Monday, January 20, 2020

New Entry: Pretty. Premiere New Single "The Motion"

Los Angeles, CA indie pop/new wave band Pretty. have premiered their catchy new single "The Motion".

The song is out now. Buy it here and stream it below.



New Entry: Stanleys Unleash New Single "A Better Life"

Wigan indie pop/rock four-piece Stanleys have unleashed their new single "A Better Life".

“A Better Life is a story about an old man looking back at his life and thinking of what could have been. It’s got a bit of sentimental value.”

The song is out now, grab it here and stream it below.


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Watch: The Ninth Wave Reveal "Flower into Wounds" Music Video

Glasgow noise pop/post-punk band The Ninth Wave have reveal the video for their latest single "Flower into Wounds".

The song is part of our current playlist and is taken from their debut album  'Infancy', released in November last year. Grab it here.

The band's words: “The title of this song was influenced from the opening line of a chapter in J. G. Ballard’s infamous novel ‘Crash’, in which the protagonist discovers his arousal when is body is harmed in car crashes. As the book progresses, his body becomes more battered and bruised, with him explaining that his body is “flowering into wounds”. I thought this was a beautiful way to describe something so grotesque and it resonated with myself in a different situation. Put plainly, Flower Into Wounds is a song about emotional masochism and finding some sort of enjoyment in having your heart battered and bruised. Joern Utkilen, Amelia’s uncle, directed this video and helped us present the essence of this song visually..”.

Watch the clip below.


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Watch: LegPuppy Unveil Lyric Video For "Tears (feat. Voi Vang)"

London indie psych/dance/electropunk band LegPuppy have unveiled a lyric video for "Tears (feat Voi Vang)" .

The song is taken from their latest album 'Non Disclosure Agreement', which came out in June 2019. Grab it here if you haven't already.

"The cycle of life, death, and rebirth, without beginning or end". ... Every rebirth is temporary and impermanent. In each rebirth one is born and dies, to be reborn elsewhere in accordance with one's own karma. The Buddha. Written about a past life regression experience." Dedicated to Robyn, forever glow.

Watch the clip below.


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Watch: East. Share Music Video For "La Isla Bonito"

French post punk/cold indie wave band East. have shared the video for their latest single "La Isla Bonito". 

The song is taken from their 'Saut Sauvage'EP, which came out in October 2018. Get it here.

Watch it below.


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New Entry: White Flowers Air New Single "Night Drive"

Preston, UK dream pop/ shoegaze/noir pop duo White Flowers (Katie Drew and Joey Cobb) have  aired their ethereal new single "Night Drive".

The song is out now and is taken from their debut AA side 12" Night Drive / Portra, out 14th February via Tough Love. Pre-order your copy here.

Co-produced by Doves’ guitarist, Jez Williams, Night Drive’s guitars carry a Kevin Shields-esque drone, as they swirl above its fragmented arrangement. Apocalyptic in nature, it twists and turns - thematically covering anxiety, fragility and frustration, while reminding that, even in the lowest of moments, one should not lose hope.

‘Creating and crafting the songs has always been a therapeutic outlet for us,’ Cobb stated. ‘It’s been a long process, but it’s been one which has helped us deal with the frustration, worries and difficulties that come with every day life. It’s definitely a very cathartic record. It serves as a kind of journal of growing up and maturing in the 21st Century.’

Stream it below.