newspaper Fréttablaðið, the extravert singer claimed that a follow up to 2007's 'Volta' was well under way. Continuing, Bjork alluded to potential tour dates. "Hopefully I will be able to be on tour in the fall," she said.

The singer refused to be drawn on the exact details of the new album, claiming that she was superstitious about giving too many details away. "I have had some bad experiences with a number of things before. I'm very superstitious. I go into the studio with a plan to go do what I have in mind, and then the idea is half dead" she explained.

Recently attending a National Geographic conference, the singer came away inspired to write a song. "I saw 100 talks and met eccentric people who had been in Africa for four years with lions and insects," she said. "Then one night after drinking whiskey with them I began to hear stories. This is one of the collaborations I can talk about."

Bjork's new album is rumoured to be set for a late 2011 release.

The Primitives Confirm New EP

Indie darlings The Primitives have confirmed details of their new EP 'Never Kill A Secret', first new music in 19 years.

Emerging from the late 80s indie scene, The Primitives combined impeccable influences with a real pop touch. Scoring a hit with 'Crash' the band's debut album references everything from Spector-esque pop to The Velvets. The band split in 1992.

Headlining the Indietracks festival last year, the band began working on a new EP last year. 'Never Kill A Secret' is set to be released on physical and digital formats on March 7th via Fortuna Pop. Containing new material and a cover of a Northern Soul classic, this new EP ends two decades of silence in some style.

The EP will feature the songs “Rattle My Cage,” “Need All the Help I Can Get,” “Never Kill a Secret” and “Breakaway.” In an interview last summer, Court described two of those songs, calling the title track “a cute little heart melter,” and characterizing “Rattle My Cage” as “a fuzzified girlpop stomper.”

The Primitives have also confirmed details of a nationwide tour to coincide with the EP. Opening in Southampton, the tour hits Glasgow on March 20th before travelling down to London.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Detachments Best Album Of 2010

After 12 months of excellent tunes, new bands, exciting releases and long hours of debating, Kool Rock Radio has finally collated their '2010 Albums Of The Year' list and is proud to announce the winner: The self-titled debut album by DETACHMENTS.

To us, Detachments was a big surprise from the very first played. It is an amazing record that transports you to the best part of 80s' decade, with a particular flavour of late 70s' new wave bands (specifically the times of cold wave, minimal wave and new wave) where the music was pure inspiration, creativity and most of all 'emotion'. Their music takes over the work left by The Normal, Gary Numan, Cabaret Voltaire, and other great bans from that time.

Their obscure sound is also at times reminiscent of New Order and Joy Division and it had to be that way because the creative force behind Detachments, Sebastien Marshal comes from Manchester, the drummer Pete Dawson comes from Leeds, once the center of gothic music and Mark Three from London. The creative works of these talented musicians along with the producer James Ford is so powerful (with only one album and a few EPs) that we believe they can receive cult status if they remain productive. 

In summary, this album surfs over  electronic computer riffs, vocal effects, spacey synths, drum beats, screeching guitar and bass lines as those that sounded in the new wave clubs of the 80's, in addition to melancholic pieces of romanticism with a dark background which gives strength to each track.

It is a dance-rock album, with vital touches of bright electro pop, a record for exquisite ears that moves more than your feet, it moves your emotions.

Their single 'I Don't Want To Play' is also listed as the No.1 in KRR's BEST TRACKS OF 2010

Plus, Detachments was the BEST NEW BAND for Kool Rock Radio in 2009 and their singles 'Circles' and 'The Flowers That Fell' were both number 1 in our Annual Chart the same year.

Our countdown of the albums we have loved the most in 2010 concludes with this top 10:
  1. DETACHMENTS - Detachments (Thisisnotanexit Records)
  2. O. CHILDREN - O. Children
  3. DELPHIC - Acolyte
  4. CARIBOU - Swim
  5. TWO DOOR CINEMA CLUB – Tourist History
  6. GOLDFRAPP - Head First
  7. ARCADE FIRE - Suburbs
  8. THE DRUMS - The Drums
  9. WILD NOTHING - Gemini
  10. TEARS RUN RINGS - Distance

The Feelies First New Material In 19 Years

Releasing four albums together, The Feelies reformed in 2008 and launched a re-issue project. Packaging each album with a host of rarities, the band's music seemed more in-key with current indie rock than their own era.

Now the group have confirmed details of their first new album in over a decade. Signed to Bar / None Records, the Hoboken mavericks are set to release break their silence with new album 'Here Before'. More than fifteen years on from their previous album, The Feelies don't seem to have aged. 

The new album touches on different styles from the Feelies’ long history while adding new grooves and musical ideas to the mix. Garage rocker 'When You Know' is matched by the arch lyricism of 'Bluer Skies' and the lush harmonies of 'Later On'.

