Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Watch: The Polyphonic Spree Drop Music Video For "She’s A Rainbow"

Texas psych pop rock supergroup The Polyphonic Spree have dropped the video for their cover version of The Rolling Stones classic "She’s A Rainbow". 

The song is taken from their recent covers album 'Afflatus', get your copy here. The band is currently at work on a new, full-length original album, slated for release this fall.

“She’s A Rainbow” has been a staple of The Polyphonic Spree’s live set for years, but DeLaughter’s history with The Rolling Stones goes all the way back to high school, as he told Ultimate Classic Rock today. “I was a freshman in high school. Me and another kid, Kevin Swanson, had a band, and all we played were Stones songs,” he explains. “We got the opportunity to play in front of the lunch crowd, outside in the commons area.  We started the show with ‘Jumping Jack Flash.’ It was all going great. Then we were blazing through ‘Brown Sugar’ when some kid unplugged the power to the PA, and everything went silent, which in turn, turned my failing friend into a cussing dad who just hit his thumb with a hammer. I quickly realized it was all over, no more show, total let down. That was the last time I ever played The Rolling Stones live, until we played ‘She’s A Rainbow.’”

Watch the video below.


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