Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Vision Video Premiere New Single "Cruelty Commodity"

Athens, GA post-punk/goth/new wave band Vision Video have premiered their new single "Cruelty Commodity".

The song is taken from their upcoming sophomore album 'Haunted Hours', which will be out on October 11th. Pre-order your copy here.

From the band: "This song is about the elevation of celebrity status and religious devotion of political figures and how we have institutionalized cruelty thanks to such toxic rhetoric. America is a country I love and have served my entire adult life, but has egregious problems. We have institutionalized cruelty and lack of compassion for our fellow humans. We celebrate around an altar of institutional violence and raise up flagrant idiots to make decisions on our collective behalf."

"This song feels like a death knell to me sometimes. Let it move you to remember to be skeptical of these people and to be unedingly kind to each other."

Take a listen below.


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