Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Stone Roses Confirm Return

Finally, Manchester legends The Stone Roses, have officially announced that they are to reform for two special shows at Manchester’s Heaton Park on June 29th and 30th 2012. They have also confirmed plans for a world tour there after, with new songs included in the set .

The press conference (October 18th) was attended by all 4 members of their classic line up, Reni, Mani, John Squire and Ian Brown. Brown said: "This is a live resurrection that you're all invited to."

When asked about his thoughts on the current state of music, Brown replied: "It's boring and bland at the moment."

Tickets for the two shows go on sale this Friday (October 21st) at 9.30am. They have confirmed the following shows: June 29 Manchester Heaton Park // June 30 Manchester Heaton Park.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Manic Street Preachers Won't Be Releasing Anymore Singles

Manic Street Preachers have revealed that they won't be releasing anymore singles.

In an recent interview bassist Nicky Wire said: "I think for a certain incarnation of the band it is a sort of end. I dunno if we'll be releasing singles again. The way everything in the music industry has changed, for an old guitar band like us to be bothering the charts seems somehow quaint."

He added: "It's definitely not the end of the band, we're still in love with each other and the notion of one final re-invention. We're trying to think of a final third way.''

The band will play London's O2 Arena on December 17 to celebrate the release of their complete singles collection 'National Treasures'.

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

The Maccabees Announce New Album Details

Brighton UK indie band, The Maccabees have announced that their new album 'Given To The Wild' will be released next year on January 9 (UK).

The band teamed up with producers Tim Goldsworthy and Bruno Ellingham (LCD Soundsystem and Massive Attack) to record the new album over the past year.

The 12-track album is said to be inspired by such acts as The Stone Roses, David Bowie and Kate Bush.

Check the traclist for 'Given To The Wild' below: 

01. Child
02. Pelican
03. Feel to Follow
04. Ayla
05. Glimmer
06. Forever I’ve Known
07. Heave
08. Go
09. Unknow
10. Went Away
11. Slowly One
12. Grew Up at Midnight

Monday, October 03, 2011

Kaiser Chiefs Worried About Future Of Guitar Bands

Kaiser Chiefs' Frontman Ricky Wilson gave a rather depressing depiction, stating that he is "not sure" if indie will survive. "Necessity is the mother of invention and there will always be music. Whether it will be a viable career for five guys with guitars I'm not sure at the moment but you know, they'll be there in a garage somewhere."

Simon did, however, point out that the music business is changing all the time, and he can't predict where things will turn next.

He said: "When he started [2008 album] 'Off With Their Heads' things like twitter didn't exist, things have moved on, when we did that, singles were sort of dying, then, now, singles are massive again and albums are on their way out.

"We just want people to hear the music, so it's about making it accessible to everyone. Change is good." They recently talked about the lack of attention given to the physical version of 'The Future Is Medieval'.

"The publicity around the 'choose your own version' overshadowed the CD so much that still no-one knows it's out" said Simon Rix.


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Saturday, October 01, 2011

BOTM October 2011 - RED DRAPES

Red Drapes are a four-piece from London, UK. Their melancholic sound and strong lyrical emphasis takes influence from post punk and new wave bands of the 80’s, The Smiths, Joy Division, Echo & The Bunnymen and The Cure.

Immersing themselves in the metropolis ideal of London, Red Drapes began to create melodious portraits of lovelorn places and their inhabitants. People, the self, and the romanticised notion of cities failing are all subject matters and lyrical stimulus.

Themes of isolation, banality, unhappiness can be felt and a dystopian and somewhat nihilistic view of modern life is documented and encapsulated in their songs.
Their debut was a five-track EP called 'Ep.1', produced by Laurie Latham (Echo & The Bunnymen). This immediately caught the attention of German label Humming Records who released the European version in February 2011.

The band have finally released their debut album called 'Suffer In Silence' (Artwork by Jing Lu) and you can buy it in their UK merch store: http://reddrapes.bigcartel.com/.

**Plus: 'False Alarm' reached the Top 100 in the category BEST TRACKS OF 2010 of Kool Rock Radio's Annual Report.