Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Black Nite Crash Unveil New Single/Video "Sugarwave"

Seattle garage pop/psych band Black Nite Crash have unveiled the video for their brand new single "Sugarwave".

The song "a driving, melodic take on indie-rock influenced post-punk," is taken from the EP 'Washed in the Sound with Black Nite Crash', set to be released on October 14th. Pre-order your copy here.

“The lyrics started out as scenes from a dream wherein my husband pulled some rather out-of-character capers,” Claire Tucker explains. “It got me thinking about dreams he’s told me about, where I did strange or terrible things, and what that might mean about our perception of each other — and even whether there was some hidden truth to the dreams. The song eventually developed into an impression of the gap between people’s true internal selves and how everyone else perceives us, and the attempt to bridge that gap, impossible as it may be. But the desire to be known can be at odds with the allure of likes and compliments and approvals and little dopamine hits — and that’s the Sugarwave.”

"The energy of the song is undeniable - we can't keep still while playing it. We haven't done anything quite like it in a while. It's another piece on the new record that feels, for us, like a bit of a departure from the last few albums. We've been trying to let the songs just come and guide us rather than trying to force things to sound like some preconceived notion of what the band should sound like".

Watch/listen below.