Monday, January 11, 2021

Watch: Sleaford Mods Unveil New Single/Video "Nudge It" Ft. Amy Taylor

Nottingham indie rock/punk duo Sleaford Mods (aka Jason Williamson and Andrew Fearn) have  unveiled the video for their new single "Nudge It", featuring Amy Taylor from Amyl and The Sniffers.

The song is taken from their forthcoming sixth studio album 'Spare Ribs', set to arrive on January 15 2021 via Rough Trade. Pre-order your copy here.

From the duo: "Imagine you’ve got limited options, unsure how you’re getting by that week, looking out the window of the damp flat you don’t want to live in, and seeing a bunch of posers having a photo shoot because ‘cool architecture bro, we feel your pain’.

Reduced circumstance isn’t a pantomime. If you haven’t lived within its confines don’t use it to enamour your ideas. It confuses the platform for those that truly live it and more often than not buries creative breakthroughs because the arena is polluted by the view of their world through someone else’s privileged lense.

So beware the eager networkers, don’t settle for the 20p payout, nudge it, pop the posers. And don’t apologise for the fucker either."

Watch/listen below.

Gary Numan Announces New LP 'Intruder', Stream Title Track

English electro-industrial pioneer Gary Numan has announced the release of his 18th solo studio album 'Intruder'.

The follow-up to 2017’s Savage: Songs From A Broken World, was was recorded between sessions at Numan’s home studio in Los Angeles and at producer Ade Fenton’s studio in Bath, it will be out on May 21. Pre-order your copy here.

Whereas ‘Savage’ depicted earth as a barren wasteland in which humanity and culture had been largely crushed by the effects of global warming, ‘Intruder’ presents a fresh but complementary narrative. It’s a philosophical examination of a potential future apocalypse: the planet can only survive by purging its inhabitants.

Numan explains: “‘Intruder’ looks at climate change from the planet’s point of view. If Earth could speak, and feel things the way we do, what would it say? How would it feel? The songs, for the most part, attempt to be that voice, or at least try to express what I believe the earth must feel at the moment. 

The planet sees us as its children now grown into callous selfishness, with a total disregard for it’s well being. It feels betrayed, hurt and ravaged. Disillusioned and heartbroken it is now fighting back. Essentially, it considers human kind to be a virus attacking the planet. Climate change is the undeniable sign of the Earth saying enough is enough, and finally doing what it needs to do to get rid of us, and explaining why it feels it has to do it.” 

The title track and lead single provides a tantalising taster of what to expect. As austere synths loom like shadows and industrial beats are detonated, Numan’s beguiling hook towers like a beacon in the darkness. It’s visionary, fierce and fascinating: three traits that have become hallmarks of the musician’s influential career. The song, he says, finds “the Earth angry and hostile, and more than willing to fight back.” 

Since coming to prominence with era-defining hits such as ‘Cars’ and ‘Are ‘Friends’ Electric?’ (with Tubeway Army), Gary Numan has remained consistently creative and released a huge catalogue of work. His impact on electronic and alternative music has been hailed by pioneers such as Prince, David Bowie and Nine Inch Nails and remains impactful today, with Kanye West and Lady Gaga both crediting him as an influence. He was rewarded with the prestigious Inspiration Award at the Ivor Novellos in 2017 and shared his remarkable story with 2020’s candid autobiography ‘(R)evolution’.

Check out the albums tracklist and the video for "Intruder" below.

Intruder Tracklist:
01. Betrayed
02. The Gift
03. I Am Screaming
04. Intruder
05. Is This World Not Enough
06. A Black Sun
07. The Chosen
08. And It Breaks Me Again
09. Saints And Liars
10. Now And Forever
11. The End of Dragons

New Entry: Yung Share New Single "Friends On Ice"

Danish indie rock band Yung have shared their new single "Friends On Ice". 

The song is taken from their upcoming second full-length album 'Ongoing Dispute', set to arrive on January 22 via PNKSLM Recordings. Pre-order your copy here.

Take a listen below.


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