Wednesday, January 12, 2022

New Entry: Johnny Hunter Return With New Single "Cry Like A Man"

Australian post punk/alt band Johnny Hunter have returned with their new single "Cry Like A Man".

The song is out now through Cooking Vinyl Australia. Get it here.

Behind 'Cry Like A Man': 

"Cry Like A Man calls upon the embracism of vulnerability. Men often abuse their masculinity to shield their vulnerability, in doing so they jeopardise the balance of the two dualities, they lose their sense of humanity and sense of self, to satisfy the ​​self-aggrandizing fallacy that the world belongs to them. 

I had been placed in the unfortunate position of witnessing someone shrink into very selfish and abusive behaviour. It had been my first encounter with such an event and it shook me to my core. After the dust had settled, I couldn't help but dissect it. 

A special song as it was written the first time I interacted with our producer Jack. The violent lyrics set the tone for the song and unravel the events that took place on that fateful night, written in a 6 hour brainstorm with Jack as I manically yelled lyrics whilst he then pulled them apart" - Nick Hutt.

Stream it below.


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