Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Cribs Announce Singles Collection 'Payola'

The Cribs have announced details of a new singles collection album set to be released in February 2013.

Entitled 'Payola', the collection will mark the tenth anniversary of their first release by bringing together 22 tracks from their entire career. The collection will include one previously unreleased track  'Leather Jacket Love Song', which was the last song to feature former Cribs guitarist Johnny Marr.

Speaking about 'Payola', singer and guitarist Ryan Jarman told: "A lot of best of albums are just money for old rope, so we've tried to make this as special as possible."

'Payola' will be released on CD and vinyl in its standard format, with an additional deluxe version, featuring an exclusive 18 track B-Sides and rarities album, to comprise the 40 track "Anthology Edition".

'Payola' tracklisting is as follows:

01. Another Number
02. Come On, Be A No-One
03. I’m A Realist
04. Hey Scenesters
05. We Share The Same Skies
06. You Were Always The One
07. Anna
08. Cheat On Me
09. Back to The Bolthole
10. We Were Aborted
11. Our Bovine Public
12. I’ve Tried Everything
13. Direction
14. Glitters Like Gold
15. Be Safe
16. Mirror Kisses
17. Men’s Needs
18. We Can No Longer Cheat
19. Chi-Town
20. The Wrong Way To Be
21. City Of Bugs
22. Leather Jacket Love Song


01. Glandular Fever Got The Best Of Me
02. On A Hotel Wall
03. Saturday Night Facts Of Life
04. Kind Words From The Broken Hearted
05. It Happened So Fast
06. Eat Me
07. Fairer Sex
08. Advice From A Roving Artist
09. You’re Gonna Lose Us
10. Get Yr Hands Out Of My Grave
11. My Adolescent Dreams
12. Bastards Of Young
13. To Jackson
14. Better Than Me
15. So Hot Now
16. Is Anybody There?
17. Don’t You Wanna Be Relevant?
18. Don’t Believe In Me

Payola is released by Wichita Records on February 25.