Friday, January 22, 2021

Watch: A Projection Unveil New Single/Video "Darwin's Eden"

Swedish dark wave/alt band A Projection have unveiled the video for their new single "Darwin's Eden".

The song is out today (January 22). Get your copy here.

Watch/listen below.

New Entry: The Rotanas Share New Single "Spinner"

Cardiff based indie rock band The Rotanas have shared their brand new single "Spinner".

The song, recorded by Richard Jakson (Pretty Vicious, The Automatic, Super Furry Animals), mixed by Nick Brine (Oasis, The Stone Roses, The Verve), and mastered by Pete Maher (The Rolling Stones, U2), is out today (January 22). Get it here.

UPDATE 25/01/2021: "Spinner" is out new Single of the Week!

Speaking of the inspiration behind the song songwriter James Wilson commented: 'Spinner' is a song about the talentless deceivers in the music industry who try to sell you a dream and manipulate you for their own benefits which are often financial. They hide in the darkness and as soon as they see a glimmer of success they make their move.”

The Rotanas class their sound as Gritpop, a sound which is both gritty and smooth; instantly catchy but also subtle and sophisticated.

Take a listen below.

Watch: SWIMM Air Music Video For "You Never Fake It"

L.A psych pop/rock band SWIMM have revealed their new single "You Never Fake It" featuring Lauren Ruth Ward.

The song, "an intimate ballad complete with lush synthesizers and an entrancing drum+bass," is out now. Buy it here.

Detailing the backstory of the song, SWIMM said: The story of “You Never Fake It” was actually birthed out of one rainy night in Manhattan I had a few years ago but when I hear this song it brings me back to the first couple weeks of quarantine. It was actually very stormy during that time so the air outside was ripe with panic and urban drainage, while inside my warehouse… mostly panic, ganja and sweatpants. Turns out productivity can really blossom when you’re not sneaking into the ballroom bathrooms of East LA snorting Cayenne pepper with strangers for a head rush. This new allotment of focus time let me dive into the production of this one… 

This is gonna sound a little Indigo-child dream-catcher vibe but I kept hearing “Kim”, the somewhat illusory character of the song, in my head when I was recording and wanted to somehow capture the spirit of her and have it feel analogous to the way you can kind of capture a memory in a song. So I texted my best bud and bandmate of our side project Aging Actress, Lauren Ruth Ward and asked her to sing some words into her phone and text them back. I didn’t give her the tempo or key, which was really silly of me now that I think about it but somehow what she did just worked perfectly. I guess it helps that she is the best singer on the damn planet.  Eventually I asked her to sing on the bridge and kinda go for it for the end of the song. 

In an odd sense, I have some weird nostalgia for those first few weeks. And I don’t mean that in any disrespect to those that were sick or hurting. It’s just that I really escaped to and lived in that song for that time and through the beauty of art or whatever, that place became more real to me than the terrifying state of things."

Watch the video below.


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Flyying Colours Confirm Details of New Album 'Fantasy Country'

Melbourne psych/shoegaze band Flyying Colours have confirmed details of their upcoming sophomore album 'Fantasy Country',

The follow-up to their critically acclaimed 2016's debut album Mindfullness, will be out on February 26th via London-based independent label, Club AC30. Taking inspiration from the early 90s UK psych/shoegaze scene, ‘Fantasy Country’ is rich in sonic texture and shimmering atmospherics with a heavy dose of melody. Pre-order your copy here.

“While it’s been a long time seemingly between records it doesn’t feel like that so much for us. We have previously been able to throw ourselves into recording over a period of time, however with this record was about creating that time in between touring and life. We are real people who work to pay our rent and to be able to go on tour,” says band member Brodie J Brümmer.

“This album was supposed to now be 6-12 months old. We take touring and supporting our music live pretty seriously so it would have been very difficult for us to put out this album during the early stages of the pandemic. We are very lucky to be in Australia right now where shows are starting up again, and we of course hope to be touring internationally again soon,” he adds.

Check out the album's tracklist and revisit the video for their latest single "Big Mess", below.

Fantasy Country tracklist:
01. Goodtimes
03. Ok
04. Its Real
05. White Knuckles
06. Eyes Open
07. This One
08. Boarding Pass


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New Entry: Cathedral Bells Premiere New Single "Ether"

Cassadaga, Florida dream pop/shoegaze band Cathedral Bells (lead by Matthew Messore) have premiered their new single "Ether"

The song is the title track of their upcoming new album 'Ether', set to arrive next Friday, January 29th through Spirit Goth. Pre-save it here.

Stream it below.

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New Entry: Super Besse Release "Ozhog (Wolfstream remix)"

Minsk, Belarus post punk/cold wave band Super Besse have released the Wolfstream remix of their song "Ozhog".

The remix is taken from their forthcoming release 'Un Rêve Remixes', set to arrive on February 5. PRe-order it here.

Have a listen below.

Watch: Field Music Drop Music Video For "Orion From The Street"

Sunderland, UK indie rock/art pop band Field Music have dropped the video for their latest single "Orion From The Street".

The song is part of our current playlist and is out now. Get your copy here.

Watch the clip below.

New Entry: Vacation Manor Unleash New Single "Can't Run Forever"

Virginia indie rock/pop band Vacation Manor have unleashed their new single "Can't Run Forever".

The song is out today (January 22). Get it here.

From the duo: "n mid-November my old friend Nick Purvis came to Virginia to visit us and “maybe mess around with some music.” A few hours into the first day, we had the bones of “Can’t Run Forever” and by day two we had most of the final song recorded. 

Things in music usually don’t happen that way, but I love that it did this time. I hope the lack of hesitation and excitement we had in recording it is felt when you hear it. "

Take a listen below.

New Entry: Vacation Forever Reveals New Single "Ride Or Cry"

Swedish artist Zacharias Zachrisson project Vacation Forever has revealed his catchy new single "Ride Or Cry".

The song is out today (January 22). Buy it here and take a listen below.