Friday, August 23, 2019

Watch: Death Bells Reveal Music Video For "Life Stands Still"

Sydney dream pop/post-punk band Death Bells have revealed the video for "Life Stands Still".

The song is part of our current playlist and is taken from the 7" Around the Bend" // "Life Stands Still", out now via Metropolitan Indian Records. Buy it here.

The video was directed by Blair Gauld. Check out below.


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The New Pornographers Drop New Single "The Surprise Knock"

Canadian power-pop/indie rock band The New Pornographers have dropped their new single "The Surprise Knock".

The song is taken from their forthcoming album 'In The Morse Code Of Brake Lights', which will be out on September 27 via their our own record label Collected Works in partnership with Concord Records. Pre-order your copy here.

Take a listen below.


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The Fantastic Plastics Unveil New Single/Video "Perfect Strangers"

NYC sci-fi punk/neo-new wave duo The Fantastic Plastics (aka Miranda and Tyson Plastic) have unveiled the video for their new single "Perfect Strangers".

The song is taken from their upcoming album 'Malfunction', which will hit the stores on October 4th.

The video was created by Keller Michael the Dystopia Kid . Watch below.


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Watch: Dives Premiere New Single/Video "Chico"

Vienna-based indie pop/garage punk/surf rock band Dives have premiered the video for their new single "Chico".

The song is out nowvia Siluh Records, and is taken from their upcoming debut album 'Teenage Years are Over', which will be released on November 15.

The video was directed by Kevin Pham. Check out below.


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Watch: The New Division Shares Music Video For "Modus"

LA-based new wave/synthpop/electronic artist John Glenn Kunkel aka The New Division has shared the video for his new single "Modus".

The song is part of our current playlist and came out earlier this month. Buy it here. Its is the second single of his forthcoming fourth album 'Hidden Memories'. 

Watch the video below, it was directed by Saumene Mehrdady.

01. Modus
02. Tonight
03. Worth It

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Watch: The Night Café Release "Mixed Signals" Music Video

Liverpool indie pop/alt band The Night Café have released the video for their latest single "Mixed Signals".

The song is part of our current playlist and is taken from the band's debut album '0151', out today, 23rd August via AWAL Records. Get your copy here.

Watch the video below.


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Watch: The Wants Air New Single/Video "Fear My Society"

New York art-pop trio The Wants (featuring Bodega members Madison Velding-VanDam and Heather Elle) have aired the video for their new single "Fear My Society".

About the song, vocalist and guitarist Madison Velding-VanDam comments: "’Fear My Society’ is a song that has gone through multiple genre shifts and moods until it finally clicked this past year. In one sense, the lyrics couldn’t be more straightforward — a reflection of the always-shifting (though recently seismically so) political, economic, and technological atmosphere of the United States.”

"But I didn’t write the song in reaction to this. I was reflecting on the pressures I put on myself to achieve — “will you love me if I’m a failure?” is an honest concern of mine, a universal and primal concern that spans generations and even species. I’m interested in always pushing a step further towards what scares me.”

The video was directed by Madison Carroll and Madison Velding-VanDam. Watch it below.


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