Thursday, February 28, 2019

Pixx Announces New LP ‘Small Mercies’, Streams "Disgrace"

UK indie pop artist Pixx (aka 23 year-old Hannah Rodgers) has announced the release of her new album ‘Small Mercies’.

The follow up to 2017's debut album The Age Of Anxiety, will be out on 7th June via 4AD. It was co-produced by Simon Byrt (who worked on both her EP and debut album) and Dan Carey, and sees Pixx assuming different personas to examine the damage done by religion, gender-based power hierarchies and stereotypes, the tipping point of Earth’s destruction and love. Pre-order you copy here.

“I felt more of a drive to write about certain subjects with this album,” Pixx says.  “Man negotiating with God, God negotiating with man and man negotiating with the planet.  I find it hard to have an understanding of relationships in general – I think everyone does – and the addictive tendency that we have to look for something that’s eternal is something that intrigues me.  So, if you love God maybe what draws you to that is the idea of something that’s never going to end and that really intense love often takes place in human relationships, too.”

Pixx has also shared the record;s lead single "Disgrace". "This song is about growing up in an ultra-conservative Catholic school which was restrictive and oppressive," Rodgers explains. "I think this is a lack of humanity in the way the system works, rather than teaching empathy and kindness it forces people into a dangerous self-loathing cycle. This is an ode to anyone trapped in a place they feel they don't belong."

UPDATE 04/03/2019: "Disgrace" is our new Single of the Week!

Check out the  album's tracklist and listen to "Disgrace" below.

Small Mercies Tracklist:
01. Andean Condor
02. Bitch
03. Disgrace
04. Small Mercies
05. Peanuts Grow Underground
06. Funsize
07. Dirt interlude pt. 1
08. Mary Magdalene
09. Hysterical
10. Eruption 24
11. Dirt interlude pt 2
12. Duck Out
13. Blowfish


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