Thursday, October 07, 2021

Watch: Mazy Reveal Music Video For "Flowers"

Aussie indie rock/alt band Mazy have revealed the video for their newest single "Flowers".

The song is part of our current playlist and came out last month (September 16) now through Sweat It Out. Get it here.

Tackling the songwriting process from a whole new angle, and paying homage to some of their favourite musicians, the trio share, “This track was definitely a fun one to work on. We wanted to dive into a 60’s sound palette that we all love and see where it took us. A lot of the time we’ll write songs completely on an acoustic before thinking about production so tackling this one using the experience as the inspiration was a nice change.  Brian Wilson is a massive influence for us and we definitely took a nod to him with the harmonies in the chorus. We wanted the sonic vibe to really paint the lyric and create a colourful, mercurial world that was unpredictable and.. yeah, psychedelic. We love playing this track live and the faster tempo and high energy is a welcome change from some of our slower songs.”

Watch the video below.

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