Monday, March 24, 2014

Peter Murphy To Release New Album 'Lion' In June

Peter Murphy has announced he will released his 10th studio album titled 'LION' on June 02.

Spanning 11 tracks, the record features 11 tracks and was co-produced by Killing Joke bassist Youth. The digital version is now available to pre-order via Amazon.

Prior to the release, Murphy will preview the album with a limited-edition metallic-silver 7-inch single due out on Record Store Day (April 19th), featuring a dub mix of "Hang Up," the album opener and the record’s first single, which comes backed with the non-album track "I'm On Your Side".

Murphy previously has called the new album "a mixture of stuff, almost like operas for the dispossessed. It’s very romantic and very deep and emotional, quite symphonic in places, but then becomes, like, a rabble-rousing pirate sea shanty."

Check out Lion's full tracklist below:

01. Hang Up
02. I Am My Own Name
03. Low Tar Stars
04. I’m On Your Side
05. Compression
06. Holy Clown
07. The Rose
08. The Ghost of Shokan Lake
09. Eliza
10. Loctaine
11. Lion


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