Tuesday, May 07, 2019

New Entry: Summer Cannibals Air New Single "False Anthem"

Portland, OR indie rock/punk/alt band Summer Cannibals have aired theri new single "False Anthem".

The song is taken from the upcoming new album "Can't Tell Me No", out on June 28th via Tiny Engines. Pre-order your copy here.

Take a listen below.


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New Entry: FRITZ Reveals New Single "Ghost Poke"

Newcastle surf pop/noise pop/shoegaze musician FRITZ (aka 19-year-old Tilly Murphy) has revealed her new single "Ghost Poke".

Speaking of the track, Tilly explains: “Ghost Poke is a song, like many of mine, that’s about a few things in one – all quite similar topics though. ‘Ghost Poke’ is a term I coined that is basically when someone treats you like a ghost and only ever talks to you when they want something or when they’re desperate for someone to talk to. I’ve known so many people like that and it’s made me feel like I’m alone all the time, which I’m obviously not but I’ve got it into my head that people who talk to me only do to be kind.”

The song is out now via Break Even Recordings. Grab it here. and stream it below.



New Entry: Sea Girls Unleash New Single "Damage Done"

UK indie rock/alt band Sea Girls have unleashed their new single "Damage Done".

The song is out today (May 7). Grab it here and stream it below.


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Watch: SPINN Reveal Music Video For "Believe It Or Not"

Liverpool indie pop/dream pop/jangle band SPINN have revealed the video for  "Believe It Or Not".

The song is part of our current playlist and is taken from their self-titled debut album, which caem out last week (3rd May). Grab your copy here.

The video was produced by Dominic Foster. Watch it below.



The Night Café Announce Debut LP '0151', Stream "Please"

Liverpool indie pop/alt band The Night Café have announced they will release their debut full length album titled '0151'.

The 18-track records will be out on 23rd August via AWAL Records, and features their new single "Please". Pre-order your copy here.

Check out the album's tracklist and watch a lyric for their new single below.

0151 Tracklist:
01. 0151 Intro
02. Finders Keepers
03. Felicity
04. Please
05. Mother
06. Breathing In
07. Turn
08. Calling Your Name (Again)
09. Endless Lovers
10. Strange Clothes
11. Take Care, Pt. 1
12. I Know (I'm Sure)
13. Addicted
14. I'm Fine
15. In My Head
16. A Message To Myself
17. Mixed Signals
18. Leave Me Alone


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Watch: Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds Drop "Black Star Dancing" Video

Noel Gallagher and his High Flying Birds have revealed their new single "Black Star Dancing".

The song is is taken from the upcoming EP of the same name, set for release on 14th June. Pre-order your copy here.

The video was directed by Dan Cadan and Johnathan Mowatt. Watch below.

Imperial Teen Announce New LP 'Now We Are Timeless', Stream "We Do What We Do Best"

San Francisco-based  indie pop band Imperial Teen have announced the release of their new album 'Now We Are Timeless', their first in 7 years.

The album will be out on July 12 via Merge, annd was recorded at Conway Sound in Denver by Ryan Conway and Josh Denhardt and at the Pie Studios in Los Angeles by Mickey Petralia and Nels Jensen, additional recording was done by Anna Waronker at her home in Los Angeles. Pre-order your copy here.

About the new single "We Do What We Do Best", the band said: “Using our voice is all we can do, we step up, collective and proud, this family of ours that’s sustained and explored creatively for over twenty years. We’re not saying we do what we do better than anyone, but the individuality of our collective voice is all that we have and it’s what we do. We Do What We Do Best.”

Check out the album;'s tracklist and listen to their new single below.

Now We Are Timeless tracklist:
01. I Think That’s Everything
02. We Do What We Do Best
03. Don’t Wanna Let You Go
04. Walkaway
05. How We Say Goodbye
06. Parade
07. Somebody Like Me
08. Ha
09. The Girl
10. Timeless

Watch: Pixx Unveils Music Video For New Single "Andean Condor"

UK indie pop artist Pixx (aka 23 year-old Hannah Rodgers) has unveiled the video for her new single "Andean Condor".

The song is taken from her upcoming her new album ‘Small Mercies’, which will be out on 7th June via 4AD. Pre-order you copy here.

Watch the video below.


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Watch: Beach Baby Share Music Video For New Single "Lovin' Feeling"

London based alternative/jangle pop outfit Beach Baby have shared the video for their brand new single "Lovin' Feeling".

The band's words: "Written and produced by Ollie, with a video directed by Lawrence, this was such a fun song to write and record and felt like a real departure for us musically. It’s a song about romantic burnout, but it’s got a real late night party feel and sound. Let those congas moooove you! The whole track was recorded in our improvised garden shed studio in south east London - also known as ‘The Lodge’."

The song is out today (May 7), grab it here and watch the the clip below.

Generationals Announce New LP 'Reader As Detective', Air "I Turned My Back on the Written Word"

New Orleans indie pop-rock duo Generationals have announced the release of their new album 'Reader As Detective'.

The album will be out on July 19th, and is the result of purposeful time spent honing Generationals’ craft as progressive songwriters. With the help of producer and longtime collaborator Dan Black, they dug into new methods of creation with a fearlessness for experimentation that is equally vital to the experience of both artist and listener. Pre-order your copy here.

Reader As Detective weds vintage pop canon and modern pop production in a way this duo has proven incomparably adept. From the cornerstone sample of “I Turned My Back on the Written Word,” (a recontextualization of an unreleased b-side) to the playful synths & stuttered drums of “Dream Box,” and jogging rhythms of "Breaking Your Silence," Generationals continue to push the envelope by playing by their own rules.

Check out the album's tracklist and the video for their new single "I Turned My Back on the Written Word", below.

Reader As Detective Tracklist:
01. I’ve Been Wrong Before
02. I Turned My Back on the Written Word
03. Breaking Your Silence
04. A List of the Virtues
05. Gatekeeper
06. Xeno Bobby
07. Society of Winners
08. Deadbeat Shiver
09. Save This For Never
10. Dream Box


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