Wednesday, February 24, 2021

New Entry: deep tan Release New Single "camelot"

Hackney-based post punk/atmospheric pop trio deep tan have released  their new single "camelot".

The song is taken from their forthcoming EP 'creeping speedwells', which will be available on 4th June through Practise Music. Pre-order your copy here

Of the track, the band explain:“‘camelot’ is an unashamed tribute to ‘the sesh’. a group of people have just been evicted with only 48hrs notice, leading them to have one last rager in order to forget about the stress of not finding a new home with such short notice. coming in at less than two minutes, the frenetic energy of the track sets the scene for total obliteration…”

Take a listen below.

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Watch: Autogramm Unleash New Single/Video "No Rules"

Vancouver power pop trio Autogramm have unleashed the video for their new single "No Rules".

The song is the title track and first single from their forthcoming sophomore album 'Night Network', which will be available on April 16th through Nevado Records. 

Speaking about it, the band's The Silo says: "I’m an enthusiastic dancer. Skilled? No, but I love to dance, and this song is an ode to my relationship with dancing: Flex abandon, enter the void! It’s one of my favourite things to do. I don’t believe there are any rules in dance, apart from not hurting anyone else or infringing upon their personal space. It might seem weird to begin a song called “No Rules” with two rules, but it’s kind of like snake eating its tail no? No rules for no rules, including the absence of rules…”

Watch/listen below.

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NewDad Announce Debut EP 'Waves', Stream "Slowly"

Irish alt rock/slo-fi band NewDad have announced the release of their debut EP 'Waves'. aired the video for their catchy new single "I Don't Recognise You".

The 6-track EP, was recorded with Chris Ryan,and will be out on March 26 via Fair Youth Records, featuring their new single “Slowly.” 

Speaking about it, the band said: “It’s a song about a person admitting their feelings for you with no follow through, and the feelings of uncertainty that surround that. It’s one of our more energetic songs, and the whole song moves quite frantically around the drums to convey the feeling of confusion when you go through this. For a song called slowly we sure do play it fast and it hurts Áindle’s hands to play. It was definitely one of our roughest demos but Chris really helped to turn it into one of our favourite songs on the EP.”

Pre-order the EP here, check out the tracklist and the video for "Slowly", below.

Waves Tracklist:
01. Drown
03. Slowly
04. Blue
05. Hide
06. Waves

Watch/listen below.

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Lea Porcelain Announce NEw LP 'Choirs To Heaven', Stream "Ohio"

Berlin’s post-punk duo Lea Porcelain (aka Julien Brecht and Markus Nikolaus) have announced the release of their sophomore album 'Choirs To Heaven'. 

The follow-up to 2017's debut Hymns to the Night, will be out on May 21. Pre-order your copy here.

Speaking of the album, the duo share, “this album resembles a big moment for us. That is a recollection of so many memories we made over the last 2 years. We selected 11 tracks in total that contain almost every emotion we felt throughout this process. And we feel to have improved our songwriting on a lyrical level as well as on composition and production. The album is a walk through the different worlds of Lea Porcelain.”

Speaking about their new single, the duo said: "Ohio has been written and recorded in the beloved funkhaus in Berlin. It’s a song that means a lot to us and we hope you feel it is as we do. If you would like to support us, share the song with as many people as you can, put it in to your Spotify playlists and stream it day and night.". The video was directed by Peter Kaaden with Cezari Zacharewicz as DOP and Lera Abova as the main protagonist of the video, while being under quarantine in Funkhaus Berlin.

Check out the album's tracklist and watch the video for "Ohio," below.

Choirs To Heaven Tracklist:
01. Consent Of Cult
02. 100 Years
03. Pool Song
04. For Everything You Are
05. Future Hurry Slow
06. Choirs To Heaven
07. For The Light
08. Sink Into The Night
09. Shoot The Moon
10. Ohio
11. Just A Dream


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