Recorded in the Water Music complex in their native Hoboken, The Feelies laid down material for 'Here Before' in their basement. Working in their spare time, the group eventually collected thirteen songs. Working with the classic band line up, The Feelies hooked up with engineer Sean Kelly to complete the new album. 'Here Before' will be released later this Spring, with material available as a download, on CD and on vinyl with a digital download card.

In recent years, they regrouped to open some shows for Sonic Youth and also brought their singularly jittery brand of jangle to ATP NY in 2009.

'Here Before' will be released digitally as well as on CD and vinyl with a download card later this spring.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Horrors To Start Working On New Album

The Horrors have spoken about their efforts to build a follow up to 'Primary Colours'. Lambasted in some quarters as being style over content, The Horrors hit back in the best way possible. 

Second album 'Primary Colours' was a stunning return, fusing their garage rock template to clicking Motorik rhythms. Blowing apart their black and white image, 'Primary Colours' was a technicolour release which benefited from Portishead musician Geoff Barrow on production duties.

Currently working on their third album, The Horrors have spoken about the recording process. Holed up in their London studio, the black-clad group are putting the finishing touches on their new batch of material.

The Horrors have explained that Geoff Barrow insisted they produce themselves on their third album. "When we were working with Geoff it was kind of his suggestion (to work on their own)" said Rhys Webb. "He was into the way in which we attacked them [the songs]. And towards the end of the process, he said, 'Why don't you guys just go for it yourselves next time?'"

The band confirmed that ten songs had been completed so far. Working in Dalston, they have so far refused to confirm any potential release date. Meanwhile, singer Faris Badwan is set to launch a new club night in London. Held in The Book Club, the night will mix carefully chosen music with visuals including the singer's own art.

The Horrors are due to release new material later this year.

The View Confirm Third Album Title

Since then the band have enjoyed experimenting, releasing a follow up which contained sea shanties, orchestras and elements of hip hop. Now it seems as though the Scottish indie rockers have gone back to basics.

Completing their third album with producer Youth, The View have opted for the name 'Bread And Circuses'. Due for release later this year, the album was initially titled 'The Best Lasts Forever'. Keeping the new material under wraps, the hard touring band decided to get back out on the road last year. Finishing 2010 in style, The View hit intimate venues across the country as the snow fell.

Announcing another bout of tour dates, The View have now confirmed their latest single. 'Grace' is due to be released on March 7th, complete with previously unreleased flipside 'Clowns'.

The following week the band will release 'Bread And Circuses'. Confirming details of the finished tracklisting, the new tracks include a number of straight forward one word titles: 'Life', 'Friend', 'Blondie' and more. Ending with 'The Best Lasts Forever' the album is storming return from the band, with The View clearly revitalised after locking themselves away in the rehearsal studio.

The View are due to release 'Bread And Circuses' on March 14th.

Underneath The Lights
Tragic Magic
The Best Lasts Forever

Pulp Ready For Live Return In 2011

Britpop icons Pulp are set to make their live return with a series of performances. The original line up of Pulp are due to return this year, after confirming a series of tour dates. Nick Banks, Jarvis Cocker, Candida Doyle, Steve MacKey, Russell Senior and Mark Webber will join forces for a series of shows.

Of all the unusual success stories thrown up by the Britpop era, Pulp's was undoubtedly the most emotional. The Sheffield group have been making music for over a decade - largely to indifference - before gaining their shot at fame.

Producing arguably the finest single of the era in 'Common People' the band achieved nationwide fame before splitting in 2002. Since then, Jarvis Cocker has worked on a number of solo projects, under his own name and others.

The frontman had long since disputed a Pulp re-union, despite all original members remaining on good terms. Now it seems that the Sheffield band are to go down the same route as one time rivals Blur and Suede.

Drawing on their entire back catalogue, the first shows to be confirmed include a headline slot at London's Wireless festival in Hyde Park. Taking place on July 3rd, Pulp's slot will follow a performance at the Primavera Sound Festival in Barcelona on May 27th.

The first time that all original members of Pulp will have shared a stage together since 1996, the shows are no doubt the first of many to be announced for next summer.

Pulp have published more information on their official website HERE.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


