Wednesday, September 29, 2021

New Entry: SPINN Release New Single "Stargazing"

Liverpool indie pop/dream pop/jangle band SPINN have released their new single "Stargazing".

The song is taken from their eagerly awaited second studio album 'Outside Of The Blue', set to arrive on November 5. Pre-order your copy here.

“It’s about this woman who is a vampire in this really rough fictional town in Iran called ‘Bad Town’,” says frontman Johnny Quinn. “She basically goes around and kills all the drug dealers and shit, but then she falls in love with this guy who looks like James Dean.”

“I don’t really cover that aspect in the song, but I just liked the way the person doing all the gory killing in the film was actually a woman. It’s so different to the sort of traditional horror films, where it’s always the woman getting chased by the big bad man. The majority of my favourite horror films are set in the early ’80s so that’s why it has such an ’80s style sound.”

Take a listen below.



Watch: Hembree Air Music Video For "Operators (feat. Bodye)"

Kansas City indie rock/alt band Hembree have aired the video for their newest single "Operators (feat. Bodye)".

The song is part of our  current playlist and came out last week (September 21). Get it here.

Written in their hometown and recorded remotely from home studios during lockdown, “Operators” is the only song of the band’s new releases that is directly about 2020. They'd always wanted to collaborate with their good friend, Bodye, and when Henry Solomon (Haim, Thumpasaurus) joined on saxophone, the track came to life. Vocalist Isaac Flynn has this to say on it:
"I wrote it right when all of the protests started in the summer, and the chorus in particular is about when the officers, national guard and even some of the city officials would act like they were with the protestors in solidarity, and then turn around and gas and attack them. That's where the idea of "they're saying: tell me where you want me to be, tell me what you want and you need, you can tell me" originated from. They were acting like they were there to help, but it was all for show. It all felt almost cartoonishly villainous to me. I wanted to reflect that in the lyrics and in the dark, dance heavy groove of the song.

Watch/listen below.

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Watch: Revolution Above Disorder Drops New Single/Video "Illuminate"

Vancouver-based Dubliner Stephen Nicholas White a.k.a. Stevie Moonboots (The Orange Kyte/House of Dolls/The Subterranean Satellite Band/Magic Shoppe) post punk/psych/electronic solo project Revolution Above Disorder has dropped the video for his new single "Illuminate".

The song, produced by ACTORS' Jason Corbett, features on their upcoming three-track single, set to arrive on October 22 through Sonic Blew/[PIAS]. Pre-order your copy here.

Revolution Above Disorder is a melting pot of post-punk, psychedelic rock and electronic music with raw, sincere vocals underpinning the songs.

"Illuminate’ is the song that kick started Revolution Above Disorder. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, I’d just come off a European tour with Magic Shoppe and I found myself having to cancel scheduled plans with The Orange Kyte. In my downtime I began to reevaluate where I was headed musically and I realized I’d become dissatisfied with what I’d been doing. As I searched through old demos from the past, some going back over a decade, I was excited to hear songs with real potential that either I’d abandoned or just plain forgotten about. I grew interested in the idea of this modern day version of myself collaborating with my chaotic and directionless former self. I wanted to finish what I’d started many years prior. '‘Illuminate’ was the first one I needed to record," says Stephen Nicholas White.

Where The Orange Kyte was an exercise in just saying yes to everything and seeing what happens, allowing the sound and personnel to morph, twist and evolve, Revolution Above Disorder differs insofar as there is a very well-defined and over-arching post-punk/psychedelic aesthetic driving the project. Unlike the lo-fi garage pop, thrown-together spirit of The Orange Kyte, the songs have all undergone the demoing process, and White has opted for a more polished and meticulously crafted approach in the studio with producer Jason Corbett.

With Revolution Above Disorder, White has rediscovered his first sonic love, a blend of psychedelic rock and post-punk suffused with strong electronic elements in the manner of bands like Primal Scream, Death in Vegas, UNKLE and Radiohead to earlier inspirations such as David Bowie, Brian Eno, Lou Reed, Iggy Pop, CAN and Kraftwerk.

Watch/listen below.

Watch: Ian Sweet Drops New Single /Video "f*ckthat"

Los Angeles indie rock/bedroom pop artist Ian Sweet (aka Jilian Medford) has dropped the video for her new single "f*ckthat".

The song is taken from their forthcoming eighth studio album 'N', which will be available on November 13th through Polyvinyl Record​s. Pre-order your copy here.

It's hard not to relate to the song's meaning, as Medford explains, "My phone causes me a lot of anxiety! I really only like to use it to take videos and pictures of my dog. This song is about not wanting to answer calls anymore and wishing I could just throw it out the window and disassociate from its evil/stress inducing technology."

Produced by Manitoba duo deadmen (Royal Canoe), Medford's voice soars in jubilant defiance over a pulsating bass line and four-on-the-floor stomp, sending its caller in question headfirst into voicemail. It's her strongest showing yet, and an exciting look at things to come as IAN SWEET's sound continues to evolve with pop precision.

Watch/listen below.

Watch: Foxx Bodies Unleash New Single/Video "Runaway"

Los Angeles garage rock/surf punk band Foxx Bodies have unleashed the video for their new single "Runaway".

The song is taken from their forthcoming eighth studio album 'Vixen', which will be available on November 5 through Kill Rock Stars. Pre-order your copy here.

Watch/listen below.

Watch: Planet Unveil New Single/Video "Ship Won't Change"

Sydney indie rock/pop band Planet have unveiled the video for their newest single "Ship Won't Change".

The song, produced by the band themselves alongside Foo Fighters and Muse collaborator Adrian Bushby, is out today (September 29). Get it here.

Speaking about it, frontman Matty Took says: “‘Ship Won’t Change’ was a latecomer to the mix of album songs – the song itself came together pretty easily as it’s a classic folk tune at heart. I sent the demo over to Tommy [Peppitt, guitarist] and he came back straight away with that vibey guitar that comes in the second verse. He added some cool synth and string sounds which were eventually tracked for real by Pete Whitfield in Manchester. During the mixing process, we wanted to add in harmonies – Lily & Grace from CLEWS came to mind straight away. They came round and nailed the whole song in like 30 mins. The lyrics are about being in a relationship but always feeling like it could fuck up at any time, so much that it makes you feel whack. The ‘ship’, being the relationship and trying to keep it from changing.”

Watch/listen below.


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