Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Arctic Monkeys' Alex Turner: I Don't Mind Being Compared To Oasis At All

Alex Turner has revealed that he doesn't mind that the Arctic Monkeys get compared to Oasis in North America.

The band, who released their anticipated new album 'Suck It And See' this week, said that Oasis were an important band to them growing up.

When asked about whether he minded being compared to Oasis, frontman Alex Turner, told Reuters: ''Not really, I mean, it's like we're both a British rock and roll band, we're kind of bound to get compared to Oasis in other countries."

He added: ''We are both from the North, similar haircut. But musically, it is a little bit different. I mean, we are huge fans of them, growing up and all that, they were a really important band for us. I don't mind being compared to Oasis at all."

He also said that though he believed the band's fourth LP was mellower than their previous efforts, it also contained fast paced songs like those in their early work.

Turner said: "I think it's pretty frantic at times. It has its moments that are a bit more like the chimey guitar thing, like reverberated out that occurs in quite a lot of the songs and I suppose that does give it quite a mellow aspect. I guess probably compared with the first two, it is not as fast and crazy. But it has moments like that."