001.- O Children - Ruins.
002.- Detachments - Holiday Romance.
003.- Arcade Fire - Ready To Start.
004.- Caribou - Odessa.
005.- Motorama - Ghost.
006.- Crystal Castles - Celestica.
007.- Shy Child - Disconnected.
008.- Yeasayer - O.N.E.
009.- The Domino State - We Must Not Shut Ourselves Away.
010.- Violens - Acid Reign.
011.- Delphic - Counterpoint (Tim Goldsworthy edit 2010)
012.- Gorillaz - On Melancholy Hill.
013.- Hurts - Wondeful Life.
014.- M.I.A - Born Free.
015.- Crystal Castles feat. Robert Smith - Not In Love.
016.- The Courteeners - You Overdid It Doll.
017.- Goldfrapp - Rocket.
018.- The Hundred In The Hands - Pigeons.
019.- Foals - Miami.
020.- Bonfires - Reason To Live.
021.- One Night Only - Say You Don't Want It.
022.- The Hussys - Roller Disco.
023.- The Drums - Forever And Ever Amen.
024.- Klaxons - Echoes.
025.- Heretics - Love Will Tear Us Apart.
‎026.- Devo - Fresh.
027.- Two Door Cinema Club - Something Good Can Work.
028.- Crocodiles - Sleep Forever.
029.- Delphic - Doubt.
030.- White Lies - Bigger Than Us.
031.- O Children - Heels.
032.- The Coral - 1000 Years.
033.- James - Crazy.
034.- Gorillaz - Stylo.
035.- Kele - Tenderoni.
036.- Interpol - Barricade.
037.- Hellogoodbye - When We First Kissed.
038.- Two Door Cinema Club - Undercover Martyn.
039.- Ez Basic - Fingermonster.
040.- Heretics - Echoes.
041.- MGMT - It's Working.
042.- The Wombats - Tokyo (vampires and wolves)
043.- The Limousines - Internet Killed The Video Star.
044.- Goldfrapp - Alive.
045.- Arcade Fire - The Suburbs.
046.- Bombay Bicycle Club - Ivy & Gold.
047.- The Raveonettes - I Wanna Be Adored.
048.- Belle & Sebastian - Write About Love.
049.- We Have Band - Oh.
050.- The XX - Islands.
051.- !!! - Am Fm.
052.- Yaaks - Hrhrhythm.
053.- Tape The Radio - Our Love Is A Broken Heart.
054.- The Soft Pack - C'mon
055.- The Charlatans - Love Is Ending.
056.- Ez Basic - Motorik Erik.
057.- Darwin Deez - Radar Detector.
058.- The Count & Sinden Feat Mystery Jets - After Dark.
059.- Mystery Jets - Dreaming Of Another World.
060.- Girl In A Coma - Femme Fatale.
061.- Beach House - Norway.
062.- Stornoway - Zorbing
063.- Lostboy AKA Jim Kerr - Shadowland.
064.- OMD - If You Want It.
065.- We Are Scientists - Rules Don't Stop.
066.- The Cribs - Housewife.
067.- Avi Buffalo - What's In It For.
068.- Cherry Ghost - Kissing Strangers.
069.- Detroit Social Club - Kiss The Sun.
070.- LCD Soundsystem - Drunk Girls.
071.- Foster The People - Pumped Up Kicks.
072.- New Young Pony Club - Chaos.
073.- Goldfrapp - Believer.
074.- Underworld - Always Loved A Film.
075.- The Chemical Brothers - Swoon.
076.- Cause & Effect - Happy.
077.- Vampire Weekend - Giving Up The Gun.
078.- Band Of Horses - Compliments.
079.- The Bravery - Ours.
080.- The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart - Say No To Love.
081.- Beady Eye - Bring The Light.
082.- The Hotrats - The Love cats.
083.- The Stranglers - Retro Rockets.
084.- The Futureheads - Heartbeat Song.
085.- White Belt Yellow Tag - Always And Echoes.
086.- The National - Bloodbuzz Ohio.
087.- Kyte - Designed For Damage.
088.- Hot Chip - One Life Stand.
089.- Chief - Breaking Walls.
090.- Manic Street Preachers - (It's Not War) Just The End Of Love.
091.- Jenny & Johnny - Big Wave.
092.- Best Coast - Boyfriend.
093.- Arctic Monkeys - My Propeller.
094.- Nina Hagen - Personal Jesus.
095.- Groove Armada - Look Me In The Eye Sister.
096.- Metric - Eclipse (All Yours)
097.- Engineers - In Praise of More.
098.- Tricky - Murder Weapon.
099.- Nada Surf - Enjoy The Silence.
100.- Kings Of Leon - Radioactive.

Saturday, January 01, 2011

BOTM January 2011 - THE VACCINES

Formed in June 2010, The Vaccines consists of Justin Young, Árni Hjörvar, Freddie Cowan (younger brother of Tom from The Horrors) and Pete Robertson.

Their debut single "Wreckin' Bar (Ra Ra Ra)" was released on 29 November 2010 in the UK where it reached number 157 in the UK Singles Chart and their second single will be "Post Break-Up Sex", released on 24 January 2011.

The Vaccines have been compared to The Jesus & Mary Chain and The Ramones. They describe their influences as "'50s rock 'n' roll, '60s garage and girl groups, '70s punk, '80s American hardcore, C86 and good pop music".

**Plus: The Vaccines are the position No. 3 in the category BEST NEW BANDS OF 2010 of Kool Rock Radio's Annual Report.