Thursday, May 05, 2022

Watch: Uniforms Premiere New Single/Video "Crumbs"

Spanish indie rock/noise pop/alt band Uniforms have premiered their new single "Crumbs", and its accompanying music video.

The song is out today (May 5) through and is the first taste of their forthcoming new album. Grab it here.

UPDATE 09/05/2022"Crumbs" is our new Single of the Week!

From the band: "The song was born in the rehearsal room from a recurring riff by Natalia, quite playful and powerful, to which we naturally added elements until it had that psychedelic patina that seemed dark and fun at the same time. A text that Annie had floating in her magical notebook fit her like a glove on the first take, and since that rarely happens, we quickly realized the song was complete."

"The first part of the song has a dark halo on purpose, to which the guitars inevitably led us, helped by the low timbres of the synthesizers. The recited and defiant voice keeps you on your toes until it finally gives way to unbridled and unsettling psychedelia."

Watch/listen below.

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