Thursday, March 13, 2014

Friendly Fires To Release New Collaborative Single With Andrew Weatherall

Friendly Fires have announced they will release a double A-side single "Before Your Eyes" / "Velo" on March 31, teaming up with Andrew Weatherall's The Asphodells project.

According to the press release, at some point in 2013, Friendly Fires, Andrew Weatherall and Timothy J Fairplay (aka The Asphodells), convened in an east London pub to discuss collaborating on new music together. The plan was to produce music that came from a place outside of their respective usual musical styles - a loose, open-ended process embarked upon for the pure joy of experimentation and collaboration rather than a specific end goal. 

The collaboration came on the back of two hugely successful Friendly Fires albums - 2008's debut 'Friendly Fires' and 2011's follow up 'Pala' - and an acclaimed debut album from The Asphodells in 2013's 'Ruled By Passion Destroyed By Lust', the latest in a long line of classic releases from Andrew Weatherall's own Rotters Golf Club label. The result is 'Before Your Eyes' and 'Velo' - two brand new tracks that take close to ten minutes each to reveal their full hypnotic glory. The tracks are released as a AA-sided single on 12" on Friendly Fires' own Telophase label.

Check out a teaser below:

Pre-order now from Rough Trade.

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