Monday, July 06, 2020

New Entry: Chappaqua Wrestling Reveal New Single "Football"

Brighton via Manchester indie/alt duo Chappaqua Wrestling (Jake Mac and Charlie Woods) have revealed their new single "Football".

Speaking about it, Woods explains: “On ‘Football’ we take one riff and develop it layer after layer, and it grows harder and harder as it moves on. On top of all the brutishness is a story of social displacement, and unease in one’s surroundings.”

Woods added: “The lyrics we recently added as a homage to our teenage years in Brighton, with some of the social-angst of that time. It features our old-Brighton friend and recent band addition John Townsend on the drums, and we feel ‘Football’ shows a hard pulse from us which hadn’t previously been captured on record.”

The song is out now through Good Flavours Records. Take a listen below.