Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Watch: Roadkeeper Share Music Video For "Enemy Mine"

Texas indie rock/psych/shoegaze four-piece Roadkeeper have shared the video for their their politically charged single "Enemy Mine".

With a blend of shimmering psychedelic guitar, assertive synthesizers and melodic vocals, ‘Enemy Mine’ tells the story of young people vulnerable to far-right radicalisation. It encompasses everything that Roadkeeper are about.

Roadkeeper on the meaning behind the track: "The lyrics to Enemy Mine were written about the far right radicalization of vulnerable young people in the US by white nationalist professional pundits who are fed viewers and readers by algorithms on social media and YouTube. There is an organized effort to convert impressionable young people into radical white supremacists and encourage them to undertake radical action against marginalized people and progressive political movements. Enemy Mine is about the dissonance between the perceived realities of radical white supremacists and that of everyone else."

Get the song here and watch the video below.

Watch: Sports Team Air New Single/Video "Happy (God's Own Country)"

London indie rock band Sports Team have aired the video for their new single "Happy (God's Own Country)".

The song is out today (April 21) via Island Records. Get your copy here.

Watch/listen below.


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Watch: easy life Release Music Video For "skeletons"

Leicester alternative/indie dance band easy life have released the video for their newest single "skeletons".

The song is part of our current playlist and is taken from their forthcoming new album 'life’s a beach', which will be available on 4th June through Island Records. Pre-order your copy here.

‘a message to myself’ is easy life’s most candid and cathartic moment  to date. a symphonic essay on depression - and a rallying call for self-love - the band worked on the track alongside world-class producer bekon, whose credits include kendrick lamar’s ‘damn’ and bj the chicago kid’s ‘in my mind’. one of modern pop’s more unsuspecting stars, ‘a message to myself’, says easy life front-man murray, “is a reminder to keep doing you. it’s a celebration of individualism at all costs. be yourself, nobody can do you better.”

WAtch the clip below.

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Watch: The Goa Express Reveal New Single/Video "Second Time"

Manchester indie rock/alt band The Goa Express have released the video for their new single "Second Time".

The song is out now through Ra-Ra Rok Records. Get it here.

From the band: “’Second Time’ is a song about young people making the same mistakes over and over and over again, a warming ballad which breaks aside from our live performances, foolishly thinking, that it’s able to mend itself. The video captures our journey from our roots in Burnley and Todmorden to Manchester. Directed by Mairead O'Connor and shot by Andy Little." 

Watch/listen below.

New Entry: deep tan Unleash New Single "hollow scene"

Hackney-based post punk/atmospheric pop trio deep tan have unleashed their latest single "hollow scene".

The song is part of our current playlist and is taken from their forthcoming EP 'creeping speedwells', which will be available on 4th June through Practise Music. Pre-order your copy here

Of the track, the band explain:“hollow scene’s about the feeling of having to move through life with a certain level of detachment in order to function, gatekeeping empathy for the sake of an easy life, if you will. it’s all a pretty draining business and can make any real search for meaning feel futile .. meursault was wrong and he was right .. robert smith, however, is always right ..”

Stream it below.

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Watch: The Polyphonic Spree Drop Music Video For "She’s A Rainbow"

Texas psych pop rock supergroup The Polyphonic Spree have dropped the video for their cover version of The Rolling Stones classic "She’s A Rainbow". 

The song is taken from their recent covers album 'Afflatus', get your copy here. The band is currently at work on a new, full-length original album, slated for release this fall.

“She’s A Rainbow” has been a staple of The Polyphonic Spree’s live set for years, but DeLaughter’s history with The Rolling Stones goes all the way back to high school, as he told Ultimate Classic Rock today. “I was a freshman in high school. Me and another kid, Kevin Swanson, had a band, and all we played were Stones songs,” he explains. “We got the opportunity to play in front of the lunch crowd, outside in the commons area.  We started the show with ‘Jumping Jack Flash.’ It was all going great. Then we were blazing through ‘Brown Sugar’ when some kid unplugged the power to the PA, and everything went silent, which in turn, turned my failing friend into a cussing dad who just hit his thumb with a hammer. I quickly realized it was all over, no more show, total let down. That was the last time I ever played The Rolling Stones live, until we played ‘She’s A Rainbow.’”

Watch the video below.


Watch: Siamese Elephants Unveil New Single/Video "Social Club"

Vienna indie/alt/garage rock band Siamese Elephants have unveiled the video for their new single "Social Club".

The song is out now and is taken from their upcoming new album "what happened at the social club?", out this  Friday (April 23) via Seayou Records. Pre-order it here.

Watch/listen below.


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New Entry: Sunstinger Share New Single "Shadows"

UK post punk/shoegaze band Sunstinger have shared their new single "Shadows".

The song is taken from their upcoming 4-track debut EP 'Beyond The Frame', which was written during lockdown 1. Grab it here.

Speaking about the band's Taylor Wright said: "[The song] is about people we knew while we were younger and how we see them doing the same things now that they were doing back then. Is about getting past that. Where we are from, it doesn't happen very often and people often get stuck in a cycle. But being from around here, these villages become a part of you. So there's always a temptation to fall back into your old ways. It's like a comfort. It's about temptations and how your decisions have an impact on who you become."

Have a listen below.


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New Entry: Minuit Machine Air New Single "Basic Needs"

French dark electro wave duo Minuit Machine has aired their infectious new single "Basic Needs".

The song is taken from their upcoming EP "Basic Needs", out this Friday, April 23 through warriorecords. Buy it here.

"Basic Needs finds the pair in top form, fusing their infectious synths, dark waves and alluring vocals for a jaded yet playful piece which lingers in your mind long after."

Take a listen below.


Watch: Nylenda Release Music Video For "Mandala"

Norwegian psych-electronica trio Nylenda have released the video for their newest single "Mandala".

The song is part of our current playlist and is the first taste of their forthcoming new album 'Medicating a Prophet'. Get it here.

The video features footage from the band live at Kunsthall Stavanger (May 5, 2019). Watch it below.

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Watch: The Wars Drop Music Video For "The Inside"

Berlin based new wave/post-punk band The Wars have dropped the video for "The Inside".

The song is the second release of their 'The Outside' EP,  and it will also appear on a DeLuxe version of our We Are One EP which will contain all original mixes and plenty of remixes and will be released later this year. 

Speaking about it, they said: "The Inside, is a song about total loneliness and alienation. A feeling that many of us might have in this pandemic situation." 

The band are currently working on a new full length album to be released in Spring 2022.

Watch the video below.