Friday, March 15, 2019

New Entry: Friendly Fires "Lack Of Love" (Charles B & Adonis Cover)

British indie rock/pop/dance band Friendly Fires have shared their cover  version of Charles B & Adonis' 1988 track "Lack Of Love".

About the cover, the band posted:

Lack Of Love by Charles B & Adonis has been hovering in and around the top of the charts in Friendly Fires land for over 12 years. It was an important tune for us when we started the band, and it's an important tune for us now. It squelches and fizzes and yearns and emotes – it's a piece of secular gospel music that bangs the dance floor, and will do eternally. 

We wanted to cover one of our all-time favourites as a little palate-cleansing exercise; try and make it faithful to the original but also carry off into somewhere new. Thanks to Adonis & Charles B for making the original all those years ago, it continues to inspire us.

Grab it here, and stream it below.

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