Tuesday, September 20, 2022

The True Faith Announce New LP 'Go to Ground', Stream "Minimal Change"

Boston coldwave/post punk/darkwave band True Faith have announced the release of their second studio album 'Go to Ground'.

The follow-up to their 2021's debut LP 'They Can Always Hurt You More', was produced by Ryan Santos Phillips and the band and will be out on January 20th through A La Carte Records. Pre-order your copy here.

Sapeking about the record and their new single, the band's Travis Benson says: “‘Minimal Change’ is the first single from our sophomore album, titled Go to Ground. We tapped Ryan Santos Phillips (Spirits of Leo – Lux Perpetua NYC studios in Brooklyn, NY) to produce and engineer a new album after we played a show together in Brooklyn. I was captivated by his abilities with respect to his work with Spirits of Leo and felt that he had both the vision and know-how to help us create an album that serves as a testament to our development as a group. For us, They Can Always Hurt You More documents the band at a point where we are eager and still trying to find our footing in the subcultural microcosm. Having some time to sit on the first album and reflecting on what resonated the most with us, we began writing another album with a greater sense of purpose for our sound.

“We chose this song as the first single because we felt it serves as the best bridge between our first album and our new songs. I think it showcases our growth as musicians and songwriters and takes things beyond the familiarity of the recent wave of post-punk artists. Writing the song, and the album for that matter, I found greater influence in artists like The Pixies, Comsat Angels, and Big Country while still attempting to stay rooted in the sound crafted by artists like The Chameleons, The Sound, and Lowlife.

“Lyrically, ‘Minimal Change’ came at a time where we were all going through some major life changes. We are all transitioning into new points in our lives and the new roles and expectations that come with them. Often, these new expectations of us are at odds with what we truly want or believe in. So this song was an attempt at reconciling these changes in our lives, even when they go against what our expectations were.”

Check out the albums' tracklist and listen to "Minimal Change" and also the KISS OF THE WHIP Remix, below.

Go to Ground
1. Assimilation
2. Minimal Change
3. Down to the Knees
4. Feet Held to the Fire
5. A Cry For Help
6. Before Now
7. Stuck
8. Suffer
9. The Picture on the Wall