Monday, June 28, 2021

Soft Riot Releases New Compilation 'Second Lives'

Glasgow-based synth pop/electronic/minimal/dark wave musician JJD aka Soft Riot has released 'Second Lives', a new compilation of rare and reworked tracks. 

The compilation features completely redone versions of a few older tracks from the 2013 album Fiction Prediction, outtake un-released tracks from When Push Comes To Shove (2019) and Chin Up (2020) as well as newer mixes of out-of-print cover songs: "Lovers In A Dangerous Time" by Bruce Cockburn and "We Are The Chopped" by Nomeansno.

Originally the concept for such a release was to be a more comprehensive archive of unreleased material that has been collecting over the past decade, including demos, odd bits and other ephemera, but with this final version as Second Lives, sees the release fine-tuned into an album of its own right, focusing on key tracks and bringing out their strengths, updating old tracks — often ones that are still played out live — to give them new life and perspective.

Stream the album below the tracklisting.

Second Lives Tracklist:
01. Lovers In A Dangerous Time (Bruce Cockburn cover)
02. Cinema Eyes (Version IV)
03. Another Drone In Your Head (Second Version)
04. Your Back To The Stone (March Version)
05. Write Yourself Into The Void (Second Version) (Nomeansno cover)
06. We Are The Chopped (Second Version)
07. Fool For A Day
08. Long And Tangled Thoughts

Watch: Desperate Journalist Air New Single/Video "Everything You Wanted"

London indie rock/indie pop/post punk/alt band  Desperate Journalist have aired the video for their new single "Everything You Wanted".

The song is taken from their forthcoming third studio album 'Maximum Sorrow!', which will be out on July 2 through Fierce Panda. Pre-order your copy here.

Watch/listen below.


The Zephyr Bones Announce New LP 'Neon Body', Stream "No One"

Barcelona-based beach wave/psych pop band The Zephyr Bones have announced the release of their second studio album 'Neon Body'.

The follow-up to 2017's Secret Place, was produced by Brian Silva and Santi Garcia, and will be out in October (exact date TBC) through La Castanya. Pre-order your copy here.

The record finds the four-piece, made up of Silva (vocals, guitar and synthesizers), Jossip Tkalcic (guitar and vocals), Marc López (drums), and Carlos Ramos (bass), exploring ideas centered around love, self-affirmation, loss, and hope. Musically, it finds the group tapping into their "beach wave" aesthetic once more, a style of music that they helped nurture alongside a few other groups in Barcelona back in 2017. It is sound and approach to music gravitated around spangled psych-rock reminiscent of the radiant, sunkissed environments that surround the scene.

With the new single, "No One", the band turns the dial on those zipping riffs and fervent rhythms, setting a tempo for the rest of the album – tracklist and artwork to come shortly – with dizzying washes of guitar and synth. It's a fine example of the band's off-center approach to psych-rock that finds scintillating pace inter-locking with a wonderful penchant for melody. Speaking about the first single, Silva says: "'No One' surprises us in the same way that love does when it arrives: that instant connection, an instant match on the first listen. A feast of suggestive guitars and synths that encourages both dancing and humming to a magnetic chorus."

Director, Artur Tort expands on the concept behind the video to say: "We wanted to create a very rhythmic video with ecstatic and contemplative moments. We used natural landscapes, trees, and flowers, creating psychedelic dialogues with the music. We shot in film and exposed it in various frame rates to explore some of the mystical and poetic qualities that it can provide. We combined it with some portraits and screen tests of the musicians. They all have their own character and personality in the way they dress, move and express themselves, and we tried to reflect all that as much as we could." 

Get the single here and watch the video below.

Neon Body Tracklist:
01. So High
02. Verneda Lights
03. No One
04. Afterglow
05. Sparks
06. Neon Eyes
07. Plastic Freedom
08. Rocksteady
09. Velvet
10. Celeste V


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Watch: Veda Rays Release Music Video For "Dissonance"

Brooklyn post punk/dream pop/indie rock band Veda Rays have released the video for their latest single "Dissonance".

The song is part of our current playlist and is taken from their forthcoming new  album 'Crucial Fictions', out later this year. Get it here.

From the band: “We are excited to release our new video for “Dissonance”. The track blends the urgency of post-punk, the atmosphere of dream rock, and the song craft of indie. The lyrics explore the process of attempting to reconcile so many seemingly contradictory elements in these strange times. The imagery expands on this concept in many interesting ways. There is A LOT going on in the video, so repeat viewings are a must.”

Watch the video below.

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