Wednesday, August 10, 2016

TOY Announce New Album 'Clear Shot', Stream New Single "Fast Silver"

London-based indie rock/psychedelic rock band TOY have announced details of their third studio album titled 'Clear Shot.' 

The follow-up to 2013's 'Join The Dots,' will be released on October 28th via Heavenly Recordings, it "sounds like a Beefheart corruption but this magnificent third LP represents the band’s fullest interrogation yet of more local, rain drenched and mushroom speckled Anglo-mystic roots… through Radiophonic Workshop, Comus and Fairport, COUM and Acid House all the way back to the druids, dragging stones and chanting under the astronomical symphony of early Time."

The band are also streaming the record's first taste "Fast Silver",  a shoogle-y darked-out affair, it's reminiscent of the best night driving music, that bends between cavernous minor and warmly radiating major sections. There’s an instrumental bridge that sounds like Amon Tobin and a middle 8 that sounds like The Stranglers’ Dionne Warwick cover. It’s utterly brilliant and truly weird. Sibling tracks on the record include ‘Jungle Games’ and ‘Spirits Don’t Lie.’ Peculiar, idiosyncratic creatures, they share something with the end-of-the-sixties, year zero feel of the Beach Boys’ Surf's Up; somewhat broken and disillusioned, long shot of the urge to please.

Pre-order the album here, check out the tracklist and listen to "Fast Silver" below.

01. Clear Shot
02. Another Dimension
03. Fast Silver
04. I'm Still Believing
05. Clouds That Cover The Sun
06. Jungle Games
07. Dream Orchestrator
08. We Will Disperse
09. Spirits Don't Lie
10. Cinema


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